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Health/Food Posts Tagged as 'Weight'

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New guidelines for treating childhood obesity include medications and surgery 


The guidance comes as childhood obesity rates have continued to rise over the past decade and a half, increasing from 17% to 20%, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the 1980s, obesity rates have tripled in children and quadrupled in adolescents.

New guidelines for treating childhood obesity

Liposuction overtakes breast augmentation as most popular

Keep your children fat! Pedos hate fat children. They can diet at 18. 16-Jan-2023

Tags: Addiction, Beauty, Change, Children, Choices, Disruption, DNA, Drugs, Enforcement, Experimentation, Health, Medical, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Privacy, Surgery, Weight



Airlines could start forcing passengers to step on the scale before flights after FAA imposes new weight rules for planes 


Luggage might not be the only items being placed on scales at airports in the near future as regulators are asking airlines to more accurately estimate how heavy their passengers are.

As part of new safety regulations, the Federal Aviation Administration is requiring airlines come up with new, more in-depth methods of determining passenger and carry-on baggage weight.

Everything from clothing to items such as cell phones must be taken into account under the new guidelines, and the move is an implicit acknowledgment that the average American is getting heavier.

Airlines could start forcing passengers to step on the scale before flights after FAA imposes new weight rules for planes

At least 20 people injured on Hawaiian Airlines flight

Tags: Accident, Enforcement, Environment, Injury, Policy, Travel, Weight



Did Missouri teen’s size factor in Florida amusement ride death? 


“This young man, he was athletic and he was big. He had no way of knowing,” said Bob Hilliard, a Texas attorney who represents Tyre’s mother, Nekia Dodd, in an interview Saturday. “This is going to be an issue of a lack of supervision and lack of training. A straight-up negligence case.”

Did Missouri teen’s size factor...

Rapper offers to pay funeral costs for teen

Zipline horror as a young boy is rushed to hospital

Rollercoaster crash at Germany resort injures 31

Water Park Cancels Birthday Party for Teens

CBS study blames climate change for childhood obesity

Tags: $, Business, Children, Choices, Death, Entertainment, Environment, Fail, Fat, Health, Music, Parental Burden, Rejection, Safety, Sports, Support, Tech, Training, Treatment, Weight



New weight-loss drugs are highly effective, so why aren’t they widely used? 


A new class of weight-loss drugs is giving some patients with obesity new hope that they’ll be able to lose excess pounds and improve their health without experiencing the dangerous side effects of older medications.

New weight-loss drugs

Tags: Diet, Drugs, Fear, Health, Obesity, Size, Support, Treatment, Weight



'Rotten': stores in China face backlash over label for large clothing sizes 


A major retailer in China has been forced to apologise after one of its stores classified small clothing sizes as “beautiful” and large sizes as “rotten”.

The signs inside the RT-Mart superstore depicted a size chart with small to medium sizes described as “slim” and “beautiful”, with larger sizes as “rotten” and “horrible”.

'Rotten': stores in China face backlash over label for large clothing sizes

Tags: Apology, Backlash, Business, Fashion, Society, Weight



If you sleep less than 8 hours a night, you’ll likely gain weight 


Nothing replaces a good night’s sleep. As noted by Time Magazine, “It’s nature’s panacea, more powerful than any drug in its ability to restore and rejuvenate the human brain and body.”

Anything less than the recommended seven to nine hours has been proven to lead to emotional problems like anxiety and depression, puts you at heightened risk for certain diseases, and may even impact your career according to Harvard.
A lack of sleep also makes any preexisting physical or psychological issues you suffer from worse.

If you sleep less than 8 hours a night, you’ll likely gain weight

Tags: Health, Mental Health, Performance, Study, Weight



Coconut oil is the latest reminder that there’s no such thing as a ‘superfood’ 


Foods that supposedly have superior health benefits reach news headlines all the time. But categorizing foods as either good or bad—the way marketers do when they crown new "superfoods"—is not necessarily the best way to approach nutrition. In truth, any whole (AKA unprocessed) food you eat is going to be nutritious, and claiming that some are superior to others is simply marketing.

“Produce is super. It doesn’t really matter what you are picking in the produce aisle. It is going to be super,” says Leslie Bonci, a registered dietician and sports nutritionist. Or if not super, she adds, at least “superb.”

That's not far from the truth. To date, no studies suggest that coconut oil provides any superior benefit compared to other foods, especially other oils. Nevertheless, for the past decade, it has been touted as a "healthy fat"—compared to others—that should be eaten and used in cooking often. Coconut oil had its first big downfall a year ago when the American Heart Association published a report warning about the dangers of eating too many unhealthy, saturated fats. The report included coconut oil on a list of the most unhealthy fats, taking many health-conscious Americans by surprise.

Coconut oil is the latest reminder that there’s no such thing as a ‘superfood’

Tags: Food, Health, Oil, Safety, Weight



How Do I Tell My Curvy Wife About My Secret Desire for a Thin Woman?


My wife and I have been married 14 years and together for 17. We have a pretty strong relationship after a period of stagnation. With raising kids, both of our careers, and all the activities, we found ourselves drained. We have in the last few years refocused on us and our desires and our sex life, intimacy, and our togetherness has grown and reignited.

In this time, my wife has expressed her desire for a kinkier sex life. She kept it to herself all those years (thank you, religion!), her desire for light BDSM (blindfolds, being restrained), and also her desire to be filled and stretched by big dildos. We have explored this. I wasn’t really on board at first, but she was patient with me, and I’ve become accepting of participating and inviting in those things and ideas that give her pleasure. But when it turns back to me, I have one recurring fantasy and I am very reluctant to share it with her. Scared might be a better word. She has always been blessed with a gorgeous body that is beautiful, curvy, and full. I adore her. I adore and crave her body. But I I have this fantasy and curiosity of what it would be like to have sex with a woman who is thin. My wife’s weight limits what we do, position-wise, so she is comfortable. And I am on board with that. We do have fun. But I wonder and fantasize about what it would be like to be more athletic with a partner. To be able to lift her. Or have her on top of me light as a feather. We have had conversations along these lines relating to penis size. She craves the feeling a big dildo gives her, and I’m average. But the last thing I want to do is engage in any form of body shame with her. I love her body. I show her I love her and her body. I also am curious about smaller bodies. What would it be like? We are each other’s only partners.

Do you have any advice for how to explore this together with each other and in a way that is loving and caring for her while also honoring my fantasy? Or with the delicacy of body shame, am I best to keep this one tucked away? With the dildos, I have had to work through shame about my size. It was hard at first. It’s getting easier as we move forward. I see that she enjoys that feeling of the toy and also enjoys me. It isn’t one or the other. She reminds me that she likes what she likes—she likes both. Me and big dildos. I enjoy having sex with her. I’m just curious if there are any creative ways to explore this fantasy with her in a caring way. To be clear, I don’t want to open things up. This is not a backdoor plea to do that. We talked about nonmonogamy as an option for her large dildo/cock desire. She wanted to open up, and I did not. After playing with the toys and role-playing, we concluded monogamy is for us as the toys, plus my presence and care, satisfy her desire to feel full. She asks what I fantasize about and desire. If I’m being honest, this is it—sex with a different-shape body. But sharing this seems very precarious, and I do not want to hurt or shame her in any way.

—Thin Man

How Do I Tell My Curvy Wife About My Secret Desire for a Thin Woman?

Tags: Advice, Boredom, Choices, Marriage, Men, NSFW, Relationships, Satisfaction, Sex, Weight



Restaurant in China ‘deeply sorry’ for weighing customers 


A restaurant in China has apologized after weighing diners in an effort to prevent food waste.

The restaurant in the central city of Changsha asked customers to stand on scales and scan their data into an app that recommended food choices based on their weight, Agence France Presse reported.

Restaurant in China ‘deeply sorry’ for weighing customers

Tags: Criticism, Etiquette, Food, Restaurant, Waste, Weight



Fad diets DO work... but only for a year: Health benefits such as weight loss and blood pressure vanish after 12 months, new study suggests 


After months of counting calories and saying no to desserts, those on a diet will not want to hear this.

But improving eating habits will only keep weight off for less than a year and improvements in blood pressure will also disappear, according to a study.

Scientists looked at 14 popular food fads, including fashionable Atkins and Paleo diets, which were followed for an average of 26 weeks.

The Atkins diet encourages people to limit their carbohydrate intake while Paleo diets mean eating the foods ancient hunter-gatherers used to.

Daily Mail

Tags: Diet, Fads, Health, Misrepresentation, Science, Study, Waste, Weight



The One Drink You Need To Cut Out ASAP If You’re Trying To Lose Weight 


Having a cocktail or two while dieting won’t sabotage your weight-loss goals if you play it smart. However, not all drinks are created equal. If you are watching your calories but still want to enjoy a nice cold one every once in a while, steer clear of...

She Finds

Tags: Alcohol, Drink, Health, Science, Weight



Dieting Will Kill You Faster Than Obesity. Here’s What to Do Instead.  


Here’s one that will make you rejoice and groan at the same time: Dieting is worse for you than being overweight. That’s right, the restrictive behavior of significantly reducing calories and eliminating entire categories of foods puts such a toll on a body, it’s better to simply be obese. But why? It’s all due to weight-cycling, the well-established phenomenon that large shifts in eating habits lead to weight loss followed by even more weight gain. Studies show that along with excess pounds, a complex mess of changes to gut flora, metabolism, fats, and, yes, mental health all work together to make you fatter, unhealthier, and more miserable. So why should you quit your well-intentioned but altogether unhealthy diet plan? And what can you replace it with? Let’s get into it.


Doctors put overweight patients on a path to failure by focusing on shedding pounds

Tags: Awareness, Diet, Food, Health, Science, Treatment, Weight



Here's what happens to your body when you cut out dairy 


Making any change to your diet, whether large or small, can be nerve-wracking. When your body has become so accustomed to consuming and digesting a product, it can be concerning to completely eliminate it. One product that more and more people seem to be cutting out is dairy.

Whether you want to cut out dairy for ethical reasons, because consuming it doesn't make your body feel great anymore, or because you've seen it have a positive impact on others — such as with celebrity Khloe Kardashian who credits the elimination of dairy for part of her weight loss— this could be a great choice for you. There's a lot you need to consider, however, before you make the leap, including how your body could react.

Here's what could happen to your body if you cut our dairy.

Business Insider

Tags: Dairy, Diet, Effect, Safety, Science, Weight



3rd American in a month dies during plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic 

A mother from New Rochelle, New York, died while undergoing plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, CBS New York reports. She is the third American to die in a month during a cosmetic operation in the Caribbean nation.

According to her sister, Maxine David, Alexandra Medina was unhappy with her appearance, and asked doctors in the U.S. about undergoing liposuction. However, she was apparently told that she needed to lose weight before getting the surgery.

Her sister says Medina contacted a Dominican doctor through Facebook, who said the surgery wouldn't be an issue. "This doctor was like, 'No problem. We can do it. We can handle it. We've dealt with bigger women, so come here. We'll do it.' And it was obviously also cheaper," David said.

CBS News

Tags: $, Awareness, Beauty, Choices, Environment, Health, Investigation, Medical, Options, Safety, Surgery, Weight, World



2 Trainers Agree: Jumping Jacks Can Help You Burn Belly Fat If Done These Ways 


Will doing jumping jacks in your living room every few days make you lose belly fat? No. Can they, however, help with the process of shedding fat in that abdominal area if done right? Sure! We spoke to two personal trainers — NASM- and ACE-certified Ali Greenman and Charlee Atkins, CSCS, founder of Le Sweat — about how this move you most likely learned in gym class can, along with other important factors, result in fat loss.


Tags: Diet, Exercise, Health, Training, Weight



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