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I keep all positive outcomes behind me
and allow negativity to lead
I like to be front and center
when that beautiful positive thing
surprises me 27-Jul-2020

Tags: Life, Myself




I've never claimed to be anything
but what I am
I can't aspire to do something
that isn't who I am

I need to be me
to keep me stitched together
flying free
with me

At the end of the day
all that remains is
me, myself and I 23-Jul-2020

Tags: Myself




I hate tyranny. 22-Jul-2020

Tags: Myself




Porn and masturbation were two ills that my mother expunged from her household.

When cum commenced squirting from my penis I was as aghast as Carrie when she saw menstruation blood for the first time. I was so concerned that I reluctantly asked my mother for her medical opinion. She had me pull my drawers down, pull it out, hold it while she examined it, kept the answer in her head and slapped me away. "Ah, it's nothing. Leave me alone."

The first time I saw porn was my mother's bedroom dresser drawer, hidden underneath the aroma of the cleanest sheets on the planet. It was 101 ways to please a lover. Every position highlighted with a photograph. That did not look like the abuse sex I was having. It looked beautiful. My mother was a hypocrite.

I was taking a bath one day and I stood up to use the rubber shower hose, cleaning my specials... when mother walked in. "That's never going to happen in my house." A beating with a rubber hose was enacted and I sort of accepted it because even though I didn't masturbate at that time, I knew I had before and she knew it too! It was past due punishment.

Boyfriends were not immune to the rule. My stepfather would set up appointments at the nearest brothel just in case my mother got sick (on her period.) He "too" did not believe in jerking off. I knew this because I had to interfere when sex workers started calling my mother for payment. Of course, they're still together.

"I aways feel guilty after I come." 18-Jul-2020

Tags: Mother, Myself, Porn, Sex, Women In Charge




Oh, by the way, they still exist 32 years later, fucking each other's brains out (thanks Viagra, I actually recommended it) and making anyone younger than them, miserable. 12-Jul-2020
Blame my mother for telling me this shit. (Sharing.) 12-Jul-2020
My mother's requisite for a boyfriend or life partner was:

had to be latin,

with great cock,

a job, responsible,

a bit rapey and idiotic.

Before my stepfather became part of the family he had to pay her overdue bills and mama proposed that if he ever wanted to get any of this (pointing to her vagina) he needed to pay these ASAP.

Two hours later he produced paid bills and we had a new daddy. She acquiesced in satisfaction. She applied lady cement before sex and had him bemoaning that my father must have sucked, it was so tight. Even when confronted with the exes (they were "friends of the family") my stepfather never accepted that my mother had hundreds of boyfriends before him. He stated to me that he would have left her otherwise. That's feminism! 12-Jul-2020

Tags: Mother, Myself, Parenting, Sex




When accosted by racism (in its many forms) I always asked, "why are we so hateful?" 11-Jul-2020

Tags: Myself




How I feel. 05-Jul-2020

Tags: Myself




The stereotype we run from is our family. 24-Jun-2020

Tags: Family, Fear, Heritage, History, Hypocrisy, Myself, Stereotype




Sometimes, when I read past shit, I don't understand it, either. LOL. 13-Jun-2020

Tags: Errattic, Myself




Not only is erratic an expression, it's a condition.

Racism has torn at me, as many times as men have. Neck and neck with thousands.

Professionally, I've been inside the works of the privileged and the incredible damage caused to our morale and its workforce.

In interrelationships we tend to accommodate or compete because they are always smarter with greater reserves.

My mother is a white hispanic with a family of light eyed people. My sister and I are its only latin black representation. My father and his lineage died before 50. I am the last one of a generation. My sister is lighter and a female with Pocahontas hair. Though 100 times more hostile, she receives power cheers. (Amazons, indeed.) I'm relegated to listening and acquiescing, squashing my dreams and being vanquished to the looney toons bin if I don't hold the same opinion. They have whittled me down to nothing.

Interracial sex is an intoxicating drug that subjugates and power struggles with its history, no matter the position or the intention.

Politics are a joke that sometimes gets the right thing done but never quick enough.

I never saw a little boy like me in Spanish media.

I'm out of era, confused and only trying to find my truth. The people I choose to talk, though opposed, still represent because their voices are addressing the same problem. I was being fucking Batman except I don't have the gadgets, the smarts, the money, the data or the lie detectors to confirm anything. My only purpose was to bring all the flavors together and cook something. I know, I blew up.

Do your thing, pool the best intelligence the world has to offer, win it, earn it and claim it.

I will always be erratic and inescapably brown. 10-Jun-2020

Tags: Myself




I am for equality and respect for all. I think mathematically and look for truth so I can fully assess the chaos and decipher it. I don't stand for causes but I regard everyone. The bad eggs are stopping the community from moving forward because they are the problem. You have every right to peacefully protest for our rights but if you don't acknowledge or condemn the problem you might become the problem. The bad eggs represent everything that destroys a community, making it difficult for cops to enforce peace which leads to overreaction, until it becomes a pattern. The people who cross the community bridge for an honest life are the ones being punished for bad egg action. They represent the superficial gods you worship and I think you need to acknowledge them, for history's sake. The future will ask. Empathy doesn't start with somebody else, it starts with you. 03-Jun-2020

Tags: Americans, Equality, Humanity, Hypocrisy, Idolatry, Myself, Politics, Racism, Reality, Representation, Respect, Responsibility, Saving The Environment!, Social Media, Support, Survival, Treatment, Unity, Violence




Bad uncle, once took his 8 year old nephews to the zoo knowing full well that the family never held that practice. It was a thing white people did.

(We may not have gone to the zoo but my mother paid for enough trips at school that I became familiar with the concept, and I enjoyed myself.)

One nephew, in particular was not amused. Bad evil uncle had taken him to Jurassic Park, unwillingly. It took fifteen minutes to get him to enter and another six hours where he panicked because the giraffe was evidence that this was a dinosaur eating people park.

(My sister, the teacher, was pretty aghast and my mother, stepfather and brother-in-law belittled me throughout for suggesting such a crass idea. It became one of the worst 4 hours of my life.) 17-May-2020

Tags: Go Figure, Myself




Sometimes I feel all sexuality is based upon what a cis privileged man needs. 07-May-2020

Tags: Empowerment, Humanity, LGBTQ, Life, Men, Myself, Psychology, Sex Identity, Survival, World




I was always the action, men wanted, a piece of. 06-May-2020

Tags: Men, Myself, Sex




It takes people up to five years to understand what I'm saying. 16-Apr-2020

Tags: Myself



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