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Woman Threw Scalding Soup At 'Noisy' 11-Month-Old Baby In Restaurant, Video Shows 


A pregnant woman was caught on surveillance camera throwing a bowl of scalding soup at an 11-month-old baby in a restaurant in China on Tuesday.

According to local media, the 28-year-old woman, identified only as Ren, was reportedly was enraged after a “noisy” baby girl began banging the spoon loudly on the table. The woman, who was in a bad mood following an argument with her husband prior to the incident, began fighting with the baby’s mother over the child making noise.

Ren’s husband then asked her to leave the restaurant. However, a few minutes after getting out of the restaurant, Ren returned and threw a bowl of hot soup on the mother-daughter duo, before fleeing from the scene. Police were called to the restaurant and the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital after she received burns to her back.


Man arrested outside N.J. elementary school with loaded gun, 130 rounds of ammo in trunk

Gutsy grandparents fight off burglar who tried to snatch 6-year-old girl

Tags: Attack, Children, Choices, Environment, Fighting Back, Guns, Hostility, Kidnap, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Safety, Stereotype, Treatment, Violence, World



Man arrested for 'murdering man by slashing his genitals after sex' 


Police arrested a man suspected of murdering a drunk man by cutting his genitals after having sex.

K Muniyasamy, 35, is suspected of two crimes in the Indian city of Chennai. They are a murder on 25 May and attempted murder of another drunk man on 1 June. Police apprehended him on Wednesday (12 June).

The accused allegedly engaged in sex with men under a flyover in Retteri, north Chennai.

The first victim died of his injuries in hospital. However, before he died he told police he was not sure if someone else did it or he injured himself. According to police, he reported being drunk and depressed.

According to the Times of India, police received a tip from Muniyasamy’s employer after CCTV footage of a man appeared on TV channels.

Gay Star News

London: Teen girl and man arrested after gay man is raped and killed

OUT NEWS Woman found anti-LGBTQ sticker on her car. Police reached out to help.

Police Arrest MAGA Biker for Trashing Rainbow Crosswalks with Burnouts in Albuquerque

‘The Notebook’ author Nicholas Sparks tried to ban LGBTQ club at school he co-founded, lawsuit claims

Tags: App, Arson, Attack, Court, Education, Gay, Hate, Hostility, Mauled, Murder, Police, Rape, Sex, Theft, Threat, Vandalism, Violence, World, Writing



Restaurant owner is accused of KIDNAPPING a black 13-year-old boy at gunpoint and forcing him back to his eatery where the teen had reportedly been causing trouble and threw a bottle 


A Kentucky restaurant owner has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a black teen from a local grocery store and threatened him with a BB gun.

Fabao Chen, 58, was detained on Tuesday at the Double Dragon restaurant on West Broadway after he took the 13-year-old from a nearby Kroger at 27th and Broadway in Louisville.

An arrest report states that at approximately 4.30pm, Chen forcibly snatched the boy from the store against his will. He can be seen surveillance in footage pulling the boy to his restaurant.

Daily Mail

Utah Police Draws Gun On 10-Year-Old Boy Playing In Family’s Yard

Videos show shocking abuse at Ohio jail

Tags: All Rights, Attack, Children, Choices, Crime, Environment, Guns, Hate, Inhumanity, Investigation, Kidnap, Minors, Police, Prison, Protections, Race, Safety, Training, Treatment, Video, Violence, Youth



Axe body spray defends LGBTQ pride on Twitter 


You may remember the scent of Axe from some middle school dances and awkward teenage dates, but the popular body spray and wash brand made waves online for something entirely different: The brand came out in defense of Pride and LGBTQ rights in a Twitter exchange that went viral Wednesday.

The body spray's endorsement of LGBT rights comes after a Twitter joke that listed out possible candidates for Straight Pride parade floats, which was proposed to take place later this summer. A "giant AXE body spray" was first on the list.

"We’ll be at the parade that matters and this one isn’t it," tweeted Axe in response to that tweet.

USA Today

Stonewall 50: Police refuse to protect Pride after violence in Georgia

Tags: Activism, Attack, Awareness, Business, Environment, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Harassment, Hate, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Police, Politics, Pride, Protection, Support, World





A Connecticut woman is accused of attacking a pregnant McDonald's worker and yelling that she hopes she loses her baby after becoming irate at staff for getting her order of McChicken wrong.


Day care worker caught on video abusing toddlers

Tags: Anguish, Argument, Arrest, Attack, Child Abuse, Children, Complaint, Day Care, Employment, Environment, Food, Hostility, Inhumanity, Injury, Restaurant, Service, Video, Violence



Third Dallas man charged after gay men targeted on app 


A third Dallas man has been charged with federal hate crimes in connection with a string of kidnappings and robberies in 2017 that targeted gay men lured to an apartment from posts on a dating app.

Court records show that Daryl Henry, 22, is charged with nine counts, including conspiracy to commit hate crimes, kidnapping and carjacking, according to The Dallas Morning News. Henry pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, and a judge ordered him held without bond pending trial.

Investigators said Henry guarded the victims after they were kidnapped. His attorney said Henry hasn't committed any violent crimes and had asked that he be released on bond. If convicted, Henry could face up to life in prison, according to prosecutors.

The federal indictment said the defendants used the gay dating app Grindr to create fake profiles and "pose as gay men interested in 'dates' to lure gay men." Once the victims arrived, the suspects forced them into the Dallas apartment.

ABC News

Homophobic assault leaves 22-year-old in near vegetative state

Grindr horror: Men abducted, robbed and assaulted in Dallas

Transgender woman decapited in Veracruz, head place in front of town hall

Tags: $, Abuse, App, Arrest, Attack, Charity, Cruelty, Dating, Environment, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Humiliation, Injury, LGBTQ, Medical, Misrepresentation, Murder, Sex, Threat, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, World



Two men arrested after 18 year old falls from condo after alleged three-way 


A doctor and his male friend have been arrested after an 18-year-old man fell to his death after an alleged three-way.

Police apprehended the pair after their guest fell from a balcony at the doctor’s 20th floor condo in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday (18 May).

A police source at Thong Lor police station told The Nation that the two suspects appeared to be under the influence of crystal methamphetamine.

What happened?

Thong Lor precinct officers received the report of the victim’s death at 3.30pm on Saturday.

Police authorities examined the building’s CCTV recordings. They reportedly found the victim entered the condo block with two older men, both in their 30s, and went up to the 20th floor with them.

One of the men alleged the teen became intoxicated and fell from the balcony. Locals found him on the street wearing only a G-string.

Gay Star News

Three men attacked a gay couple in their own store

Tags: Accident, Arrest, Attack, Death, Drugs, Hate, Homophobia, Inhumanity, Injury, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Sex, Store, Treatment, Video, World, Youth



‘Let’s go, keg stand!’: Fraternity under investigation after forcing puppy to drink beer 


The small caramel-colored dog with floppy ears stands on a table and wags its tail. Then, a voice commands, “Go.”

In one swift movement, the man gripping the dog by its midsection lifts it up and turns it upside down over a silver keg.

“Let’s go, keg stand!” someone bellows as another man holds a black tap near the dog’s mouth. The now-squirming canine kicks its paws in the air. Suddenly, a stream of foamy liquid squirts from the tap, hitting the dog in its face.

A grinning bystander doubles over and covers his mouth. Someone else lets out a loud peal of laughter.

But the incident, which was captured on video and shared to social media over the weekend, wasn’t funny to the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or to Hofstra University administrators.

Washington Post

Teen Boy, 14, Shockingly Killed In Apparent Attack By Dogs In MA — Police Investigating

Another Puppy Found Inside a Plastic Bag in Coachella Valley Dumpster with Bad Burns Over Her Body

Man Killed Pet Dog Because 'Jesus Thought He Had Too Many'

How to curb unwanted behaviors in your dog

Thug, 21, bashed his border collie puppy Asha so badly she had to be put down just because she wet the bed -and waited two days for his Centrelink money before taking her to a vet

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans' Sons Removed from Home After Husband Allegedly Shot Her Dog

Tags: Abuse, Alcohol, All Rights, Animals, Attack, Cruelty, Death, Education, Environment, Hostility, Injury, Mauled, Privilege, Protections, Reckless, Threat, Training, TV Swatch, World, Youth



Eight Arrested for Hacking LGBTQ Activists to Death 


Eight members of a radical group with ties to al Qaeda have been charged with the murder of two LGBTQ activists in Bangladesh, several media outlets reported today.

Xulhaz Mannan, founder and publisher of Bangadesh’s first gay magazine, Roopbaan, and actor Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy were hacked to death at Mannan’s home in Dhaka, the nation’s capital and largest city, in April 2016. Ansar al Islam, the regional arm of al Qaeda, claimed credit for the attack. Its members gained access to his home by pretending they were delivering a package.


D.C. Police Investigate After LGBTQ Magazine Found Hanging by Noose

Tags: Activism, Attack, Death, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Inhumanity, Investigation, Murder, Politics, Religion, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, World



An attacker smashed a glass in someone’s face during an argument over a chair in a New York gay bar 


Police are looking for someone who smashed a glass into a man’s face at a gay bar in Chelsea this past weekend.

This past Friday, an incident took place at the Gym Bar, which calls itself New York’s Original Gay Sports Bar.

At around 7pm, an unknown male and the 56-year-old victim got into an argument over a “chair at the bar,” according to investigators. During the argument, the unknown man smashed a drink in the victim’s face. The assailant fled the scene.

The victim suffered a laceration on the side of his head and was taken to a clinic. He is in stable condition.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Argument, Attack, Bar/Club, Gay, Investigation, Video Gay Swatch, Violence



Most Jamaicans want to keep same-sex activity illegal 


New research has showed most Jamaicans want to still keep the ban on gay sex.

LGBTI organisation, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG), commissioned the research.

It found between seven and 30% of the population identified as LGBTI. The research also found that 97% of people had very little understanding of trans people and trans issues.

‘Over the last couple of years, we have seen some improvement in the situation where LGBT people are concerned. I think there is respect and tolerance for the community, but we are still a very far way from where we need to go,’ J-Flag’s executive director, Jaevion Nelson told a Gleaner forum.

Nelson said bullying and discrimination was still a huge issue for LGBTI people. But he felt heartened by findings that 68% of employers and 88% of politicians would report violence against LGBTIs. But only 34% of the general public would do so.

Gay Star News

Police Release Video of 4 People Wanted for Brutal Beating of Gay Man in Phoenix: WATCH

Eight men were murdered in Toronto’s gay village. Why did it take so long to catch their killer?

Dozens of countries just banned America’s ‘kill the gays’ hate preacher from entering

Tags: All Rights, Arrest, Attack, Ban, Choices, Environment, Exclusivity, Fighting Back, Gay, Gay Rights, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Injury, Interference, Investigation, Judgement, LGBTQ, Murder, New World Order, Politics, Profiling, Protections, Segregation, Self Interest, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence, World



Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth 


The gay men I work with range from their 20s to 50s. The guys in their 20s are often more attuned to coaching. They’re proactive about their growth and preempt problems by making informed choices. They can be savvy about the need for personal investment.

For older guys, certain issues come up regularly. They include learning to thrive as a gay man as they get older, finding meaningful work and creating authentic connections.

Gay Star News

Jake Bain, Who Made Headlines as Out Gay Football Player, Quits Indiana State Team

57% of LGBTI people lose a friend or family member after coming out

Police accused of breaking into gay man’s home & taunting him with slurs while they assaulted him

Attack Leaves Trans Performer's Face Partially Paralyzed

For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Tags: Abuse, Aging, App, Arrest, Attack, Awareness, Education, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Injury, LGBTQ, Loneliness, Police, Portrait, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Study, Support, Survival, Tech, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



This notoriously homophobic pastor has been caught running a hellish private school 


A Christian school in Harlem has been feeding students rabid homophobia for years.

The Atlah World Missionary Church is run by Pastor James Manning, who is best known for some of his appearances on The Daily Show where he claimed that Barack Obama was “Hitler” and that Starbucks puts “gay semen” in its lattes.

The church is listed as an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

LGBTQ Nation

Anti-LGBTQ+ Radio Hosts Says Tops and Bottoms Both Going to Hell

A man shot this gay man to death & then bragged about it online

Gay Man Sues Farrah Fawcett’s Son for $100 Million Over Homophobic Attack with Beer Bottle

Popular Gay Bar DJ Brutally Attacked, But Can’t Remember Any of It: WATCH

White supremacist sentenced to life for murdering black trans woman

Tags: Abuse, Attack, Church, Court, Education, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Finance, Guns, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Inciting Future Hate, Inciting Violence, Inhumanity, Injury, Misrepresentation, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Privilege, Religion, Safety, Self Interest, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Supremacy, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, Youth



San Diego LGBT Center Urged to Hire Armed Guards After Hate Attacks 


Following two separate shootings — both seemingly targeting marginalized groups — an influential San Diego City Commissioner is calling for the city's LGBT center to hire armed guards.

Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez grew concerned following this weekend's shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue where one woman was killed, as well as a shooting in February at a San Diego restaurant heavily patronized by LGBTQ customers. The former shooter was an anti-Semite and the latter had written antigay comments on his Facebook page.


Tags: All Rights, Attack, Environmentalist, Guns, Hate, Homophobia, Protection, Religion, Safety, Violence



Attacker Hurls Anti-Gay Slurs, Punches Man in Brooklyn: NYPD 


An attacker randomly punched a man in the arm after using anti-gay slurs, the NYPD said.

The 24-year-old man was walking on Lincoln Road, near Flatbush Avenue, in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens around 1:25 p.m. on April 4 when another man he didn’t know made anti-gay slurs and punched him in the arm, police said.

The attacker fled east on Lincoln Road toward Flatbush Avenue, the NYPD said.


Homophobic parent heckles girl by calling her a lesbian

A Russian doctor murdered, dismembered and cooked a trans woman

Tags: Attack, Bullying, Environment, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Investigation, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Relationships, Sex Identity, Sports, Transgender, Violence, Woman's Rights, World



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