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This site does not claim credit for images, videos, or music, except where noted. Let us know if we have used your media and would like it removed.

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Can Latinos Say the N Word?

Who Can Say the N Word Besides Black People?

Flashback Cardi B

Tags: Argument, Confusion, Society, Stereotype, Video




We've allowed the world to be overrun with bad people because they're entertaining. Shame on us. 11-Oct-2018

Tags: Empowerment, Life, Representation, Society, World




No one cares about the environment because God created everything to destruct. They bloat the planet with children so they can watch them go boom. 08-Oct-2018

Tags: Environment, Family, Government, Humanity, Idolatry, Parenting, Religion, Respect, Society, Survival, World




What are we actually going to do when we catch 'em all (predators?) Do we depose them and grant them exit from superiority? Do we constrain them to unleash their monsters on the poor and susceptible? Do we send them to the White House? They have to land somewhere. 07-Oct-2018

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Humanity, Sex, Society




Everything we hate about the world God gave us. 03-Oct-2018

Tags: Community, Empowerment, Equality, Freedom, Inhumanity, LGBT, Life, Mental Health, Race, Religion, Respect, Sacrifice, Society, Support, Unity, Women, World




If you are offended by the continuous portrayal of a stereotype, embrace individuality. Every group manufactures a leader who is emulated and replicated so the cultures can multiply their image. President Obama advocated change, do it. 14-Jun-2018

Tags: Hypocrisy, Representation, Respect, Society, Stereotype




At least with the semblance of manners the world seemed like a better place. 07-Jun-2018

Tags: Life, Society




It would be sad if I thought I existed in this world just for myself. 24-May-2018

Tags: Life, Love, Society, World



The "N" Word 

Kendrick Lamar Calls Out White Fan for Singing N-Word

Video Shows White Kendrick Lamar Fan Rapping N-Word on Stage: 'You Gotta Bleep One Single Word'

Oprah Responds To Bill Maher's N-Word Controversy

The N-wordand Richard Pryor

Dear "N" word lovers,

The illusion that the street name for "idiot slave" is synonymous with a culture and its strength is ludicrously grandiose. You rarely complain when the white community says it while it helps you grind one out. Why should you expect white people to stop saying the word if you can't? Please tell your non-black fans not to buy your music, it's not appreciated and you don't need the money because you do it for the art.

You can't even stand up to your own brothers for calling your mothers, sisters and daughters hos and bitches or defending them from the "me too" movement, why should we expect a humane response for global respect. We are the ones that suffer the consequences and unless you have room in your jet for the entire community to fly out when it gets frantic, I suggest you keep the word to yourself. I refuse to be an "idiot slave."

Signed 24-May-2018
I’m allowed to use the "n" word. I don’t because the connotation is ugly. We need to learn our history and respect it. The people who suffered are not here and the instigators long died out. I dislike the word because its archaic and incapacitating. If you are constantly haunted by a word, get rid of it. It hasn’t changed anyone's life for the better and its impolite to be holding people who don't understand hostage for a word that picks its own master. That is not a stand for equality its a fight for exclusivity. Half the advantage of buying and listening to music is repeating the words. Bieber wasn't held accountable but Bill Maher was when they each said it. The experience of buying and listening to music is so people can sing along. If you don't want other people to sing it don't write it in (artists work best under restrictions.) Our ancestors would not appreciate its use and you might be able to suppress the chokehold white America has over your community because you showed them your kryptonite. Everyone will be accountable and Tarantino will have an unfinished script for his next film. 21-May-2018

Tags: Community, Empowerment, Environment, Government, History, Hypocrisy, Idolatry, Racism, Representation, Respect, Society, Support, Violence, World




From now on, I only listen to the sound of my voice because the consensus retracts. 19-May-2018

Tags: Society




How can we celebrate progress when the freedom I previously enjoyed, now makes me enslaved like no other decade? 19-May-2018

Tags: Aging, History, Hypocrisy, Life, Society, World




The gay nurse at my clinic thinks its funny that when there is access to a hazmat suit he likes to borrow it to scare the patients the staff doesn't like with a panic inducing bogus diagnosis. Fuck him. 18-May-2018

Tags: Business, Empowerment, Environment, Gay, Health, Hypocrisy, Life, Men, Racism, Representation, Respect, Society




My lover wanted to chime in..."it's actually a version of racism. Hailing a few black artists as geniuses when they are simply doing the same kinds of things as white, latin, and asian counterparts demeans all of the other black artists that are out there - often doing better work. It's diminishing in a way..."
The word genius is being falsely assigned to artists that keep white America feeling safe and the deed of reparations alive. When you start naming women's historical genius contributions, I will listen, if not, I'm not buying it. 17-May-2018

Tags: Celebrity, Environment, History, Hypocrisy, Idolatry, Music, Racism, Society, Women




How does segregating into countless subgroups advocate equality when it sounds like its celebrating our differences? 01-May-2018

Tags: Society, World




The reason I'm against fan celebration of motherhood is because mine used it as a cover to enact abuse to her children. She figured out that people are easily deceived into thinking the best of someone if it's presented in a clean and impressive package. My sister described it as military training. When we visited mother's family or friends we weren't allowed to move from wherever we sat not even to play with other kids because mother's children were not unruly. If anyone asked us if we would like something to eat or drink the answer was immediately no unless mother signaled otherwise because she didn't want anyone to think she was starving us. We were cleansed and groomed spotlessly and we would remain that way until the end of the visit. Everybody complemented her on how well she was raising us. She was the epitome of wedded motherhood and then lone goddess. At home we were terrorized by rabid mood swings, beatings, mental cruelty and fear. The love and affection she lavished didn't remain on the top of our brains for long because the hurt was so dramatic. Yet, my sister and I kept loving her, hoping for change and freedom. The fan adoration that she received for creating a spotless home, imbuing cooking excellence and the wit to survive it on her own was challenging to us. When we complained to adults it was to a wall of negativity. We were so ungrateful.

It was the epitome of a cult following and the refrain was always the same...

"Does she feed you? Are you clean? Does she provide a roof over your head? You have clothes, you get presents, you have the best mother on the planet. I wish she was my mother." I wished she'd been their mother too.

We were fucked. She created a world in which our screams were mute because she was so shiny. 19-Apr-2018

Tags: Hypocrisy, Mother, Sister, Society, Violence



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