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NYC surgeon, beauty-queen wife settle divorce amid his claim she’s a hooker 


The swift settlement followed a stunning 264-page filing in Manhattan Supreme Court in which Kim, 41, sought to annul the marriage — claiming his 32-year-old wife had duped him into the union by hiding her “secret life as a prostitute for wealthy men.”

The doctor alleged that Turner had pocketed nearly $700,000 in cash from johns since 2015.

...she’s a hooker

Michigan lawmaker who spent $221 of his campaign funds at a strip club says he was there for a constituent meeting

Owner of Scholastic leaves the $1.2BILLION Harry Potter publisher to his LOVER and cuts out his two sons and ex-wife

'I have NEVER thrown a hockey game': San Jose Sharks' Evander Kane blasts 'soon-to-be-ex-wife'

Tags: $, Death, Denied, Divorce, Fail, Family, Fraud, Leaders, Lifestyle, Marriage, Misconduct, NSFW, Parental Crime, Relationships, Rich, Sex, Sex Worker, Sports, Troubles



‘Absence of humanity’: Melbourne couple jailed for keeping Indian woman as a slave for eight years 

A woman who has shown no remorse, regret or sorrow for holding another woman captive as a slave for eight years in Melbourne has been sentenced to a jail term of the same length.

Kumuthini Kannan was found to be more morally culpable than her husband, Kandasamy Kannan, who was described in court as being susceptible to a degree of domination by his wife and having a weak character.

The pair was convicted of enslaving a vulnerable Tamil woman from India in their Mount Waverley home between 2007 and 2015.

‘Absence of humanity’

'I resisted him while he forced himself on me': Harrowing footage shows paralyzed Indian gang rape victim, 19,

Indian teenager beaten to death, hanged for wearing jeans

NYPD Officers Fired After Allegedly Raping Teenage Girl

...there's 'no logical answer' why serial burglar with 19 arrests since November was freed allowing him to 'break into child's home and molest her'

Man, 36, who hid in a 15-year-old girl's closet for more than a month - and snuck out to sexually abuse her when her parents left for work...

Tags: Arrest, Children, Crime, Cultural, Death, Family, Fashion, Marriage, Murder, Privilege, Rape, Religion, Sex, Slavery, Women In Charge, World



Girl, 14, dies after falling from inflatable obstacle at Ohio waterpark 


An Ohio teen who was rescued after she spent 30 minutes underwater at a lakeside waterpark on Tuesday has died, officials said on Wednesday.

Mykiara Jones, 14, was bouncing on an inflatable attraction at the Land of Illusions Amusement Park at 8762 Thomas Road in Madison Township when she somehow went underwater around 5:10 p.m. on Tuesday.

Girl, 14, dies after falling from inflatable obstacle at Ohio waterpark

'It's a death trap'

Video shows seagull flying into teen's face on Jersey Shore amusement park ride

...counselors played Spin the Bottle with kids, 'inedible' food was served on dirty dishes and dozens were 'left in tears

Family of boy thrown from Mall of America balcony files suit

Boy, 14, jumps to his death from NYC's The Vessel in front of his parents, grandmother and sister

Boy, 3, dies two days after he was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at $100,000 Martha's Vineyard country club

Tags: Accident, Camp, Children, Court, Death, Entertainment, Injury, Parental Burden, Sex, Shopping, Sports, Suicide, Video, Youth



Child dies in hot car at American Fork business complex 


"The vehicle was turned off, all the windows were rolled up, they weren’t rolled down at all and all the doors were closed," Christensen said.

Police said the child was in the care of a business that provides services to people with intellectual disabilities.

Child dies in hot car at American Fork business complex

Missouri police chief, 51, who lost his job after punching father who left his baby to drown in a pond...

Tags: Care, Children, Death, Disabled



Police arrest a serial criminal for the anti-gay slashing of a Hispanic man in Queens 


The New York City Police Department (NYPD) have made an arrest in an assault that took place earlier this month in Queens.

Fifty-five-year-old Ramon Castro has been arrested and charged with the assault of an 34-year-old man, whose identity was being publicly withheld. The victim has since spoken out about the assault.

Related: Doctor’s jaw broken & wired shut after terrifying random hate attack

The assault took place on July 6 outside of an apartment building in Jackson Heights.

The victim and a group of friends were waiting for their orders outside a food truck in the early morning hours. That’s when a verbal dispute started, which prefaced the slashing.

Police arrest a serial criminal for the anti-gay slashing of a Hispanic man in Queens

Progressive activist apologizes after calling gay city councilor a “hissy bitch”

Three Arrested Over Shaving 'Gay' into Boy’s Head in Viral Video

Gay Man Found Barely Alive on Atlanta Train Tracks

Gay Couple on Vacation Brutally Attacked As Crowd Watched & Jeered

Students Fight for Cheer Coach Who Says He Was Fired Because He's Gay

Violence erupts outside LA spa as Antifa defends transgender person's 'right' to show male genitals to women, children

Gay political donor Ed Buck finally goes on trial for deadly drug fetish after years of injustice

Russian company refuses to print BTS banners due to claims of “gay propaganda”

Mat George, A Twitter Personality And Cohost of Podcast “She Rates Dogs,” Has Died At 26

Tags: Attack, Ban, Court, Death, Employment, Family, Gay, Injury, LGBTQ, Music, Politics, Social Media, Termination, Trans, Travel, Video, Violence, World



Soccer Fans Sue Chicago's Soldier Field Over Antigay Chants at Game 


In the suit, filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, they say chanting of “puto,” an antigay slur that translates loosely to “male prostitute,” occurred at least 25 times during the match, and “tens of thousands” of fans joined in. The men, who were wearing rainbow jerseys, asked stadium workers to take some action to stop the chants, but nothing happened, according to the suit.

Soccer Fans Sue Chicago's Soldier Field Over Antigay Chants at Game

Boston Pride Is Shutting Down Amid Calls for Change

LGBT rights push falls short in Michigan

Transgender Redditors Are Being Driven From the Site

Gay teacher allegedly threatened by police officer after reporting homophobic bullying

School blamed gay student for the horrific bullying he endured. His two dads are suing.

'Munchausen by proxy' foster mother, 80, is 'investigated by a grand jury' after years of abuse claims including her disabled son marrying a much older man in a ceremony he 'thought was a baptism'

Judge blocks Tennessee's transgender bathroom sign law

Children as young as 11 responsible for crude and disgusting homophobic graffiti

'Look at that sick freak': Caitlyn Jenner is hit

Tags: App, Cancellation, Celebration, Children, Complaint, Court, Death, Education, Gay, Hostility, Laws, LGBTQ, Parental Crime, Pride, Protection, Social Media, Sports, Trans, Video, World



'Be aware it may ruin your life': New mother says she regrets having a baby 'so much' in brutally honest post revealing she's 'a shell' of the 'vibrant and fun person' she used to be 


A new mother has shared how much she regrets having her baby in a brutally honest online post, explaining that she used to be a 'vibrant and fun person but is now a shell of her former self'.

The anonymous British parent, who has a seven-month-old son, warned other women that having a baby could 'ruin your life', detailing how she struggles with sleeping and wishes she could turn back time.

'If I could hit a button and go back to a time before my son existed, without remembering him or knowing he existed, I would do it without hesitation.

'Be aware it may ruin your life'

Bloodhound in Tennessee finds missing 6-year-old girl allegedly abducted by father

Seven-year-old boy dies after being thrown to the floor 27 TIMES during judo class

Las Vegas mom-of-two, 23, is arrested on murder charges after her 5-year-old daughter died in a hot house with no air conditioning

Pals of Liza Morales call Lamar Odom’s claims about her ‘bullshit’

Jordana Brewster to pay ex-husband $5 million in divorce settlement

Tekashi 6ix9ine refuses to support homeless dad: ‘My biological father abandoned me’

Tags: $, Celebrity, Challenge, Children, Death, Divorce, Hate, Homeless, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Regret, Sports, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



MDLNY's Luis D. Ortiz Responds to Accusations of 'Abuse' & 'Harassment' from Mother of His Child 


"I am currently fighting for my basic human right to live a normal stable life with my daughter. Out of fear I have never spoken openly about the levels of suffering I endured from Luis D Ortiz and other members of his family," Singh writes in the description of the GoFundMe. "Though I managed to distance myself from him physically [by moving to the U.K.] he is now trying to use his money, connections and his powerful lawyers to crush me.

While appearing on Good Day NY Tuesday morning, Ortiz responded to Scotto questioning him about the situation by saying, "Regardless of what's been said, you've known me for millions of years, and everybody that's known me for millions of years... I am a saint."

MDLNY's Luis D. Ortiz Responds to Accusations of 'Abuse' & 'Harassment' from Mother of His Child

Teen parents charged after infant dies of cocaine ingestion

'I hope it ruffles some feathers': Casey Kasem's daughter speaks out about his death in new podcast and insists bitter legal battles with his widow were NOT over his wealth

Moment truck driver runs over his girlfriend's legs during an argument on an Alaskan highway

Elton John says his mother ‘ruined’ the day of his civil partnership with ‘mild homophobia’


Diplo sued by his ex for sexual battery, assault, defamation and fraud as she alleges he first began contacting her as a minor... nearly six months after he filed restraining order against her for stalking

Tags: $, Arrest, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Charge, Choices, Death, Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Relationships, Safety, Treatment, Troubles, Video, Violence, Youth



Suspect reportedly attempts to rob Papa John’s restaurant — but armed pizza delivery driver with concealed carry permit stops him dead 


An Ohio pizza delivery driver fatally shot a suspect who was reportedly attempting to rob a local Papa John's restaurant, according to various reports.

Suspect reportedly attempts to rob Papa John’s restaurant

New York teens stabbed, one airlifted to hospital, suspect remains at large

Oakland crowd twerks on ambulance, blocks responders after deadly shooting

Baltimore Police commissioner says the city is facing shortage of 230 officers and calls for more boots on the ground amid surge in shootings

'Redneck Rave' in Kentucky descends into CHAOS after a man has his throat slit, a woman is choked in a fight over a blanket and a man is impaled on a log - leading to charges for 48 people

California men who assaulted Black Oregon gas station attendant charged with hate crime: report

Rideshare driver fatally shoots passenger in Atlanta after dispute, police say

Three dead after shooting at convenience store in St. Louis, Missouri

Suspect in police shooting was ready to shoot 'any cop that stopped him': Florida sheriff

Bodycam footage captures the moment suspect shoots cop in head; county placed on lockdown as manhunt for shooter continues

Tags: Auto, Crime, Death, Injury, Karma, Restaurant, Service, Theft, Threat



Woman dead after shootout with police at Juneteenth parade, officer appears overwrought with grief after shooting 


Witnesses sitting in a nearby vehicle who captured video of the unsettling situation appear to say that the driver fired the first shots.

The officer draws his gun and instructs the driver to put their hands up. NBC News noted that the officer screams, "Let me see your hands! Hands up!"

Suddenly, multiple gunshots are fired.

After the shots were fired, the vehicle slowly rolls down the street.

Video shows the police officer that fired the shots immediately falls to his knees.

Woman dead after shootout with police

Volunteer for NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams is stabbed with an ICE PICK and suffers punctured lung in South Bronx as city's crime continues to spiral

Six hospitalized after driver 'DELIBERATELY' plowed Jeep into family on NYC sidewalk and pinned woman, 34, under the car before he fled the scene

Gunmen fire at each other in the street but miss and hit a Bronx home and cars, as NYC crime crisis escalates

Cops release photo of person wanted over NYC sidewalk shooting after gunman fired wildly and missed hitting two kids, aged 10 and five, by INCHES

Naked intruder breaks into Bel Air mansion and refuses owner's order to leave - before 'smiling like a serial killer' and slaughtering family's pet parakeets

N.J. waitress chasing group that ran out on bill is abducted and assaulted, police say

Texas woman is held at gunpoint and robbed in her home while her coworkers watch in horror on Zoom call: Three suspects arrested

ANOTHER random NYC subway attack: Tourist is smashed in the face with a bottle as felony assaults on the subway rise to their highest level in 21 years

VIDEO: Multiple men attack off-duty NYPD cop in broad daylight

Tags: Animals, Death, Home, Invasion, Police, Policy, Privacy, Safety, Training, Video, Violence, Youth



One Killed After Driver Crashes Into Pride Parade In South Florida 


A driver slammed into spectators Saturday evening at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida, killing one person and seriously injuring another, authorities said

The pickup truck driver acted like he was part of the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade but then suddenly accelerated when he was told he was next, crashing into the victims, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis said, according to WSVN-TV. Wilton Manors is just north of Fort Lauderdale.

One Killed After Driver Crashes Into Pride Parade In South Florida

Driver Slams Into Cyclists During Arizona Race, Critically Injuring Several

Bisexual student battered in ‘unprovoked and completely random’ homophobic street attack

Dem mayor claims truck incident is 'terrorist attack' against LGBT people. Then the truth comes out.

Tags: Celebration, Death, Gay, Investigation, LGBTQ, Pride



Rapper dies during bisexual threeway. He jumped off a balcony to hide from his wife. 


Brazillian rapper Kevin Nascimento Bueno, who performed as MC Kevin, fell to his death in Rio de Janeiro after he jumped off a balcony and plunged several floors.

Bueno was having a threesome with his friend, Victor Fontenelle, and fashion model Bianca Domingues in a hotel room when someone knocked on the door. Bueno thought it was his wife and bolted.

Rapper dies during bisexual threeway.

Tags: Bi, Celebrity, Death, Marriage, Misconduct, Music, Rap



Spanish porn star who 'killed fashion photographer by giving him poisonous hallucinogenic toad venom during shamanic ritual' is charged with manslaughter 


A Spanish porn star has been charged with manslaughter after a fashion photographer died from inhaling psychedelic toad vapour.

Nacho Vidal, 47, could be considered responsible for the death of Jose Luis Abad after administering the Colorado River Toad venom at his house in Enguera, Valencia, in July 2019, a judge has said.

It is thought that Vidal, who has starred in more than 600 adult films, provided the substance as part of a shaman ceremony to help Abad cure his cocaine addiction.

Spanish porn star who 'killed fashion photographer

Tags: Animals, Crime, Death, Drugs, Etiquette, Experiment, Porn



They did everything right. But after one at-home haircut, a husband and wife died of Covid-19 


Mike and Carol Bruno did everything right to avoid Covid-19. They refrained from hosting the big, traditional family gatherings they were used to. They stuck to phone calls and video conferences with family even though they didn't live far away.

But a simple family visit to get a haircut claimed both of their lives.

The Brunos were married nearly six decades before they passed away from the virus, their son Joseph Bruno told CNN. The Chicago couple, who died 10 days apart, are now among the more than 337,000 people who have died from coronavirus in the US.

Bruno hopes his family's grief serves as an important reminder of how easy it can be to contract Covid-19, no matter how safe you are.

They did everything right. But after one at-home haircut, a husband and wife died of Covid-19

Tags: Choices, Coronavirus, Death, Environment, Family, Gay, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Safety, Social Distancing, Video



Here’s why COVID-19 has a vaccine after 1 year and HIV doesn’t after nearly 40 years 


The rapid development of several COVID-19 vaccines has compelled numerous web commenters to accusingly ask why the same hasn’t been done for HIV, a pandemic that has lasted nearly 40 years longer than the coronavirus.

However, a closer look at the different virology of coronavirus and HIV helps explain why the former has a soon-to-be widely available vaccine and the latter doesn’t.

The aforementioned critics often claim that the lack of an HIV vaccine is due to the fact that HIV has most affected men and trans women who have sex with men, Black people, people of color, and intravenous drug users — marginalized people who tend to have less money and political power. Thus, the lack of an HIV vaccine can seem like a conspiratorial way to let these communities die off.

Here’s why COVID-19 has a vaccine after 1 year and HIV doesn’t after nearly 40 years

Tags: Coronavirus, Cultural, Death, Disease, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Health, Inclusion, Insensitivity, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Representation, Science, Vaccine



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