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Federal prison guard sexually assaulted 4 inmates in New York City, prosecutors say 


A federal correctional officer was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly abusing his position to sexually assault female inmates over the course of six years, according to newly filed charges.

Colin Akparanta was charged with four counts of sexual abuse of a ward, four counts of abusive sexual contact and one count of deprivation of civil rights in connection to four women who were housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City between 2012 and 2018.

"Akparanta was a predator in uniform, exploiting his position to sexually abuse multiple inmates over a several-year period. No inmate in a Bureau of Prisons facility should fear sexual abuse at the hands of a correctional officer," said U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman in a statement.

ABC News

Penn State professor with side job as Uber driver accused of kidnapping multiple women: Court records

Ex-police officer gets prison for paying teen girls for sex

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Crime, Employment, Kidnap, Minors, Misrepresentation, Police, Prison, Privilege, Protections, Sentence, Service, Sex, Threat, Trafficking, Travel, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights



A Look At The Staggering Sexual Harassment Numbers In The Legal Profession 


A new international survey reveals that sexual harassment in the legal profession is truly at epidemic proportions. The survey, with almost 7,000 respondents, was conducted by the International Bar Association and market research company Acritas and asked both lawyers and nonlawyers in the legal profession from 135 countries questions about sexual harassment and bullying within the industry. The results are disheartening, to say the least.

Over a third of women — 36.6 percent of women and 7.4 percent of men — say they’ve been victims of sexual harassment. When in comes to bullying nearly 1 in 2 women say they’ve been a target, compared with 1 in 3 men who say the same.

Above The Law

Furious mob tie a man and his female cousins to a tree, brutally thrash them with ropes and sticks and 'molest the two women' for helping him run off with a married woman in India

At least one in three Alaska villages has no local law enforcement. Sexual abuse runs rampant, public safety resources are scarce, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants to cut the budget.

Third of women in survey ‘taken advantage of sexually’ while drunk or high

Sex slave driver, 57, is found guilty of keeping two Thai woman as prostitutes against their will

Father Catches Man Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Son At Home

Why the Anti-Abortion Movement Stopped Making Allowances for Rape and Incest

Tags: Abortion, Alcohol, All Rights, Consent, Cruelty, Drugs, Employment, Environment, Judgement, Justice, Laws, Leaders, Police, Policy, Protections, Punishment, Rape, Safety, Sex, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Slavery, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



8-year-old accidentally shoots mother thinking he found a toy gun 


Investigators say an 8-year-old boy found a gun in a vintage military jeep on display at a baseball stadium and believed it was a toy. The boy shot his mother, who is now in critical condition, and the owner of the jeep has been charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. WMC's Joyce Peterson reports.

NBC News

College Student Allegedly Beat Mom to Death with Bat After Mistaking Her for Intruder

9-year-old boy charged in mother's shooting death in Michigan

Tags: Children, Death, Environment, Family, Guns/Toys, Injury, Parental Burden, Protections, Safety, Video, Youth



‘Let’s go, keg stand!’: Fraternity under investigation after forcing puppy to drink beer 


The small caramel-colored dog with floppy ears stands on a table and wags its tail. Then, a voice commands, “Go.”

In one swift movement, the man gripping the dog by its midsection lifts it up and turns it upside down over a silver keg.

“Let’s go, keg stand!” someone bellows as another man holds a black tap near the dog’s mouth. The now-squirming canine kicks its paws in the air. Suddenly, a stream of foamy liquid squirts from the tap, hitting the dog in its face.

A grinning bystander doubles over and covers his mouth. Someone else lets out a loud peal of laughter.

But the incident, which was captured on video and shared to social media over the weekend, wasn’t funny to the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or to Hofstra University administrators.

Washington Post

Teen Boy, 14, Shockingly Killed In Apparent Attack By Dogs In MA — Police Investigating

Another Puppy Found Inside a Plastic Bag in Coachella Valley Dumpster with Bad Burns Over Her Body

Man Killed Pet Dog Because 'Jesus Thought He Had Too Many'

How to curb unwanted behaviors in your dog

Thug, 21, bashed his border collie puppy Asha so badly she had to be put down just because she wet the bed -and waited two days for his Centrelink money before taking her to a vet

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans' Sons Removed from Home After Husband Allegedly Shot Her Dog

Tags: Abuse, Alcohol, All Rights, Animals, Attack, Cruelty, Death, Education, Environment, Hostility, Injury, Mauled, Privilege, Protections, Reckless, Threat, Training, TV Swatch, World, Youth



Most Jamaicans want to keep same-sex activity illegal 


New research has showed most Jamaicans want to still keep the ban on gay sex.

LGBTI organisation, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG), commissioned the research.

It found between seven and 30% of the population identified as LGBTI. The research also found that 97% of people had very little understanding of trans people and trans issues.

‘Over the last couple of years, we have seen some improvement in the situation where LGBT people are concerned. I think there is respect and tolerance for the community, but we are still a very far way from where we need to go,’ J-Flag’s executive director, Jaevion Nelson told a Gleaner forum.

Nelson said bullying and discrimination was still a huge issue for LGBTI people. But he felt heartened by findings that 68% of employers and 88% of politicians would report violence against LGBTIs. But only 34% of the general public would do so.

Gay Star News

Police Release Video of 4 People Wanted for Brutal Beating of Gay Man in Phoenix: WATCH

Eight men were murdered in Toronto’s gay village. Why did it take so long to catch their killer?

Dozens of countries just banned America’s ‘kill the gays’ hate preacher from entering

Tags: All Rights, Arrest, Attack, Ban, Choices, Environment, Exclusivity, Fighting Back, Gay, Gay Rights, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Injury, Interference, Investigation, Judgement, LGBTQ, Murder, New World Order, Politics, Profiling, Protections, Segregation, Self Interest, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence, World



Gay couple film themselves being turned away from restaurant in Mexico 


A gay couple in Mexico captured footage of a restaurant owner refusing them service.

Rubén Veliz, 29, and Edwin Contreras, 27, had gone to dine at Pozole Y Tacos (#1200-B Coloniza Colinas de San Jerónimo), Monterrey, Nuevo León, at around 5pm on Sunday (28 April). Veliz tells Gay Star News he has visited the establishment several times previously.

However, on this occasion, on seeing the men holding hands, the restaurant’s owner refused to serve them.

He allegedly screamed at them over holding hands, calling it ‘bullshit’, and insisting he had every right to refuse service.

Gay Star News

Tags: All Rights, Discrimination, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Gay Rights, Protections, Restaurant, Supremacy, World



New Study Shows High Prevalence of Sexual Harassment and Assault, and Much of the Public Believes Survivors 


Reston, VA, April 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new study released today by UC San Diego’s Center for Gender Equity and Health (GEH) and the nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment (SSH) shows that sexual harassment and assault are widespread problems in the United States. The other study partners are California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), Promundo and RALIANCE.

Released in the wake of the groundbreaking societal reckoning with sexual harassment and assault prompted by the #MeToo movement, the study’s major findings include:

While verbal comments are the most frequently experienced form of sexual harassment, an alarming number of people also have faced more severe forms. Among all female respondents, 49% had been purposely sexually touched (or groped), 27% had been followed, and 30% had been flashed. On the most extreme end, 23% of women (1 in 4) had survived sexual assault, as had 9% of men (1 in 10).

Women with disabilities and women who identify as lesbian or bisexual were more likely to report experiencing both sexual harassment and assault than women without disabilities and straight women, respectively. Among men, those in certain marginalized groups were also more likely to report experiencing sexual harassment and, especially, sexual assault; this includes men with disabilities, men living below the poverty line, and gay and bisexual men.

Young people and marginalized groups have also experienced sexual harassment more recently. Of those who experienced sexual harassment or assault, 18% of women and 16% of men experienced it most recently within the past six months. At least one-third of young women aged 18-24 (32%), Black women (35%) and lesbian or bisexual women (39%) reported sexual harassment in the past six months, the highest prevalence across demographics.

Globe Newswire

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Environment, Protections, Safety, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Study, Threat, Woman's Rights



School Bus Driver Receives No Jail Time After Raping 14-Year-Old Student 


There was no doubt after his guilty plea that the former school bus driver had raped a 14-year-old girl.

But because there was only one victim, and the accused had no prior arrests, the judge in the case said the man didn’t deserve to be sent to prison. Instead, Jefferson County, New York, Judge James P. McClusky sentenced the man, Shane M. Piche, to 10 years’ probation, according to the Watertown Daily Times.

The punishment did not sit well with the victim’s mother.


Teen beheaded classmate in jealous rage over girlfriend: prosecutors

Oklahoma mother charged in 5-year-old son's scooter death flees to Mexico, police say

17-year-old charged with murder in fatal stabbing of Brooklyn teen

Georgia Woman Sentenced to Death for Starving Stepdaughter, 10, and Burning Her Body in Trash Can

Tags: Children, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Judgement, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Prison, Privilege, Protections, Psychology, Punishment, Rape, Relationships, Ridiculous, Sex, Treatment, Violence, Youth



Bipartisan Bill Seeks LGBTQ Housing Protections 


New legislation could extend housing protections to LGBTQ individuals nationwide.

U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider, an Illinois Democrat, Tuesday introduced legislation to extend consistent nondiscrimination rules. The Fair and Equal Housing Act of 2019 would cover sexual orientation and gender identity the same as race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status or disability.

“No American should face discrimination finding a home because of who they are or who they love,” Schneider said in a press release.

“Yet the majority of states still have no laws prohibiting housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. I am proud to lead this long overdue bipartisan bill to extend federal protections to ensure all LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples can access housing without prejudice. I am also pleased that these important housing protections were incorporated into the Equality Act, and I look forward to voting on this anti-discrimination package soon.”


Tags: Activism, Discrimination, Environment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Fighting Back, Gay Rights, Govt, Home, Inclusion, Laws, Protections, Real Estate, Safety



How the Supreme Court Case on LGBT Rights Could Set Us Back Decades 


It’s been almost four years since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage for everyone, and yet, anti-LGBT discrimination remains a real problem in much of this country. In a majority of states, LGBT folks can be fired or otherwise discriminated against for no reason other than their sexual orientation or gender identity. That may change though, as yesterday the Supreme Court agreed to hear three cases that could fix this problem — or possibly set anti-discrimination law back decades.

How is it that anti-LGBT job discrimination is still allowed? Well, we can blame Congressional Republicans for that. Every time Democrats have attempted to change Title VII — the federal law that protects against discrimination in employment — to include sexual orientation and gender identity, they have been met with fierce opposition from Republicans.

Rolling Stone

Tags: All Rights, Discrimination, Employment, Environment, Equality, Gay Rights, Homophobia, Laws, LGBTQ, Politics, Preservation, Protections, Religion, Safety



Megan Fox Isn’t Supporting the LGBT Community—She Is a Part of the Community 


Megan Fox isn’t super active on social media, so when she does make posts, it’s usually for a reason—as was the case with her latest Instagram post. In the post, she called out her home state of Tennessee for presenting a “slate of hate,” the series of bills, considered by many to be anti-LGBTQ, that could soon become law. She called for voters to make an enlightened choice, and the response to that from commentators was picked up on Yahoo News.

The bills Fox is addressing allows “private adoption agencies to raise moral objections over prospective parents, meaning a gay couple potentially couldn’t adopt. Another would prevent state and local governments from taking actions against a business based on its ‘internal policies.’ So a business could potentially refuse service to someone who is gay. Other legislation is directed at transgender people, including one that requires the state to defend school districts that require students to use the bathroom of their assigned sex at birth.”

The Mary Sue

Tags: All Rights, Bi, Celebrity, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Laws, Politics, Protections, Representation, Social Media, Support



A 15-year-old gay bullying victim died by suicide. Now the community is rallying. 


Nigel Shelby was a 15-year-old a high school student in Huntsville, Alabama. A freshman at Huntsville High School, Shelby had faced homophobic bullying from classmates – bullying that let to Shelby taking his own life.

“We were saddened to learn this morning of the death of Nigel Shelby, one of our 9th grade students,” read a statement from Aaron King, the principal of Huntsville High School. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.”

The school has provided teachers and grief counselors for students and has asked parents to also assist their children deal with the loss.

Shelby was not alone. According to the Center for Social Equity, 74% of LGBTQ youth report not feeling safe in their schools.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: All Rights, Bullying, Education, Environment, Hate, Hostility, Parental Burden, Passing, Politics, Protections, Sad, Safety, Suicide, Treatment, Youth



Nebraskans Now Favor LGBTQ Protections More Than Ever Before 


Newly released survey data shows that the vast majority of Nebraska residents favor job protects for LGBTQ individuals.

These findings come just a month after LB627 failed in the Nebraska Legislature, which would have created new protections that would make sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes in the state of Nebraska when it comes to employment discrimination.


Tags: All Rights, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Gay Rights, LGBTQ, Protections, Study, Support



More than 80 women sue San Diego hospital alleging secret camera recordings 


More than 80 women have filed a lawsuit against Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa alleging they were secretly recorded while undergoing medical procedures in labor and delivery operating rooms.

Patients were filmed without their consent in three private rooms from July 2012 to June 2013, according to the lawsuit filed last week in San Diego County Superior Court. The women allege hidden cameras filmed approximately 1,800 patients undergoing medical procedures — including births, dilatation and curettage to resolve miscarriages, and hysterectomies.

LA Times

Tags: All Rights, Court, Finance, Health, Invasion, Investigation, Neglect, Privacy, Protections, Threat, Woman's Rights



Hate Crimes Spiked 226% in Counties Where Trump Held Rallies 


Counties where Donald Trump held rallies leading up to the 2016 presidential election saw a huge increase in hate crimes, according to a new analysis.

“We found that counties that had hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226 percent increase in reported hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally,” researchers Ayal Feinberg, Regina Branton, and Valerie Martinez-Ebers wrote in The Washington Post. Feinberg is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at University of North Texas, and Branton and Martinez-Ebers are professors there.


Wisconsin gay couple may be evicted from home for flying rainbow flag

A Liberal Jewish Seminary Says It Will No Longer Ordain Gay Student

A Trump supporter allegedly used gay slurs before attacking a man with a sword outside a roller rink

Tennessee Republicans pass bill to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples

The Texas senate just approved a bill that would allow doctors to refuse LGBTQ patients

Homosexuality and Adultery Are Now Punishable With Death by Stoning in Brunei. Here's What to Know

Utah just upgraded their ‘worthless’ hate crimes law, while Indiana passed a worthless one

Tags: Adoption, Attack, Children, Crime, Death, Discrimination, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Home, Homophobia, Injury, Interference, Judgement, Laws, LGBTQ, Medical, New World Order, Politics, Protections, Protest, Punishment, Religion, Representation, Safety, Sex, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Weapon, World, Youth



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