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If we cancel enough of them they can build an army and kick our ass! 01-Jun-2021

Tags: Irony, Life




Mother's stratagem to keep a working daddy closer is to never let him know he was doing a banging good job. "Make them sweat, make them wonder but if you want to keep 'em don't ever tell them how great they are." I got it. The more a man thinks he's great the more chances of fulfilling the crippling desire to open other people's presents. Irk that one good spot left in his brain and he'll keep coming back around to try to figure it out. I can see a woman's idea of entrapment there. It suddenly occurred to me to accidentally apply it to a guy I was dating. He was daddy perfection and ejaculatory squish. After an aerobic session he asked me to concur that is was one of our best. Even though it was, I told him I had better. He topped himself every single time and I always answered the same. Why did I do that? I sadly dumped him because he was a camper. He kept threatening that we couldn't extend our relationship unless I went camping with him. Black daddies and city Puerto Ricans don't do woods. It doesn't make sense. He was one of the greatest but I don't camp.

My step-father must wonder with every dying breath, "why did l try so hard? She was never satisfied." 21-Dec-2020

Tags: Gay, Life, Marriage, Mental Health, Mother, Myself, Parenting 101, Sex, Women In Charge




Gay Mafia Secret: the real reason gay men and lesbian women don't get along is because they think we're gutter sluts and we think they're violent. 18-Dec-2020

Tags: LGBTQ, Life, Parenting 101, Relationships




Tags: Life, Myself, Survival




An effect of sexual abuse is that you inherit a victim's persona even if you've surpassed it and predator abusive comprehension. The survivors are damaged goods pretending to blend into a world that's flashed forward around you. Our vulnerabilities succumb to the first clever wolf that help incorporate us into the new world so that we fit in and hate it. To cope, we become the victims they are. They are our daddy saviors. We think that the next one will fix what the other one did because this one is different. At least half of my LTRs were straight men with penchant for wee ones. They were not in denial about their sexuality they were just hiding. I happened to hit the jackpot.

My mother finished ex violence with more violence. The end to my abuse was to sucker punch the croc in the middle of Manhattan for stalking me at work and every where else. He fell down as a grandmother yelled "yeah, punch that old motherfucker!" She didn't even know our business. Everyone surrounded me to make sure I was all right and he ran off bloodied and embarrassed. MY mother and I never saw our stalkers again, my mother's broken bones and heart healed, her ex's bones got WWF broken and I moved back to my mother's house. I re-encountered my mother's ex, riding on an unlighted subway car after work. I wasn't sure until we descended from the tunnels and out into outdoor light. It was him, he had healed and was seething. His eyes bore through me and I felt a chill and a scent. Every flicker of light cast a Hitchcock shadow as I froze for fuck's sake. I had beat him once but it was a tough battle. Illegal drugs made him Hulkean. Even lesbian cop kickassers couldn't bring him down. He stared eerily at me through the longest ride of my life. (I will not bore you with rest.) 27-Oct-2020

Tags: Conclusion, Gay, History, LGBTQ, Life, Mother, Myself, Relationships, Representation, Sex




The strangest part of the world that I will never understand is it's pretense. It's maddening to think we can become such a manufactured being. 25-Oct-2020

Tags: Hypocrisy, Life, Society




I put my vulnerabilities out there and... every... single... person... used it against me as I did the same. Every petal that disintegrates from the Beast's rose is a path closer to destruction. "I promise that I will never disrespect our interracial relationship by calling the cops on you." 20 years later. "I'm cheating, I'm in love, I want you out and if you complain I'm calling the cops." How is the theory of vulnerability successful for relationship proximity? 17-Oct-2020

Tags: ?, Interracial, Life, Mental Health, Reality, Relationships




Art does not create monsters, parents do. Art can only reflect and make us aware, not create a complaint department in an area where the perpetrator doesn't exist. His "paperwork" evaporates as soon as you continue sucking his dick. If you don't know how to empower children, you are not empowered. 20-Sep-2020

Tags: Art, Fault, Life, Men, Mothers, Sex




The moment you find out all of life's answers you are discarded and labeled a mental health crisis even though we are all mentally unwell. 16-Sep-2020

Tags: Life, Mental Health, Truth




The lies don't stop after you come out. 14-Sep-2020

Tags: Awareness, Gay101, Life, Wisdom




Laugh bitches, we're all gonna die soon. 18-Aug-2020

Tags: Environment, Life, Nobody Cares




I keep all positive outcomes behind me
and allow negativity to lead
I like to be front and center
when that beautiful positive thing
surprises me 27-Jul-2020

Tags: Life, Myself




When the world collides with the end... nothing will matter. 18-Jul-2020

Tags: Life




Your first instinct is always correct. 17-May-2020

Tags: Life, Parenting 101




I'm a centirion and in my new world, past failed rules that never meshed with our past are vehemently enforced in my present. The new policies have made me repeat my history, as well as others that I didn't care to visit. Life really is a set of shampoo instructions. It also means the cycle is infinite, with little progressive answers. It will revive us, as it sees fit and we'll relive it until we summate it or destroy it. Earth. 12-May-2020

Tags: History, Life, Repetition, World



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