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20-year-old gay man allegedly stabbed to death by man he brought home in Paris 


A 20-year-old gay man has been murdered allegedly by a stranger he met on his bus trip home in Paris.

Known only as Daniel, he was traveling from Châtelet to Villejuif in Paris with a friend called Fred. The men decided to get a bus home at about 2.30am on Thursday 11 April.

They met another man and invited him back to their apartment, according a fundraising page started by his friend, Nicolas Joubier.

Gay Star News

Tags: Attack, Death, Gay, Hate, Lifestyle, Murder, Sex, World, Youth



Clergy no longer welcome in nation's busiest death chamber, Texas says 


Texas prisons will no longer allow clergy in the death chamber after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the scheduled execution of a man who argued his religious freedom would be violated if his Buddhist spiritual adviser couldn't accompany him.

Effective immediately, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will only permit prison security staff into the death chamber, a spokesman said Wednesday. The policy change comes in response to the high court's ruling staying the execution of Patrick Murphy, a member of the "Texas 7" gang of escaped prisoners.

NBC News

Tags: Clergy, Death, Employment, Judgement, Laws, Prison, Religion, Representation, Segregation



Hate Crimes Spiked 226% in Counties Where Trump Held Rallies 


Counties where Donald Trump held rallies leading up to the 2016 presidential election saw a huge increase in hate crimes, according to a new analysis.

“We found that counties that had hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226 percent increase in reported hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally,” researchers Ayal Feinberg, Regina Branton, and Valerie Martinez-Ebers wrote in The Washington Post. Feinberg is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at University of North Texas, and Branton and Martinez-Ebers are professors there.


Wisconsin gay couple may be evicted from home for flying rainbow flag

A Liberal Jewish Seminary Says It Will No Longer Ordain Gay Student

A Trump supporter allegedly used gay slurs before attacking a man with a sword outside a roller rink

Tennessee Republicans pass bill to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples

The Texas senate just approved a bill that would allow doctors to refuse LGBTQ patients

Homosexuality and Adultery Are Now Punishable With Death by Stoning in Brunei. Here's What to Know

Utah just upgraded their ‘worthless’ hate crimes law, while Indiana passed a worthless one

Tags: Adoption, Attack, Children, Crime, Death, Discrimination, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Home, Homophobia, Injury, Interference, Judgement, Laws, LGBTQ, Medical, New World Order, Politics, Protections, Protest, Punishment, Religion, Representation, Safety, Sex, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Weapon, World, Youth



Jack Padilla was bullied by five students before killing self: mother 


A Colorado high school freshman who committed suicide in February was bullied by his schoolmates, including one who urged him to kill himself, his grief-stricken mother said this week.

Jeanine Padilla told the Denver Post that her 15-year-old son, Jack, was regularly tormented by at least five students at Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, where cops are now investigating the teen’s death.

“It’s just devastating to know he was probably so scared,” Padilla told the newspaper. “But still trying to stand up for himself.”

Jack Padilla died on Feb. 14, but relatives didn’t find out about the alleged bullying until after his death, according to his mother. She’s now calling on district officials to “expel the bullies” who contributed to her son’s suffering.

NY Post

Tags: Bullying, Death, Education, Environment, Investigation, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Suicide, Youth



Two children killed as bouncy castle swept into air by whirlwind 


Two children are dead and another 20 people are injured after a "dust devil" lifted an inflatable playhouse and other debris into the air in central China.

Chinese state media said the incident had taken place at a "scenic spot" in Henan province at about 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.
Shocking videos of the incident were shared widely on Chinese social media, showing a large, colorful, inflatable playhouse being picked up and carried high into the air as dust swirled through the area.


Tags: Chaos, Children, Death, Entertainment, Environment, Injury, Parental Burden, Toys, Tragedy, Weather, World



Man on the run after using machete to kill 10-year-old daughter and wife, police say 


Police are searching for a South Florida man who allegedly killed his wife and their 10-year-old daughter with a machete during a fight over the couple's impending divorce.

Investigators said Noel Chambers, a 57-year-old native of Jamaica, launched a brutal attack late Saturday evening when his wife, Lorrice Harris, returned home from celebrating her 49th birthday.

A 911 caller reported the dispute at around 11:30 p.m., according to police. Officers arrived to the couple's home in Miami Gardens, Florida, about 17 miles northwest of Miami, where they discovered the bodies of young Shayla Chambers and her mother inside, police said.

Shayla was found lying in her bed and Harris was discovered on the home's back porch, police said. The couple's older daughter, 29-year-old Shanalee Chambers, managed to escape and was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds, according to police.

ABC News

Tags: Children, Death, Family, Investigation, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Crime, Relationships, Violence



Dad dies after he defended daughter from boyfriend: cops 


Police say a Texas dad died after he was assaulted while protecting his daughter from her boyfriend.

Eric Garica of Austin died Thursday following a violent confrontation with his daughter’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Jamie Apodaca, after asking him to leave the family’s home, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

The fight reportedly started Saturday night when Apodaca accused Garica’s daughter of cheating on him and called her derogatory names.

NY Post

Tags: Crime, Death, Family, Hate, Parental Burden, Parental Pride, Safety, Violence



North Carolina legislators introduce slew of pro-LGBTQ bills 


Lawmakers in North Carolina have introduced a trio of bills designed to protect LGBTQ North Carolinians, including legislation to halt the use of conversion therapy throughout the state.

The Mental Health Prevention Act, HB 516 and SB 426, would protect LGBTQ youth and disabled adults from attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity using psychological or spiritual means. In many cases, the practice of conversion therapy can be extreme, causing profound harm to those who are treated by such – including dramatic increases in suicide attempts.

LGBTQ Nation

Gay Couple Told: Take Down Your LGBTQ Pride Flag or Be Evicted — WATCH

Amid Pressure, Google Finally Drops Conversion Therapy App

Arizona is being sued for banning teachers from speaking positively about LGBTQ people

Gay Sex Will Be Now Be Punishable by Stoning in Brunei

A Renewed Call for Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott Amid Brunei Anti-Gay Policies

A Dallas Man Used Grindr To Target, Assault, And Rob Gay Men

Sean Hayes Is the Last of the Will & Grace Cast to Get a GLAAD Award

UK, George Clooney lead calls for Brunei to drop LGBT+ death penalty

Tags: Activism, App, Award, Backlash, Celebration, Celebrity, Conversion Therapy, Court, Crime, Dating, Death, Education, Environment, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Fighting Back, Finance, Gay Rights, Hate, Home, Homophobia, Hostility, Inclusion, Laws, LGBTQ, Protections, Protest, Punishment, Representation, Sex, Support, Victims, Violence, World, Youth



Boy, 10, hangs himself after bullies wrote on his tablet 'Kill yourself, you don't belong here' 


A 10-year-old Texas boy tragically took his own life after he was bullied at school by other boys, who beat him up and wrote 'Kill yourself' on his tablet.

Crystal Smith, of Katy, said her son Kevin Reese Jr had been a goofy child who loved to draw and paint.

But at school, he was being tormented.

'I never thought he would go this far, never,' she told KTRK. 'I'm still in disbelief. It's taking me awhile to actually accept the fact that this happened.'

Daily Mail

Fifth-grade girl dies from injuries in classroom fight

Elementary school teacher threw book in 9-year-old’s face: cops

Tags: Arrest, Bullying, Children, Death, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Parental Burden, Protections, Sad, Suicide, Violence



Are YOUR children at risk? Child abuse charity reveals the five simple questions EVERY parent needs to ask before signing up youngsters to after-school activities 


A national charity is urging parents to ask five simple questions to make sure their children are safe when they attend out-of-school clubs.

Thousands of parents across the country use after-school and holiday clubs to help with childcare, but many do not realise these groups can be unregulated.

Now, Derby-based charity NWG Network, which supports survivors of child sex abuse, has started a campaign to get parents and clubs talking openly about safeguarding.

Daily Mail

Prosecutor: Exam of 'Ravenously Hungry' Children Reveals Disturbing Child Abuse Case

Defrocked Jersey priest who molested boys now teaches kids English in Dominican Republic

West Virginia man convicted in baby's death, sex abuse

Man Sentenced to Life After Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child

Machelle Hobson: YouTube Star, 48, Arrested & Accused Of Abusing Her Adoptive Children

Daughter of 90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Molestation

Michigan woman who 'turned a blind eye to her husband raping two teenage female relatives' he was supposed to be caring for accepts plea deal meaning she'll only get a maximum of ONE YEAR in jail

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Child Abuse, Children, Death, Education, Employment, Environment, Inspired, Instructional, Opinion, Parental Crime, Parenting, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Religion, Safety, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Violence, World, Youth



Hate Endures in America, and With It Our Effort to Document the Damage 


Since the start of 2019, in places across the United States, there have been no fewer than five killings in which victims’ race, ethnicity or national origin appears to have been a factor.

Arthur Martunovich allegedly walked into a Chinese restaurant in New York City in January and killed three men with a hammer. Police said he later explained his motive: “Chinese men are awful.”

On Feb. 23, José Muñoz, 25, was shot and killed in the lobby of an Olive Garden in Louisville, Kentucky. The suspect in the killing allegedly used racial slurs when a child in Muñoz’s party at the restaurant bumped into him twice. Muñoz’s family insists he was targeted because of his ethnicity as a Mexican immigrant.

On March 6, scores of mourners gathered on the campus of Indiana University to protest the killing of Mustafa Ayoubi, a 32-year-old graduate of the school.

He’d been shot and killed in February in Indianapolis, following a road rage incident. Witnesses told police the suspect yelled slurs about Islam and told Ayoubi to “go back to your country.”


Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists

Tags: All Rights, Crime, Death, Environment, Hate, Justice, Laws, Protections, Study, Supremacy, Terror, Threat, Violence



Ex-priest defrocked for sex abuse killed in his Nevada home 


A defrocked Roman Catholic priest named as one of more than 180 New Jersey priests facing credible accusations of sexual abuse was fatally shot in a new home in a suburb of Las Vegas, authorities said Tuesday.

Seventy-year-old John Capparelli was found dead Saturday morning in his kitchen in the city of Henderson with a gunshot wound to his neck, said Nicole Charlton of the Clark County Coroner's Office.

Capparelli died amid "suspicious circumstances," but police Officer Katrina Rothmeyer declined comment on whether police have a suspect or whether someone broke into the ex-priest's home.

ABC News

Cardinal George Pell, Former Vatican Official, Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

Pedophile ex-priest killed in his home reportedly hired male hookers

Tags: Abuse, Children, Death, Employment, Judgement, Murder, Prison, Religion, Sex, Violence



17-year-old allegedly killed 2 teens in his grandparents' garage, set their bodies on fire in their car: Sheriff 


A 17-year-old allegedly killed two Indiana teenagers in his grandparents' garage and then set their bodies on fire inside their car, officials said.

Connor Kerner was arrested on Saturday for the murders of 19-year-old Molley Lanham and 18-year-old Thomas Grill, the Porter County Sheriff's Office said on Monday in a statement.

Kerner, of Valparaiso, Indiana, was charged with two counts of murder, the sheriff's office said. Kerner is being tried as an adult, Porter County Prosecutor Gary German told ABC News on Tuesday.

ABC News

Tags: Death, Drugs, Finance, Guns, Murder, Parental Burden, Prison, Threat, Unruly Child, Violence



The U.S. is denying marriage benefits to this gay widower, so he’s suing the government 


The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) has a policy that says a spouse must be married to their partner for at least nine months before they’re eligible to receive a deceased partner’s survivor benefits.

That’s not a problem for most couples, but it is for Michael Ely, a 65-year-old gay Arizona resident. He was denied SSA survivor benefits when his husband of six months died of cancer in 2015.

Ely and his partner Jim Taylor met in 1971 and they stayed together for the next 43 years. But because marriage wasn’t legal in Arizona until October 2014, they couldn’t marry until just before Taylor died.

“We got married as soon as we could, quickly gathering our loved ones together in less than three weeks,” Ely said. “But we were only able to be married for six months before I lost him to cancer.”


Tags: All Rights, Americans, Court, Death, Gay, Gay Rights, Govt, Insurance, Marriage Equality, Relationships



When Does BDSM Become Abuse? 


After a recent death in the online kinkster community, many people began to question the limits of submissive relationships.

In Instagram photos, Dylan Hafertepen, a master to five adult slaves, appears cartoonishly large, like a Tom of Finland sketch come to life. In one of his most iconic shots (since deleted from the gram) Dylan gives a military salute to the camera as his pups Chuck, Angus, Daniel, Biff and Tank pose around him. Some are wearing skin-tight jockstraps that barely contain their inflated ball sacks. Tank, whose given name was Jack Chapman, sits on Dylan’s right side, wearing a red bandana, with a padlocked chain around his neck. He’s beaming.


Tags: Abuse, All Rights, BDSM, Choices, Death, Service, Sex, Violence



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