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All Posts Tagged as 'Overreaction'

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An LGBTQ+ student was suspended for rapping... 


According to Lower Hudson Valley outlet The Journal News, the lawsuit filed in federal court earlier this week argues that Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York, violated the student’s First Amendment rights when officials suspended him for three days for violating the district’s policy against hate speech.

An LGBTQ+ student was suspended for rapping...

High school student is suspended for saying 'illegal alien' in class

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Daughter Suspended From Barnard

DeWitt Public Schools cancels pronouns lesson after threats

HS Principal Replaced After Video Surfaces of Drag Queen Performing at Local Prom

Ca. district pays $360K to teacher who refused to use students’ pronouns

Tags: $, All Rights, Cancellation, Celebration, Child Burden, Children, Discrimination, Drag, Education, Employment, Free Speech, Gay, Judgment, LGBTQ, Overreaction, Policy, Politics, Punishment, Rap, Religion, Ridiculous, Teacher, Termination

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“smart people” aren’t offended by jokes 

Johnny Depp was 'so beautiful' it was 'inhuman'

“smart people” aren’t offended by jokes

GLAAD bullies Bill Maher

Netflix Gives The Boot To Left-Wing Activist Employees

The planet needs you to pick up your dog’s poop

'The job of comedy is to offend'

Comedian Investigated By Police After Joke


Sesame Street's Rosita is slammed as 'racist'

Seinfeld blames 'extreme left' for lack of good comedy

Daddy, I found the fudge mom left for us on your pillow! 22-May-2022

Tags: $, Activism, Animals, Beauty, Business, Celebrity, Change, Children, Comedy, Comics, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Free Speech, Funny, Gif, Health, History, Intelligence, LAUGH, BITCHES!, Opinion, Overreaction, Parody, Politics, Portrait, Preference, Relationships, Termination, Threat, Toxic, Video, Waste

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Mob descends on Mindy Kaling for LIKING tweet by JK 


'I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly,' she responded.'

Mob descends on MK

Arab-Americans form alliance with GOP in bid to ban explicit LGBT books

Brian Cox ‘proud’ of Scotland’s gender identification law and defends JK

Kemi Badenoch appoints anti-trans JK Rowling fan

Tweet Took Mark Hamill From Beloved Actor to 'Transphobic' Enemy

Mark Hamill has said Twitter is “no place for nuance”

Trans activists canceled her over ‘Harry Potter’ fandom

Gaming forum bans all mention of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Jeffree Star sparks blistering backlash

Emma Corrin 'Taken Aback' By 'Hate'

Tags: Backlash, Bullying, Business, Celebrity, Choices, Cultural, Daddy Squish, Friendship, Games, ID, Investment, LGBTQ, Nobody's Business, Opinion, Overreaction, Politics, Preference, Religion, Social Media, Treatment, Woman's Rights, World

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Mejico fans chanted their favorite gay phrase


Late in the match, fans started chanting the word “puto” as the clock ticked down.

Mejico fans chanted their favorite gay phrase

3 men attacked after LGBTQ+ event

Gay couple hyperventilate after being chased down by armed cartel

Afraid to Leave Home

LGBTQ event at FL church ignites public anger and protest threats

Three Americans died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Mexico City Airbnb

American woman was also found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City apartment

‘Alarming rise’ in homophobia at football matches

Tags: Attack, Celebration, Chemicals, Choices, Complaint, Culture, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, Hostility, LGBTQ, Mental Health, NSFW, Overreaction, Safety, Segregation, Sports, Threat, Tradition, Travel, Vacation, Video, Violence, Warning, World, Youth

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Ohio teen beaten to death at high school...


'My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing,' Bill Liming said.

'We live in a sick world. People look at each other based on the color of skin or the fact somebody disagrees with somebody else. And because you disagree with me you must be evil,' he said.

Bill Liming continued: 'And we have so dehumanized each other in our society, that's why my son was murdered. Some people looked at him as somebody whose life didn't matter. And it just breaks our hearts. And we don't want this to happen to anybody else's child.'

Ohio teen beaten to death at high school

Ophelia Nichols' son, 18, was dealing marijuana when he was shot dead

Football player, 17, kills himself after fleeing from scene of crash

Four found dead in murder-suicide at Iowa campground

Teen, 16, BATTERS cop

Teen set free

Two black teen girls, are charged with 'anti-white' attack on grandmother


Kids as young as TEN joined the mob of 100 looters

5 dead following shooting in McGregor

Tags: Attack, Auto, Children, Death, Environment, Friendship, Hostility, Life Sucks!, Murder, No One Cares, No Punishment, Overreaction, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Police, Politics, Prank, Rage, Sports, Suicide, Theft, Threat, Training, Video, Violence, Youth

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Kids' mental health at risk of becoming America's next culture war 


The pandemic has created a greater sense of urgency around children's mental health, but statistics have been trending in the wrong direction for years, with sometimes tragic consequences for families and communities.

School-based efforts that have been shown to support kids' mental, social and emotional health are getting pulled into a broader debate about what happens in public school classrooms and guidance counselors' offices.

High-profile state legislation, like Texas' law equating transgender care with child abuse and Florida's law prohibiting "classroom discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity" before fourth grade have sparked outrage among mental health professionals concerned about their impact on children and families.

Kids' mental health at risk...

Man accuses gay married couple of molesting kids on Amtrak

Goldfish crackers from day care laced with THC after 1-year-old kids taken to the hospital

16-year-old cheerleader captain stabbed to death during high school parade

'Why are straights so sexually aggressive?'

Kroger employee opens fire on mother & 12 year old daughter

Mom Refusing To Let Granddad Hold the Baby

LGBTQ+ club 'did UNTHINKABLE things with the children'

Pre-school teachers caught on camera allegedly abusing kids

Minneapolis is MORE violent than the Somali refugee camps

Tags: Activism, Advice, Affection, Celebration, Child Burden, Children, Cultural, Drugs, Education, Effect, Employment, Fear, Food, Gay, Grands, Influencer, Marriage, Mental Health, Murder, Overreaction, Parental Burden, Parental Confusion, Privacy, Relationships, Revolt, Safety, Self Defense, Shopping, Threat, Travel, Treatment, Unruly Child, Violence, Youth

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NY Public Library keeping Dr. Seuss books in circulation 


The New York Public Library will keep six controversial Dr. Seuss books on the shelves despite this week’s decision to cease their publication due to racist imagery.

The library, which serves Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, said it does not censor books and will keep the controversial titles in circulation until they are no longer in suitable shape to lend out, a spokeswoman said.

NY Public Library keeping Dr. Seuss books in circulation

Kamala Harris’ tweet about Dr. Seuss resurfaces amid racial controversy

Rethinking & Examining Dr. Seuss’ Racism

Spaniards prepare to wear blackface for annual Three Kings parade

Judge RESIGNS after she was suspended for using n-word in video during attempted break-in by black burglar

Backlash after school banned ‘Jingle Bells’ over Christmas

Tags: Books, Cancellation, Celebration, Children, Classic, Crime, Cultural, Entertainment, Freedom, History, Invasion, Library, Overreaction, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Perception, Politics, Theft, Tradition, World, Writing

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Seattle elementary school cancels its annual Pumpkin Parade because it 'marginalizes students of color 


A Seattle elementary school has canceled its upcoming Halloween parade and will be banning students from dressing in costumes on October 31, claiming that the annual event ‘marginalizes’ students of color who administrators claim do not celebrate the holiday.

Seattle elementary school cancels its annual Pumpkin Parade

Now moccasins are racist!

...complaint against show over claims producers FIRED them for requesting gender neutral dressing room

Former California state lawmaker indicted on federal bribery charges

Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views

Texas House Passes Bill To Bar Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports

Manhattan junior high school will racially separate students

Student ‘forced to use police escort’

Texas student hits teacher in class

Lawn Boy and Gender Queer: A Memoir - do not violate rules

Why can't the school provide the children with materials to make their own costumes? 13-Oct-2021

Tags: Ban, Books, Bullying, Celebration, Children, Court, Education, Employment, Enforcement, Fail, Fashion, Fear, Freedom, Fun, Halloween, History, Holidays, Ignorance, Intelligence, Interference, Judgment, Laws, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Opinion, Overreaction, Politics, Segregation, Sports, Trans, Video, Violence, Youth

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The Internet Now Wants To Cancel Miss Piggy After Pepé Le Pew 


Ever since the 1970s, Miss Piggy has been lashing out at her green beau Kermit whenever he says the wrong thing, as well as generally acting aggressively to get the good-natured frog’s attention, even though Kermit is often depicted as not being as into her as she is him. With Le Pew getting cancelled for less violent behavior, Twitter users are arguing that maybe Miss Piggy should be held accountable, too, with some people being more serious about it than others.

The Internet Now Wants To Cancel Miss Piggy After Pepé Le Pew

Whoopi Goldberg rips cancel culture targeting Pepé Le Pew: 'I don't know why you've got to erase everything'

Tags: Cancellation, Celebrity, Children's Show, History, Judgment, Opinion, Overreaction, Social Media

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Rihanna Wearing a Ganesh Necklace While Topless Is Cultural and Religious Appropriation at Its Peak 


I've been a Rihanna stan for years. In fact, whenever there's news about the singer, my POPSUGAR colleagues ping me, because they know how much I love her. I felt like I was on cloud nine when I got to see her Savage x Fenty show live, which is what makes this next sentence even harder to say. I'm incredibly disappointed in Rihanna for her cultural and religious appropriation. In a recent Instagram post, she wears a necklace of Hindu god Ganesh while posing topless in a pair of silk lilac boxers. While the singer is clearly promoting her new Savage x Fenty line, which just got $115 million in funding, I'm baffled by what made her think it's OK to appropriate another culture.

Rihanna Wearing a Ganesh Necklace While Topless

Tags: Advertising, Celebrity, Men In Charge, Misrepresentation, Overreaction, Religion

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Olivia Newton-John Responded To Accusations That "Grease" Is Problematic 


Several viewers watching the movie on BBC One took to social media to express the opinion that it hadn't aged well.

Accusations of anti-LGBTQ prejudice stemmed from the dance competition scene, which declares same-sex couples aren't allowed to take part. Others called the movie "misogynistic" over its portrayal of Rizzo, who is shamed for sleeping with multiple men, while various lyrics in some of its most famous songs were considered to be more than a little problematic.

Olivia Newton-John Responded To Accusations That

Tags: Celebrity, Entertainment, Film, Film Trivia, Girl Power, History, Hollywood, Legend, Music, Opinion, Overreaction

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Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It 


At the start of the pandemic, stores quickly sold out of disinfectant sprays and wipes. People were advised to wipe down their packages and the cans they bought at the grocery store.

But scientists have learned a lot this year about the coronavirus and how it's transmitted, and it turns out all that scrubbing and disinfecting might not be necessary.

If a person infected with the coronavirus sneezes, coughs or talks loudly, droplets containing particles of the virus can travel through the air and eventually land on nearby surfaces. But the risk of getting infected from touching a surface contaminated by the virus is low, says Emanuel Goldman, a microbiologist at Rutgers University.

In retrospect, Marr says that was "overkill." Today, she says, "all the evidence points toward breathing in the virus from the air as being the most important route of transmission."

Scientists now know that the early surface studies were done in pristine lab conditions using much larger amounts of virus than would be found in a real-life scenario.

Even so, many of us continue to attack door handles, packages and groceries with disinfectant wipes, and workers across the U.S. spend hours disinfecting surfaces in public areas like airports, buildings and subways.

There's no scientific data to justify this, says Dr. Kevin Fennelly, a respiratory infection specialist with the National Institutes of Health.

Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It

Tags: Choices, Clean, Coronavirus, Environment, Overreaction, Science, Study

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'This is disgusting': Mum is accused of 'child neglect' by cruel parents after sharing an innocent snap of her toddler daughter's bedroom 


A mother has lashed out at 'Karens' for accusing her of neglect after she shared a photograph of her daughter's newly decorated room on Facebook.

'This is disgusting'

Tags: Children, Choices, Lifestyle, Nobody's Business, Overreaction, Parental Burden, Social Media, Treatment, Weird, World

Filed under: Health/Food



A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Viewers Troubled by Racist Scene 


During the meal Franklin, the one and only person of color in the core Peanuts gang, ends up sitting on a different side of the table from the rest of his friends and is seated in the only piece of "non-proper" furniture, a lawn chair. The scene, for some, has undertones of racial bias and, as it does every year, has prompted some to take to social media to speak out about the moment. Here is a selection of what people are saying and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Viewers Troubled by Racist Scene

Tags: Animation, Argument, Backlash, Cancellation, Choices, Exclusivity, Overreaction, Racism, TV, TV Gay Swatch, Who Gives A Fuck!

Filed under: Gay+



Baby Yoda Canceled Amid Accusations of Genocide 


The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That also turns out to be true of the tiny.

Baby Yoda, who one year ago today cozied into the hearts of Star Wars fans with his bottomless eyes, fuzzy head, and adorable cooing, has invoked genuine social media wrath for last week's episode of The Mandalorian, in which the mystical infant remorselessly snacked on the eggs of an endangered galactic species.

Whether this is serious or silly depends, as Obi-Wan Kenobi would put it, on "a certain point of view."

In Chapter 10 of the Disney+ show, titled “The Passenger,” Pedro Pascal's bounty hunter agrees to ferry an amphibious alien woman known only as “Frog Lady” to a swampy distant world so she can fertilize her canister of eggs, which floated in the brine like peeled apricots. (Usually this show conjures memories of Boba Fett, but these called to mind boba tea.)

Baby Yoda Canceled Amid Accusations of Genocide

Tags: Backlash, Cancellation, Environment, Fantasy, Hostility, Nature, Overreaction, Reality, Science, Weird

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