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Why Tiny Dicks Might Come Back Into Fashion 


So it may be shocking to learn that the Ancient Greeks, the ostensible progenitors of Western cultural and aesthetic values, abhorred big dicks. “[In Ancient Greek culture,] the proper or beautiful penis is dainty,” said John Clarke, an ancient erotic art scholar, of their worldview. "A human with very large genitalia, especially male genitalia, is considered to be grotesque, laughable.” This preference for petite penises runs back to at least the eighth century BCE, as is reflected in statuary of the era, noted Timothy McNiven, an associate professor at Ohio State University who has studied antique penile depictions, and continues straight through most classical Greek art and literature.


Tags: Anatomy, Environment, History, Men, Psychology, Sex, World



Police: Kentucky man cracked 8-year-old's head, raped her 


Police say a Kentucky man ruled mentally incompetent in a sexual assault has now raped and robbed an 8-year-old girl whose skull he fractured with a shovel.

News outlets report 29-year-old Cane L. Madden was arrested Saturday on charges of first-degree rape, assault and robbery. A judge declined a request to dismiss the charges Monday and entered a not guilty plea for him.

ABC News

Sex Crimes Detective Who Raped Teen Victim While Investigating Her Case Gets 3 Years in Prison

Female paedophile, 26, admits raping children and taking indecent images before boasting in 'exceptionally graphic' detail about her abuse online

Pastor accused of preying upon Houston teen who sought help

Man Convicted Of Sexually Abusing Girl For Years

Suspect Arrested in Sexual Assault at Planned Parenthood

New York eyewear store employee arrested after allegedly exposing himself to children

United Airlines passenger accused of placing camera in first-class bathroom


She was an American child bride. Now, Genevieve is fighting to stop it from happening to others.

Tags: Abuse, Attack, Children, Disturbed, Employment, Environment, Family, Hate, Injury, Judgement, Parental Burden, Police, Policy, Privilege, Psychology, Religion, Safety, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sports, Spying, Theft, Travel, Violence, World, Youth



Gay men more likely to cheat than straight men, say psychologists 


"In the gay life, fidelity is almost impossible. Since part of the compulsion of homosexuality seems to be a need on the part of the homophile to “absorb” masculinity from his sexual partners, he must be constantly on the lookout for [new partners]. Constantly the most successful homophile “marriages” are those where there is an agreement between the two to have affairs on the side while maintaining the semblance of permanence in their living arrangement. [p. 208]"

Gay life is most typical and works best when sexual contacts are impersonal and even anonymous. As a group the homosexuals I have known seem far more preoccupied with sex than heterosexuals are, and far more likely to think of a good sex life as many partners under many exciting circumstances. [p.209]"


Tags: Environment, Gay, History, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nature, Preference, Psychology, Relationships, Representation, Science, Study, Treatment



8 warning signs that a man is having a midlife crisis 


Sports cars and hairpieces. Robbing the cradle and running away. Sure they're cliche, but if these images leap to mind when you hear the words "midlife crisis," you're not alone.

The thing about cliches, though, is most are based on fact. In this case, the facts are staggering. More than half of respondents to a poll on, a website produced by Wisconsin Public Radio, said that the midlife crisis is a "very real, gut-wrenchingly depressing experience that we all go through at one time or another."

Does this mean that the man in your life is suffering through a crisis of his own? Not necessarily, but here are eight symptoms of the male midlife crisis and what you can do about them:

4. He makes a dramatic change in his personal style or appearance and is suddenly spending lots of time in front of a mirror

If your man has kicked up the vanity a notch (for example, wants hair plugs or starts getting facials even though he used to take pleasure in shower-free weekends), then you may have a problem. If the guy who always prided himself on his Roman nose is now talking about rhinoplasty, then your problem is a little bigger. The first step in boosting your man's bruised (and aging) ego is to compliment him. Sometimes, however, this isn't enough. That's when you just have to be patient.

Unfortunately, an increased sense of vanity is sometimes a sign that a man is having an affair. Obviously this is a bigger problem that usually requires couples counseling to repair the relationship, if it's possible at all.


Midlife Crisis Signs & Guide

Tags: Aging, Environment, Fear, Lifestyle, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Privilege, Psychology, Reckless, Relationships, Sex, Stereotype, Warning



Ariz. 6th-Grade Teacher Who Sexually Abused Boy Allegedly Showed Another Kid Photos of Naked Men 


Brittany Zamora is behind bars after she pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 13-year-old student — but court documents show she may have been grooming at least one other other boy for sexual contact.

According to court documents first obtained by, the mom of one of the victim’s male friends told police that Zamora, 28, had promised to send him naked photos over the summer, but apparently never did so.

According to the documents, the conversation allegedly grew more inappropriate during class one day when Zamora allegedly asked the friend whether he was circumsised. When he didn’t understand the question, Zamora allegedly showed him pictures of male genitalia on her phone.


Hypnotherapist charged with having sex with patient

Questions over India teen rape victim's car crash

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Attack, Education, Employment, Environment, Investigation, Lifestyle, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Plea, Privilege, Psychology, Rape, Revenge, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Tech, Threat, Video, Violence, Women In Charge, World, Youth



We speak to the gay men who pretended to be girls online to flirt with boys 


Growing up in the closet can be an isolating experience. So, in the early days of social media, it’s little surprise that some gay men resorted to unorthodox methods to explore their attraction to other boys.

Thomas* is one of them. As a closeted teenager, he used to “catfish” boys by pretending to be a girl online. “I was really desperate and lonely,” he says, telling me that early social media sites such as Bebo were where he started this behaviour. “I’d add them over MSN Messenger and flirt. It was a thrill at the time, I guess, though I’m really ashamed of it now.”

Thomas says he was mostly interested in talking, but the boys he catfished would usually turn the conversation sexual. “It wouldn’t take long for the horny straight boys to ask for nude photos,” he says. “But I initially just wanted an outlet to talk to cute boys because I couldn’t. While all my friends were getting off with each other and going out, I just wanted someone to talk to me in the same way.”


Tags: All Rights, Choices, Dating, Environment, Fear, Guilt, Invasion, Misrepresentation, Portrait, Psychology, Sex, Youth



Separate and not equal: Why Black Gay Pride hurts me 


In a society that has historically valued white above all other human colors, we the black people need our own advocates and forums of recognition, whether they be in the form of individuals, organizations, award ceremonies, TV, or movies. As a black man, I get it. That doesn’t mean I have to always like it.

The “black” make-up movement I love least right now is one currently playing out from sea to shining sea (in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, among other U.S. cities) and in London: Black Gay Pride. Again, as a black man, I get it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Black Gay Pride is a positive celebration, but it’s also a sobering reminder that, in many ways, the LGBTQ community is no more accepting than the straight community. It’s a world where activists preach diversity and acceptance, but one in which white, masculine, and young are seen as superior to any of the alternatives.

Black Gay Pride serves as a reality check that I might never be just a gay man or just a black man. For now and for the foreseeable future, I’ll always be a “gay black man.” I’ll have to wear at least one “X” everywhere, whether I am in an exclusively black crowd or an exclusively gay one, signifying that I don’t completely belong to either.


Tags: All Rights, Discrimination, Environment, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Politics, Pride, Privilege, Psychology, Racism, Representation, Segregation, Stereotype, Supremacy, Treatment



When it comes to hooking up, we really do have a type: study 


Just as many of us suspected: When it comes to looking for love, we’re stuck in a rut.

“The degree of consistency from one relationship to the next suggests that people may indeed have a ‘type,’ ” says Geoff MacDonald, a University of Toronto psychology professor and co-author of a new study on the subject. “And though our data do not make clear why people’s partners exhibit similar personalities, it is noteworthy that we found partner similarity above and beyond similarity to oneself.”

The study, published in the journal PNAS, has the catchy title “Consistency between individuals’ past and current romantic partners’ own reports of their personalities.” Using data from a nine-year-long German study of 332 people, the authors found that there are clear patterns for predicting future lovers based on past partnerships.

“So, if you find you’re having the same issues in relationship after relationship,” says lead author Yoobin Park, “you may want to think about how gravitating toward the same personality traits in a partner is contributing to the consistency in your problems.”

NY Post

Tags: Attraction, Psychology, Relationships, Study



23% of young black women in the US now identify as bisexual 


According to the latest General Social Survey, 23% of black women between 18 and 34 in the US now identify as bisexual.

The scientists who conducted the study said the figure in the recent survey was three times higher than previously.

The survey, which is carried out every couple years, asks respondents about everything from race relations to drug use.

In 2008, the survey started including a question on sexual identity, according to African American news site, The Grio.

‘As sociologists who study sexuality, we’ve noticed how more and more women are reporting that they’re bisexual’, The Grio reported the scientists as saying.

Gay Star News

Tags: Bi, Celebration, Discovery, Environment, Freedom, Invasion, Preservation, Psychology, Representation, Sex, Study, Woman's Rights



Social media a blessing and curse for LGBTI community 


Twitter getting you down? Fed up with Facebook? Irate with Insta? You’re not the only one who thinks social media can be a real pain.

One leading expert says social media has changed what it means to be a young person struggling with sexual identity.

Best selling author, philosopher and historian, Yuval Noah Harari, has been talking about this very modern issue the first National Conference for Israel’s LGBTI Community, on Tuesday in Tel Aviv.

The conference comes ahead of the Middle East’s largest gay pride parade in the city this Friday.

Harari noted that social media can be an essential lifeline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people who live outside of liberal bubbles like Tel Aviv, the Times of Israel reported.

Gay Star News

Tags: App, Awareness, Celebration, Concern, Environment, Equality, Psychology, Respect, Safety, Social Media, Tech



Gay bar accused of racism after banning rap music 


A Chicago gay bar is being accused of racism after banning rap music.

Progress Bar in Boystown sent an email to DJs about the new change.

‘We are changing up our format,’ the email reportedly read.

‘Our goal is to promote a positive, happy, energetic, upbeat and most importantly… a FUN vibe. Think DJ Am for 2019 – a super open format POP/DANCE focused atmosphere. We have implemented a NO RAP rule effective immediately.

‘This is not a suggestion!! If you play RAP you will not be asked back.

Gay Star News

Tags: Ban, Bar/Club, Environment, Modernization, Music, Perception, Policy, Psychology, Rap



An Unhealthy Obsession with Avoiding Sin 


Nowadays, having scruples means making good, moral choices. But as historian Joanna Bourke writes, in the first half of the twentieth century, scruples represented an unhealthy obsession with avoiding sin. Examples of scruples can be found among Protestants, Jews, and Muslims, but Bourke writes that in the U.S. and Britain, the phenomenon was most common among Roman Catholics.

Bourke writes that scrupulous people might worry that they had profaned rosary beads by touching them with dirty hands. Some feared that breathing represented stealing air that didn’t belong to them.

Mahoney spent days before each confession cataloging her sins, and then shook uncontrollably in the confessional box.

Surveys of Catholic students in the 1940s and ‘50s found that a quarter of those in high school, and one in seven in college, were scrupulous. One woman named Priscilla O’Brien Mahoney described her own scruples, which began when she was a child in the 1920s. During her First Communion, she was gripped by terror that she might fail to confess a sin:


Roman Catholic diocese suspends priest accused of misconduct

LI Catholic deacon accused of decades-old sex abuse

W.Va. Catholic diocese releases more accused priests' names

Most gay Americans believe in God, but are far less likely to go to church

Tags: Abuse, Church, Clergy, Employment, History, Investigation, Judgement, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sex, Sin, Study, Violence, Worship, Youth



Why Celebrities Are So Susceptible to Grifters 


Human history is riddled with people whose limited credentials have not stopped them from successfully hawking miracle cures and religious salvation, but Grigori Rasputin stands out as a talented wellness grifter even now. After arriving in St. Petersburg in the early 1900s, Rasputin ego-massaged his way into the upper echelons of Russian society, charming the rich and influential to access ever-greater levels of power until he reached the ruling Romanovs, the family that had been in control of Russia for more than three centuries.

Most of what historians know about what Rasputin actually did to ingratiate himself—or what skills he actually had—has been passed down through mere rumor and legend. What’s clearer is that the Romanovs apparently considered Rasputin’s abilities so indispensable to the health of their son and the legitimacy of their government that he was allowed to run roughshod over their court and alienate the trust of the public, hastening the Bolshevik Revolution and the Romanovs’ deaths.

The Atlantic

Tags: Celebrity, Environment, Lifestyle, Psychology, Representation, Safety, Threat, Warning, Worship



Porn deemed a public health crisis by Arizona politicians 


Some legislators gave pornography a new title: public health crisis.

The Arizona State Senate voted Monday to declare pornography a public health crisis, but beyond stating such on their resolution, no further action is set to be taken.

The bill states that "pornography perpetuates a sexually toxic environment that damages all areas of our society," proceeding to list that "potential detrimental effects on pornography users include toxic sexual behaviors, emotional, mental and medical illnesses and difficulty forming or maintaining intimate relationships."

ABC News

More Than 300 Catholic Clergy in New Jersey Have Been Accused of Sex Abuse, Report Says

Delaware man accused of raping woman after posing as ride-share driver, police say

Man filmed himself sexually assaulting 16-year-old several times, plotted to kill girl

Tags: Abuse, Americans, Arrest, Children, Environment, Exclusivity, Fight a Real Enemy, Freedom, Hypocrisy, Idiocy, Interference, Irony, Judgement, Perception, Porn, Psychology, Rape, Religion, Ridiculous, Self-hatred, Sex, Supremacy, Threat, Travel, Treatment, Victims, Violence, Weird, Woman's Rights, Youth



School Bus Driver Receives No Jail Time After Raping 14-Year-Old Student 


There was no doubt after his guilty plea that the former school bus driver had raped a 14-year-old girl.

But because there was only one victim, and the accused had no prior arrests, the judge in the case said the man didn’t deserve to be sent to prison. Instead, Jefferson County, New York, Judge James P. McClusky sentenced the man, Shane M. Piche, to 10 years’ probation, according to the Watertown Daily Times.

The punishment did not sit well with the victim’s mother.


Teen beheaded classmate in jealous rage over girlfriend: prosecutors

Oklahoma mother charged in 5-year-old son's scooter death flees to Mexico, police say

17-year-old charged with murder in fatal stabbing of Brooklyn teen

Georgia Woman Sentenced to Death for Starving Stepdaughter, 10, and Burning Her Body in Trash Can

Tags: Children, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Judgement, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Prison, Privilege, Protections, Psychology, Punishment, Rape, Relationships, Ridiculous, Sex, Treatment, Violence, Youth



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