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Kissing Booth, The (2018) Arf

Violent dream pole invigorates virgin queen to the consternation of his brother and her bestie. It's an odd concoction of disbelief. A bad boy gets rehabilitated by purity, something the girl loses as soon as he smells her. The parents are of the Charlie Brown variety, they're there but you cant really understand them and they really can't be bothered. The bestie should have been gay because watching porn together and never kissing, is weird. There are two gays that pop-up but all they do is desire, deny and dance. I'm torn. We should have family fare that looks and tastes like bubblegum (with sugar) but I think the teens could use a little cement (for their foundation.) The ending played it safe for everyone but I applaud it because it was the only choice for the genre. 03-Dec-2019

Tags: 2010s, Adorable, Camp, Chemistry, Comedy, Cute, Director's Touch, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Pretty, Romance, Sentimental, Sweet, Words Spoke



Irishman, The (2019) Howl

The film punched a hole in the walls I had built being a mobster's kid which I only recently realized. It deftly displayed the inner workings of what my father's life was as opposed to how I experienced it.

The more the legends stripped to the third layer the more astonishing the outcome. Pacino roared, DeNiro resolved, Pesci divested, Romano rattled, Maniscalco (pants daddy) plundered and Jim Norton was uncanny. The women were prescribed little voice yet supplied haunting images.

Scorcese realized the gangster of today and allowed him to pay for his regrets. 28-Nov-2019
Old feeble men playing dress up. The intensity of the work is evident as is the three hour sacrifice to honor the best of it but most of it is unwarranted. The pros are welcome faces and the force is evident. I'm halfway in and I want to record my experience in parts. The history is concentrated and the genre is foolproof. While I've had highs with many of these men, it feels like they never moved forward or learned from their mistakes. Where's the now gangster? Scorcese masters the downfall of every criminal hero he builds yet the audience always ends up glorifying him. 27-Nov-2019

Tags: 2010s, By the Numbers, Camp, Crime Drama, Cultural, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Macho Posing, Music Swings, Political Satire, Star Watt, Suspense, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ w/Possibilities, Writing Reigns



First Man (2018) Howl

Gosling boxed his cereal face to grant us a complex and fretful hero and Damien Chazelle hurls us onto a technically pointed and miraculous journey. 24-Nov-2019

Tags: 2010s, Action, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Enthusiastic, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Inspired, Kool Effects, Music Swings, Political, SciFi, Sentimental, Star Watt, Suspense, Tough, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Butterfield 8 (1960) Woof

Anatomy of a slut. The downfall of insatiable passion is perception. La Liz pounces, purrs and self-destructs. She is not allowed empowerment because she wont march. She wont march because she's empowered. The dialogue is sharp and reflective, the mothers are concerned and full of wisdom and the men can't think pass their hunger. The honest speak seemed closer to a resolution than the unsighted delusion of today. 17-Nov-2019

Tags: 1960s, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Touch, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Political, Sexy, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke



Animas (2018) Woof

Friend of a friend starts experiencing supernatural episodes after her friend starts dating. For the majority of it, it follows typical horror terrain where nothing makes sense and the end is sure to be crappy but when they explain it, it all falls into place. 15-Nov-2019

Tags: Accidental Watch, Chemistry, Conspiracy Theory, Crapfun, Creepy, Director's Touch, Drama, Foreign: Spanish, Hot Swatch, Romance, Scary, Sentimental, Suspense, Words Spoke



Starred Up (2013) Howl

Fixing anger management whilst in prison. Jack O'Connell wholly conveys a ferocious and unchained delinquent with soft edging. Ben Mendelsohn is definitely the dad you don't want raising you in prison. Rupert Friend is the therapist that wants to reform them expressing very well through character evolvement that they can also reform him. Well acted, "candy-colored," well made. A take on the anger that builds in the underprivileged man. 15-Nov-2019

Tags: 2010s, Action, Action Stomper, Brutal, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Gay Swatch, Great Acting, Hot Swatch, Inspired, Life, Macho Posing, Political, Sentimental, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



A Summer Place (1959) Howl

Avoiding becoming like our parents by following in their footsteps.

Mother misinformed (Constance Ford) desexualizes and humiliates her daughter because she's afraid of acquiescing to her grunt husband.

The fuckable grunt (Richard Egan) is frustrated but soft wanting to understand the new world while being forced to follow the old.

Graceful mom (Dorothy McGuire) is all want in her eyes of a time passed that has returned.

Drunk daddy (Arthur Kennedy) shovels the truth and blows it in their faces.

Troy Donahue is a dreamy Groot with a slight bigger vocabulary. Beauty is an expression onto itself.

Sandra Dee was the girl next door living in a cloud.

The film was panned but successful. It spoke frankly about sex, it epitomized its time and predestined ours, for each question raised there was a consequence, for every character, a reason. It was a time to question life... the old and the new.

(It deserves restoration.) 13-Nov-2019

Tags: 1950s, Beautiful, Classic, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Music Swings, Political Satire, Romance, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Sweet, Tough, Twisty, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



How To Be A Latin Lover (2017) Woof

From hunk to chunk. Cliche comedy ease with a different culture. Derbez acquits comedy bravery, Hayek paints with passionate strokes, Taylor and Lavin jolt old ladies upright, Bell resuscitates with sunshine hypocrisy, Lowe institutes and Welch exalts. It's corny and safe, celebrating the importance of family while making us laugh. 11-Nov-2019

Tags: 2010s, Camp, Chemistry, Comedy, Corn, Crapfun, Cultural, Cute, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Music Swings, Political Satire, Predictable, Sentimental, Star Watt, Sweet, Tacky, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke



Forbidden Planet (1956) Howl

Space travel, pretty alphas, a lush otherworldly landscape and a progressive robot. A modern Eve (Anne Francis) coming into full sexual bloom to a cavalry of starved men is an intriguing aside. She meanders flirtatiously amongst them until the bull (Leslie Nielsen) that stokes her ire compels a passionate kiss. The effects contain enough creative thought and subtlety to survive its time, the direction goes beyond the page and the words resound with clarity.

(I'd gladly trade an Alexa for a Robby) 10-Nov-2019

Tags: 1950s, Action, Best in Sci-Fi, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Kool Effects, Music Swings, Political, Pretty, Romance, Sexy, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Last Time I Saw Paris, The (1954) Woof

War, Victory, Love and Life. Taylor struts gorgeously, as does Johnson's Herculean mane. Reed drops sweet for acid, Eva asserts manhunter and Moore is fine cuisine. The dialogue snaps, sexual freedom is commonplace and money kills God's Plan. The story lingers then quickens but star lush endures. 09-Nov-2019

Tags: 1950s, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Touch, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Life, Political, Romance, Sentimental, Star Watt, Sweet, Wit Snit, Words Spoke



Black KKKlansman (2018) Howl

In order to be entertained by a Spike Lee movie, you must see it to the end.

The beginning stacks so much hate that it begins to feel uncomfortable especially when our current sensibilities are asserted. I felt like the movie was about switching roles which is not equality but subjugation.

John David Washington kept his Stallworth steady when he needed to grow into him. Mr. Stallworth would have been one of a kind and he would appear grateful and not establish his big dick presence (it's an attitude) so early.

Adam Driver seems alive again. He gave his quiet hero a timber.

The details I will remember are the dumbfuck ones. Somebody needed to check out Driver's dick, a cop shouldn't ever use his real name in an investigation and the black KKKlansman was basically a phone operative.

Every ending was a celebration to cheer, laugh and finally understand Lee's idea.

Tags: 2010s, Chemistry, Crime Drama, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Life, Mystery, Political, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Last House On The Left, The (1972) Woof

It's astounding that the film hammers the same political perplexities that we still argue today. Even though Craven stages with high buffoonery and jump cuts, the idea of the horror writhes from the ditch. 26-Oct-2019

Tags: 1970s, Action, Brutal, Camp, Comedy, Creepy, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Horror, Political Satire, Rapey, Revenge, Suspense, Tacky, Tough, Words Spoke



Hereditary (2018) Woof

Peculiar family traversing normal obstacles. Toni Collette doesn't just wreck, she explodes. The script challenges the actors and derives tension from emotional disturbance. Ari Aster keeps the scares familial, mysterious and skittish. The more we know the less satisfaction but the work remains solid because it's preceded by excellence. 09-Oct-2019

Tags: 2010s, Chemistry, Director's Art, Drama, Good Acting, Horror, Mystery, Scary, Star Watt, Suspense, Tough, Weird, Words Spoke



Green Book (2018) Woof

I was predetermined to quit and I almost did at the beginning of Philadelphia but the film had an insistence on allocating an interracial message of unity. Ali rendered a painfully stoic sexual conundrum with too much high and no might. His fingers were the only part of his body trying to throb his character to life. He needed to fill the holes inherited by a lack of backstory. Mortensen breaks through the wrappings to inhabit but the tonal enthusiasm and scrunched up faces spawn 2D animation. It was funny, I drifted with the conversations, history was respected but I never once felt any of it happened. A slow seduction would have blown everything out of the park.

PS: If it makes everyone feel equal to be unpretty then we should stop saying "the magic of Hollywood." 29-Sep-2019

Tags: 2010s, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Gay Swatch, Life, Political, Sentimental, Star Watt, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke



Wife, The (2018) Woof

A genius beholden to society for a privileged life granted. A wife chained to such a man with no identity of her own. The story compels but missteps by presuming that we wont respect the woman unless she is of equal caliber. Why can't we respect the wife that stands idly by? There are more of them. Close was adroitly hired to give a schmuck his comeuppance but the writing lets her down. The countdown gets stuck when sudden happens and Close is abruptly halted from slaying. An almost. 30-Jul-2019

Tags: 2010s, Chemistry, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, Political, Sentimental, Star Watt, Timid, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ w/Possibilities



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