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Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies recalled due to "unexpected solidified ingredient" 

Packages of Chewy Chips Ahoy! cookies sold at Walmart and other retailers nationwide are being recalled because they many contain an "unexpected solidified ingredient." Nabisco parent Mondelez Global issued the recall Tuesday after receiving reports of "potential adverse health effects," it said in its recall notice.

A company spokesperson said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch that cornstarch used to make the cookies sometimes did not properly mix and then solidified in the baking process.

"The vast majority of consumers have not reported adverse events with respect to the product in the four code dates recalled," the Mondelez spokesperson stated. "However, a small number of consumers have reported gagging, choking or dental injury, but none of these reports have been confirmed at this time."

CBS News

Tags: Chemicals, Food, Health, Recall, Safety, Warning

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20 Popular Destinations That Are Unapologetically Anti-Gay


In many of the places on this list, LGBT rights improve every year. But, recognition rarely equals acceptance. In some countries, same-sex marriages are recognized and celebrated. But, toleration and acceptance of the LGBT community is far from universal. Being queer is illegal in nearly 80 countries and punishable by death, including some very popular travel destinations.

Although some of these countries welcome tourists, that doesn’t mean travelers are safe to be themselves. It’s crucial that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer travelers use extreme caution while traveling abroad.


Tags: Advice, Environment, Homophobia, Hostility, List, Safety, Travel, World

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I'm Changing the Largely Male, Straight Tattoo Industry with a Simple List 


got my first tattoo when I was 12. I knew nothing about tattooing—I just pierced myself with the needle and ink. There’s something about the aesthetic that I love. I’m 31 now and I have no idea how many I have. Maybe more than a hundred? They’ve all just become one. I’m running out of space.

I’m a queer gay guy and old-school tattoo studios are quite a daunting place. I’ve always had a weird relationship with any street tattoo or piercing places. They feel very commercial, very straight. When I started managing studios almost ten years ago in my first job, I worked for a female piercer—just us two—and it was great because the studio felt safe. When I worked in other places I didn’t feel as secure, so I decided to distance myself for a few years. I came back to it when an amazing team of artists asked me to work for them.


Tags: Environment, LGBTQ, List, Safety, Service, Tattoo

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Dog Mauls 9-Year-Old Boy To Death Inside Holiday Caravan, Owner Under Investigation 


A nine-year-old boy vacationing with his family in Tencreek Holiday Park in Looe, England, was mauled to death by a dog inside a caravan.

Frankie Macritchie, from Plymouth, about 22 miles away, was killed Saturday after he was left with a family friend’s dog. His mother was visiting another mobile home parked near the area. "We believe that Frankie was alone in a caravan with the dog as he was attacked, whilst the adults that he was on holiday with were in an adjacent unit. There was sound of a disturbance and sounds of distress coming from the caravan. Immediately on hearing that, members of the public ran towards it and attempted to render first aid to Frankie,” Detective Superintendent Mike West told the Telegraph.

The police responded to the scene at around 5 a.m. local time (12 a.m. EDT), and found the victim in an unresponsive state. The boy was declared dead at the scene.


Tags: Animals, Attack, Breeding, Children, Death, Environment, Hostility, Nature, Safety, Training

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The Chinese government is using facial-recognition software to “track and control” a predominantly Muslim minority group, according to a disturbing new report from The New York Times. The Chinese government has reportedly integrated artificial intelligence into its security cameras to identify the Uighurs and appears to be using the information to monitor the persecuted group. The report, based on the accounts of whistleblowers familiar with the systems and a review of databases used by the government and law enforcement, suggests the authoritarian country has opened up a new frontier in the use of A.I. for racist social control—and raises the discomfiting possibility that other governments could adopt similar practices.

Two people familiar with the matter told the Times that police in the Chinese city of Sanmenxia screened whether residents were Uighurs 500,000 times in a single month. Documents provided to the paper reportedly show demand for the technology is ballooning: more than 20 departments in 16 provinces sought access to the camera system, in one case writing that it “should support facial recognition to identify Uighur/non-Uighur attributes.” This, experts say, is more than enough to raise red flags. “I don’t think it’s overblown to treat this as an existential threat to democracy,” Jonathan Frankle, an A.I. researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the Times. “Once a country adopts a model in this heavy authoritarian mode, it’s using data to enforce thought and rules in a much more deep-seated fashion than might have been achievable 70 years ago in the Soviet Union. To that extent, this is an urgent crisis we are slowly sleepwalking our way into.”

Vanity Fair

Tags: All Rights, Discrimination, Environment, Profiling, Safety, Security, Tech, World

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The Risks of Getting a Tattoo Are Rare, But Real. Here's What to Know 


Nearly three in 10 Americans have a tattoo, yet ink is still somewhat stigmatized. Many job seekers and office workers hide their body art rather than risk disapproval from higher-ups.

Research also finds that tattoo stigma is widespread. A recent study, published in the journal Stigma and Health, found that when hypothetical patients with HIV or lung cancer had tattoos, others were more likely to blame them for their high health care costs compared to tattoo-free folks with the same illnesses. The study provides “initial evidence that tattooed individuals face health disparities,” the study authors write.


Tags: Employment, Environment, Health, Medical, Perception, Safety, Tats, Tech, Treatment

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Medical scopes still causing superbug infections and deaths, FDA says 


Three people died and 45 people developed infections from contaminated endoscopes, the US Food and Drug Administration said Friday.

The reports of contamination are with a side-viewing duodenoscope used for a medical procedure called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or ERCP. "These flexible lighted scopes are vital for minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat conditions of the pancreas and bile duct," said Dr. Jeff Shuren, director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

The reusable scopes, which are made by three manufacturers -- Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc., Olympus Medical Systems Corporation and Pentax of America -- are known to be difficult to decontaminate. They have been linked to deadly outbreaks of the superbug carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE. The contamination issues result from damaged scopes and improper decontamination.


Tags: Clean, Environment, Health, Medical, Safety, Science, Tech

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Pride organizers cancel parade citing ‘current political & social environment.’ They mean racism. 


Pride organizers in a city in Canada have canceled this year’s parade, citing “the current political and social environment.”

The parade was scheduled for this coming June as part of the city’s ten-day Pride festivities, but the Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS) board just announced in an email that the parade has been canceled.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Argument, Backlash, Cancellation, Celebration, Environment, LGBTQ, Pride, Racism, Representation, Safety

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Brunei Reminds Us of the Perils of LGBTQ Travel 


On April 3, 2019, Brunei implemented a strict policy which carries the death penalty by stoning for gay sex. The move comes as a result of Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s ongoing efforts to introduce a Sharia-based penal code to the Borneo nation.

While homosexuality was already criminalized in Brunei, the recent legislation entails increased punishments in the form of whippings and death by stoning. The strict law has sparked outrage across the globe, with the UN Human Commission condemning the new measures, claiming that they seriously breach international human rights law.

And we at misterb&b are now initiating a boycott and banning all hotels owned by the Sultan from our platform. As the world’s largest gay travel community operating in 135 countries, we are focused on helping the LGBTQ community feel welcome and travel safely with pride throughout the world. We know how important it is to be able to move about the world without fear of brutal retaliation.


Tags: Hotel, LGBTQ, Safety, Travel, World

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The reason you get sick after a flight isn't the dirty cabin air 


People often get sick after taking flights.

Cabin air is cleaner than you expect.

But there are plenty of germy places on planes.

Jet lag can also compromise your immune system.

For many, coming down with a cold after a long flight is all but inevitable.

But why is that? What do we get sick after taking a long flight?

The easy answer is that there are a couple of hundred people trapped in close proximity to one another inside a pressurized metal tube for hours on end, making for a rich breeding ground for germs.

Business Insider

Tags: Air, E. coli, Health, Illness, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Safety, Science, Travel, Treatment, World

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Hate Crimes Spiked 226% in Counties Where Trump Held Rallies 


Counties where Donald Trump held rallies leading up to the 2016 presidential election saw a huge increase in hate crimes, according to a new analysis.

“We found that counties that had hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226 percent increase in reported hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally,” researchers Ayal Feinberg, Regina Branton, and Valerie Martinez-Ebers wrote in The Washington Post. Feinberg is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at University of North Texas, and Branton and Martinez-Ebers are professors there.


Wisconsin gay couple may be evicted from home for flying rainbow flag

A Liberal Jewish Seminary Says It Will No Longer Ordain Gay Student

A Trump supporter allegedly used gay slurs before attacking a man with a sword outside a roller rink

Tennessee Republicans pass bill to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples

The Texas senate just approved a bill that would allow doctors to refuse LGBTQ patients

Homosexuality and Adultery Are Now Punishable With Death by Stoning in Brunei. Here's What to Know

Utah just upgraded their ‘worthless’ hate crimes law, while Indiana passed a worthless one

Tags: Adoption, Attack, Children, Crime, Death, Discrimination, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Home, Homophobia, Injury, Interference, Judgement, Laws, LGBTQ, Medical, New World Order, Politics, Protections, Protest, Punishment, Religion, Representation, Safety, Sex, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Weapon, World, Youth

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Farmworker Women Facing Sexual Harassment are Offered Few Protections 


We come in contact with the labor of farmworkers every time we eat, which means every day thousands of women across the country put their bodies on the line to nourish ours.

There are approximately two to three million people employed as farmworkers across the United States, the majority of whom were born in Mexico, according to the 2015–2016 National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS). According to NAWS, women make up approximately 32% of that workforce.

They plant, harvest, and package the food we eat. Their long hours, strenuous working conditions, and agricultural expertise provide the sustenance that fuels our country’s diet.

All farmworkers are susceptible to pesticide exposure, lack of protections through labor laws, and what some activists refer to as modern slavery conditions, but the added threat of sexual violence puts women in the agriculture industry at added risk. Specific laws are lacking, women farmworkers are often excluded from established conversations about harassment in the workplace, and the violence continues.


Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Americans, Employment, Environment, Hostility, Immigrants, Laws, Protections, Safety, Sex, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Supremacy, Treatment, Woman's Rights

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Teacher allegedly yanked student’s hair over bathroom emergency 


A Georgia teacher faces battery charges after allegedly yanking a middle school student’s hair over a bathroom emergency, according to officials.

Charges were filed last week against Tracy Parham after security footage from Henry County Middle School helped clear up conflicting accounts of the violent incident, the Altana Journal-Constitution reported.

A judge who saw footage of the altercation from January on Friday ordered the science teacher to surrender to authorities.

NY Post

Virginia officer told black middle schoolers that when they turn 18, 'then you're mine'

High school students of color are protesting racism and inequality

Black attorney says deputy thought he was a suspect and detained him at court

Tags: Abuse, Court, Education, Employment, Environment, Fighting Back, Hate, Investigation, Parental Burden, Police, Profiling, Protection, Protest, Racism, Safety, Threat, Training, Violence, Youth

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Uber sued for $10 million by woman who was sexually assaulted by her driver 


A resident of Washington, DC, is suing Uber for negligence and consumer protection violations, after she was sexually assaulted by one of the ride-hail company’s drivers. The victim, listed only as “Jane Doe” in court documents, claims Uber portrays itself as a safe mode of transportation for women, especially if they have been drinking, when in fact they are putting those women in harm’s way.

The victim was sexually assaulted by an Uber driver named Raul E. Rodriguez Vasquez on April 1st, 2018, according to court documents. She later told a social worker, who contacted the police. They collected DNA evidence linking Vasquez to the assault. He pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse and is currently in jail.

The civil case is the latest example of Uber’s ongoing problem with sexual assault and abuse by drivers. Last year, CNN reported that at least 103 Uber drivers in the US had been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers over a period of four years. At least 31 drivers have been convicted for crimes ranging from forcible touching and false imprisonment to rape, and dozens of criminal and civil cases are pending, CNN found. In June 2017, a Kansas City woman sued Uber after she was raped by a driver, claiming the company ignored warnings about the driver’s criminal history.

The Verge

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Business, Court, Employment, Environment, Safety, Service, Sex, Threat, Travel, Violence

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Nearly 5,000 students get shots at Temple University amid mumps outbreak 


A mumps outbreak on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia has reached the triple digits. The city health department said the number of confirmed and probable cases of mumps at the school reached 108 as of Thursday.

Nearly 5,000 students and faculty members have taken advantage of free vaccine booster shots, with more than 2,500 people given shots Friday during the second clinic offering the MMR vaccine, according to city health officials. The first clinic at the school Wednesday saw more than 2,200 people.

"It's just really scary to me so I decided to go and get it," one student said, CBS Philly reported.

CBS News

Tags: Activism, Disease, Education, Environment, Health, Medical, Protections, Safety, Saving The Environment!, Science, Stepping Up, Treatment, Unity, Vaccine, Youth

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