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These are 4 key signs someone isn’t trustworthy 


Between the various privacy scandals, sexual misconduct probes, and CEOs charged with buying college admissions for their kids, trust in the business world feels like it’s at an all-time low.

But it turns out the picture is more complicated than that. While faith in big business, media, and government is under siege, more people than ever are turning to their employers for guidance and support. Globally, 75% of people trust their employer to do what’s right, according to Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer report. In uncertain times, we’re leaning on some of the people closest to us–notably, our bosses and colleagues–for confidence and direction.

I get this. I’ve always felt that my professional network is far more than just a collection of business contacts. In my career as a headhunter and now as an investor, I’ve learned that relationships built around mutual trust are the only ones worth pursuing, professionally and personally.

The challenge is that in the heat of the moment, understanding the intentions and motivations of colleagues can be hard. When you’re dealing with competitive industries, shifting markets, and pressure for instant results, who can you really trust?

Fast Company

Tags: $, Awareness, Business, Employment, Environment, Inclusion, Leaders, Policy, Recovery, Termination, Training, Treatment



Father dies while saving 5-year-old daughter from dog attack, authorities say 


An Iowa man who suffered a heart attack after rescuing his 5-year-old daughter from a dog attack has died, according to police.

Police from the Fort Madison Police Department were called to the scene of the attack on Friday morning, as the large dog was attacking a second man, who was lying on his back, in the front yard.

ABC News

Tags: Animals, Attack, Children, Death, Fighting Back, Illness, Injury, Nature, Training



Trauma Linked To Earlier Puberty, Premature Brain Development, And Mental Illness 


Growing up in poverty and experiencing traumatic events like a bad accident or sexual assault can impact brain development and behavior in children and young adults. Low socioeconomic status (L-SES) and the experience of traumatic stressful events (TSEs) were linked to accelerated puberty and brain maturation, abnormal brain development, and greater mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis, according to a new study published this week in JAMA Psychiatry. The research was conducted by a team from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) through the Lifespan Brain Institute (LiBI).

Science Blog

Mental health training aims to turn police into 'social workers of last resort'

Tags: All Rights, Disease, Employment, Environment, Inclusion, Mental Health, Nature, Parental Burden, Police, Poverty, Safety, Study, Training



Man attacked by veteran's support dog sues over negligence 


An Alabama man who was attacked by a veteran's emotional support animal while on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to San Diego is now suing the airline and the veteran.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday that Marlin Jackson is accusing the defendants of negligence.

The lawsuit says it happened as the flight was boarding in June 2017. Jackson was in a window seat and the dog was next to him, in the lap of Ronald Kevin Mundy Jr. The attack left Jackson's face permanently scarred.

ABC News

Tags: $, Animals, Attack, Court, Environment, Injury, Pets, Safety, Support Dog, Training, Travel



3 Pit Bulls Attack Woman On Street, Owner Surrenders Dogs For Euthanasia 


An elderly woman was hospitalized after three pit bulls escaped from a mobile home and attacked her publicly in Brooksville, Florida, on Monday morning.

The Hernando County Fire Rescue and an animal enforcement officer arrived at the scene Monday morning after receiving a call that an elderly woman was attacked by dogs and had severe dog bites on both legs. The caller, a passerby who saved the woman and put her in a truck, said he had performed basic first aid and that he waited along Spring Lake Highway for emergency crews to arrive. The woman, whose identity and age was not revealed, was airlifted to a trauma center.

Officials said the dogs attacked the woman while she was taking a morning walk. One of the dogs also tried to attack the officers who were at the scene to get them. The officers used “non-lethal bean-bag rounds” to subdue the pit bulls. The dogs were then taken to Hernando County Animal Services.


Tags: Animals, Attack, Environment, Hostility, Killer, Nature, Pets, Pitbull, Protection, Training



Opinion: Doctors Privately Use Cruel Words to Describe Their Patients 


The language of medicine is rife with troubling terms. For instance, a medical note may read, “The patient denied skipping doses of the prescribed antibiotic though non-compliance is suspected…”. Both “denied” and “non-compliance” are medical-ese, and while their accusatory implications aren’t always intended, they nonetheless color patients, and their accounts, as unreliable and untrustworthy.

The solution would mean using empathetic, human-centered language. An alternative note might read, “Patient states they took all of their doses. I suspect that doses of medication have been missed, as clinical findings do not correlate with outcomes.” And this humane language could translate to better health outcomes: The medical provider might discover dementia, or personal or financial stressors impeding the patient’s ability to purchase or consume the recommended treatment.


Tags: Health, Judgment, Medical, Opinion, Training, Treatment, Writing



Wait, I Should Be Washing My Pet's Bowl *How Often*? 


My pampered 14-pound mutt, Joey, eats a mixture of organic wet food and dry kibble with a crushed-up omega-3 salmon bite on top. He has his own special spoons for the wet food, and we rotate between metal bowls and ceramic bowls with his name on them. His bowls sit on a little doggie placemat in the hallway outside our kitchen—yes, the placemat is adorned with a pattern of tiny dog bones—and Joey can be found optimistically sticking his snout inside his empty food bowl at all times.

Unless it’s during the couple of minutes I spend every day giving it a deep clean.


Tags: Animals, Clean, Environment, Food, Health, Training, Water



The Shame-Free Guide to Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder 


Sexual desire is a largely misunderstood aspect of our sexual health. It’s stigmatized and pathologized on both ends: whether you have no appetite or an extremely high desire to have sex, it’s seen as problematic. All of that can make it feel really overwhelming to reach out for help when something might actually be out alignment with your libido. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is a persistent or recurring lack of sexual fantasies and appetite for sex which is causing the patient distress and can’t be accounted for as a symptom of another illness.

It can be difficult to diagnose HSDD as there is no baseline “norm” for sexual desire across the spectrum — you have to feel out where your level of desire feels nourishing. Everyone is different when it comes to how they experience sexual desire and it’s perfectly normal for your libido to ebb and flow throughout your life. Juliet Widoff, an OBGYN at Callen-Lorde, says screenings for HSDD should happen regularly, as “it is a disorder that can cause a significant amount of personal and interpersonal distress and, because there is a great deal of shame and stigma surrounding it, patients may not be forthcoming regarding their symptoms.”


Tags: Education, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nature, Science, Sex, Study, Therapy, Training, Treatment



A pastor reportedly gave ‘miracle water’ to Ugandans. It was bleach. 


An American pastor has been accused of distributing a poisonous “miracle drink” to thousands of Ugandans, including infants, according to a report by the Guardian.

Robert Baldwin — founder of a Christian nonprofit based in New Jersey — was providing a bogus “miracle cure” to almost 50,000 Ugandans, according to the outlet’s original reporting. In conjunction with Sam Little, a supposed British clairvoyant, Baldwin was promoting the substance as a cure for many diseases, including cancer, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

The cure? Known as “miracle mineral solution,” or MMS, the substance consists of sodium chlorite and citric acid, which combine to create chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleach. The U.S. Embassy in Kampala on Monday condemned the distribution of the substance.

In an interview with NJ Advance Media, Baldwin denied distributing the “cure” and said he had to shut down his operations because of the hate coming his way.

Washington Post

Pakistan Doctor Arrested After 400 Children Test Positive for HIV

Tags: Abuse, Backlash, Children, Disease, Employment, Environment, Health, Inhumanity, Interference, Medical, Medicine, Misrepresentation, Outbreak, Poison, Religion, Safety, Training, Treatment, World



Pet Dog Fatally Mauled Elderly Woman, Injured Husband In Vicious Attack 


A 72-year-old woman died and her 74-year-old husband was injured after being attacked by their pet dog. The incident took place Thursday in southwestern Sydney, Australia.

According to local reports, the dog — a Staffy cross Rhodesian ridgeback — mauled the woman and attacked her husband at their Hornby Street, Wilton, home. The victims were identified as Rosemary and Derek O’Reilly.

Family members told local media 9News that the dog, named Athena, attacked Derek when he stepped in to help his wife. Officials said Rosemary suffered large lacerations to both her arms and puncture wounds to her right shoulder. Her husband also suffered bite marks and lacerations.

Authorities said the dog had already been restrained when paramedics arrived at the scene. They took the two victims to the hospital where Rosemary was declared dead.


Dog Owners Shouldn't Play Fetch With Sticks: Dog Needs Emergency Surgery After Swallowing Stick

Dog pee on the sidewalk does more than just piss off your neighbors

Tags: Animals, Attack, Breeding, Death, Environment, Health, Injury, Mauling, Nature, Pets, Safety, Seniors, Terraforming, Toys, Training, Violence, World



Being too hard on yourself could lead to these debilitating disorders 


Do you feel like the fate of the world rests on your shoulders? As well as being stressful, that mindset may be affecting your mental health. A sense of over-responsibility is one trait that makes people vulnerable to developing obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy.

While it’s normal to feel anxious, and also to act in ways that one might casually describe as OCD – such as keeping your house spotlessly clean – it’s when these behaviors become persistent and intense that they develop from traits into disorders, researchers say.

The Ladders

How to support a partner who's experiencing mental health issues

Guest opinion: Our legislators must understand mental health better

How flying into an angry rage is a sign you could be seriously ill

Feel Like Your Antidepressants Stopped Working? Here’s What Could Be Happening.

Having Psoriasis May Increase The Risk Of Mental Health Disorders, New Research Shows

I started being as nice to myself as I am to my friends and it did absolute wonders for my mental health

City life damages mental health in ways we’re just starting to understand

FHE Health Announces Scholarships To Encourage More People To Enter The Addiction And Mental Health Field

Tags: Aging, Anger, Awareness, Disease, Drugs, Education, Employment, Family, Finance, Govt, Insurance, Mental Health, Psychology, Relationships, Scholarship, Study, Support, Survival, Training, Treatment



New Study Finds 73% of Independent Musicians Suffer From Symptoms of Mental Illness 


Digital distribution platform Record Union, which conducted the survery, has committed to donating $30,000 to projects supporting struggling artists.
Nearly three-quarters of independent musicians have experienced “stress, anxiety and/or depression” in relation to their work, a new study has found.

The results, which were published on April 30, are based on a web survey of nearly 1,500 independent musicians by Swedish-based digital distribution platform Record Union between March 21 and April 2. The survey found 73% of the population had faced negative mental health issues, with anxiety and depression topping the list of symptoms. Among those aged 18-25, the numbers are even worse, with 80% of respondents in that age range having experienced negative mental health effects stemming from their music careers.


The Prodigy share message on mental health: “Please do not suffer in silence” Read more at

Why parents are struggling to find mental health care for their children

“I lost my job due to mental health issues - and I’m far from the only one”

These are the groundbreaking drugs in the pipeline for treating bipolar disorder (including ketamine)

Tags: Awareness, Celebrity, Children, Choices, Drugs, Employment, Environment, Finance, Fire, List, Medical, Mental Health, Music, Parental Burden, Science, Study, Support, Training, Treatment, Youth



Health care providers need to learn LGBTI health is not only about sexual health 


Health experts have shared their ideas of how to improve the UK’s health care for LGBTI people admitting a ‘silver bullet’ won’t quickly fix the issues. They also said health care professionals need to learn that LGBTI health has more nuances beyond sexual health.

Those admissions came from a public session on how to improve health care access and experiences for LGBTI people.

‘Healthcare professionals might not understand LGBTI people have specific needs,’ said Sophie Meagher, policy officer, LGBT Foundation during Wednesday’s session.

Last year, the UK government ran a survey 108,000 LGBTI people which found some had experienced inappropriate questioning and curiosity from healthcare staff. Many said they felt stigma – real or perceived – because of their gender identity or sexuality. Others said they felt their specific needs are not taken into account.

The subsequent enquiry received more than 60 written evidence submissions. Those submissions provided a range of insights into the problems associated with LGBT people. Those included LGBTI people self-excluding from health and social care services or failing to access the support that they need due to poor experiences.

Gay Star News

Iowa Republicans push to ban use of Medicaid dollars on transgender surgeries

Tags: Environment, Finance, Health, Judgment, Laws, Medical, Politics, Protections, Recovery, Respect, Safety, Support, Surgery, Training, Transgender, Treatment



Sources: Dogs Are A Tool Of White Supremacy 


I figured cats would be the first to be labeled racist jerks given their general disposition, but nope. It’s your cute, cuddly dog that’s really forming the backbone of white supremacy in the world. You just didn’t know it.

That’s at least according to a viral tweet storm, which includes “sources” of the claims.

Before getting to that, here’s the report which spawned all this.

Red State

Tags: Animals, Education, Environment, Gentrification, Pets, Racism, Training, Treatment



Dog Mauls 9-Year-Old Boy To Death Inside Holiday Caravan, Owner Under Investigation 


A nine-year-old boy vacationing with his family in Tencreek Holiday Park in Looe, England, was mauled to death by a dog inside a caravan.

Frankie Macritchie, from Plymouth, about 22 miles away, was killed Saturday after he was left with a family friend’s dog. His mother was visiting another mobile home parked near the area. "We believe that Frankie was alone in a caravan with the dog as he was attacked, whilst the adults that he was on holiday with were in an adjacent unit. There was sound of a disturbance and sounds of distress coming from the caravan. Immediately on hearing that, members of the public ran towards it and attempted to render first aid to Frankie,” Detective Superintendent Mike West told the Telegraph.

The police responded to the scene at around 5 a.m. local time (12 a.m. EDT), and found the victim in an unresponsive state. The boy was declared dead at the scene.


Tags: Animals, Attack, Breeding, Children, Death, Environment, Hostility, Nature, Safety, Training



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