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Porn and masturbation were two ills that my mother expunged from her household.

When cum commenced squirting from my penis I was as aghast as Carrie when she saw menstruation blood for the first time. I was so concerned that I reluctantly asked my mother for her medical opinion. She had me pull my drawers down, pull it out, hold it while she examined it, kept the answer in her head and slapped me away. "Ah, it's nothing. Leave me alone."

The first time I saw porn was my mother's bedroom dresser drawer, hidden underneath the aroma of the cleanest sheets on the planet. It was 101 ways to please a lover. Every position highlighted with a photograph. That did not look like the abuse sex I was having. It looked beautiful. My mother was a hypocrite.

I was taking a bath one day and I stood up to use the rubber shower hose, cleaning my specials... when mother walked in. "That's never going to happen in my house." A beating with a rubber hose was enacted and I sort of accepted it because even though I didn't masturbate at that time, I knew I had before and she knew it too! It was past due punishment.

Boyfriends were not immune to the rule. My stepfather would set up appointments at the nearest brothel just in case my mother got sick (on her period.) He "too" did not believe in jerking off. I knew this because I had to interfere when sex workers started calling my mother for payment. Of course, they're still together.

"I aways feel guilty after I come." 18-Jul-2020

Tags: Mother, Myself, Porn, Sex, Women In Charge




Oh, by the way, they still exist 32 years later, fucking each other's brains out (thanks Viagra, I actually recommended it) and making anyone younger than them, miserable. 12-Jul-2020
Blame my mother for telling me this shit. (Sharing.) 12-Jul-2020
My mother's requisite for a boyfriend or life partner was:

had to be latin,

with great cock,

a job, responsible,

a bit rapey and idiotic.

Before my stepfather became part of the family he had to pay her overdue bills and mama proposed that if he ever wanted to get any of this (pointing to her vagina) he needed to pay these ASAP.

Two hours later he produced paid bills and we had a new daddy. She acquiesced in satisfaction. She applied lady cement before sex and had him bemoaning that my father must have sucked, it was so tight. Even when confronted with the exes (they were "friends of the family") my stepfather never accepted that my mother had hundreds of boyfriends before him. He stated to me that he would have left her otherwise. That's feminism! 12-Jul-2020

Tags: Mother, Myself, Parenting, Sex




When I finally blurted out to mother, the family members (sister/cousins/boyfriends) that sexually molested me as a child she contested with:

"They are family. What do we you want me to do? Stop talking to them?!" 03-Jul-2020

Tags: Family, Hypocrisy, Mother




You lose your identity. 01-Jul-2020
A most devastating thing happens when you accuse your mother of racism and she has nothing to say. 30-Jun-2020

Tags: Mother





My mother has a cure for that gamey taste only adults can cipher from meat and poultry without preservatives. She washes it in Clorox... and she's absolutely right. (Argh.) 23-May-2020

Tags: Mother, No Way!




After proclaiming that she hates when people talk about other people or jobs (she held one for two minutes) she's not affiliated with, she exclaims to me that I shouldn't talk about personal ("gay") stuff because it upsets me. She then continues to give me her opinion of the situation I can't talk about, lest it upset me. I got upset. She won. 02-May-2020

Tags: Mental Health, Mother




My mother has evil tendencies and is psychic.


(She may be the Phoenix but I'm the Flash. We run.) 30-Apr-2020

Tags: Empowerment, Mother




My mother treats me like I'm that interesting thing she saved from the woods.

Mother: it's cute. I can play with it awhile. It'll keep me company while daddy and daughter wreck. I can become the best caretaker on the planet!

It talks.

Mother: adorable. I wonder what I can teach it? It will be so much fun teaching it all sorts of things...and dressing it up. We must dress it up.

It has an opinion.

Mother: okaaay.

It's nothing like yours.

Mother: Oh. I Know! We'll throw cash and presents at it. The less I have to deal with it the better and I will receive gobs of attention and pity for taking care of a complication. That thing is not playing by our rules. I've tried...woe is me... END SCENE

She stops me from realizing my purpose. I don't know what I'm doing here, either.

(the pic is of me and my sister.) 28-Apr-2020

Tags: Mother




My mother is pure evil disguised as a care package. 23-Apr-2020

Tags: Mother




Me: ...they sexually abused me.

Mother: stop blaming other people for your problems.


Tags: Mother




My mother wants me to apologize for all the abuse she thrust upon me.

"It's what every child does. I apologized to your grandma, right before she died and we prayed... and that's how I know she's in heaven." 17-Apr-2020

Tags: Manipulation, Mother




I lose weight when I talk to my mother. 16-Apr-2020

Tags: Mother




After the 136th failed and waste of attempt to establish a LTR with a man, my mother exclaimed that it doesn't seem boy on boy relationships work. After more than 30 years of fighting it, I gave up and concurred. Every gay man wants one, few achieve it and many of us have no fucking idea how to score it. Sometimes I feel our legacy is just loving puppies and swallowing dick. 14-Jan-2020

Tags: Disappointment, Environment, Gay, Men, Mother, Sex, Stereotype




I forgave my mother because I didn't think more punishment was warranted, she got the message, she deserves a peaceful finale...and I love her. 14-Dec-2019

Tags: Mother




My mother raised me to believe that lies were a sin while coaching me to always lie to daddy. 04-Nov-2019

Tags: Abuse, Hypocrisy, Mother



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