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Florida Man Allegedly Slammed New Neighbor’s Head On Cement Driveway During Brutal Attack 


A Florida man was arrested earlier this week after being accused of brutally assaulting a female neighbor, bashing her head onto a concrete driveway, then threatening another neighbor with a machete.

Ronald Coyle Jr., a 35-year-old resident of Collier County, was arrested on Sunday after an alleged brutal attack on a woman who lives near him in the Capri Court area in Marco Island, according to an arrest report obtained by

The victim told deputies with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office that Coyle first said something to her that she couldn’t understand because she doesn’t speak English. Coyle then allegedly attacked her, pushing her and bashing her head into the cement driveway “several times.” He also punched her numerous times in the back and tried to shove his thumbs into her eye sockets several times before she managed to get away, police said witnesses told them.

Florida Man Allegedly Slammed New Neighbor’s Head On Cement Driveway During Brutal Attack

Tags: Arrest, Attack, Crime, Cruelty, Mental Health, Neighbor, Racial Tension, Seniors, Violence



China Is Demanding An Apology From The ABC Over 'Racist' TV Show 

The episode in question focuses on the story of ancient Chinese Empress Wu Zetian, the only woman to ever rule China.

However, an article by China's state-controlled Global Times claims the episode had drawn outrage and condemnation from Chinese-Australians for its 'controversial content suggesting insects, rats and hair are used in normal Chinese recipes, which they believe is racism and demand for an apology.'

The article continued "In an episode of the series, ancient China Empress Wu Zetian, who is played by a white actress, is eating insects, rats, jellyfish and hair, and invites two modern visitors, the program's hosts, to join the meal."

"As the visitors act disgusted, 'Wu' explained it was 'perfectly normal' to eat insects in China in the Tang Dynasty (618-907)."

China Is Demanding An Apology From The ABC Over 'Racist' TV Show

88 Chinese puppies rescued from dog meat trade coming to New York

Tags: Animals, Food, Health, History, Lifestyle, Racial Tension, Rescue, Safety, Tradition, TV, World



Two people are dead and multiple others seriously wounded after stabbing spree at Baptist church in San Jose 


Two people have reportedly died and multiple others are seriously wounded following a mass stabbing at a California Baptist church on Sunday night.

The San Jose Police Department tweeted just after 8:40pm local time that officers had responded to a series stabbings at Grace Baptist Church, located on the 400 block of E San Fernando Street.

They followed up the message just under an hour later at 9:30pm, with a post confirming 'multiple stabbing victims' had been discovered at the scene, some of whom had suffered 'life threatening injuries.'

Two people are dead and multiple others seriously wounded after stabbing spree at Baptist church in San Jose

48 hours in de Blasio's NYC: Six people are gunned down in Brooklyn, man is shot dead point-blank in Harlem and ANOTHER commuter is shoved onto subway tracks as city violence spirals out of control

LA reports 300 homicides for the first time in a DECADE as cops blame the coronavirus lockdown and cuts to the police

Ex-NYC detective says surge in violent crime in city is down to BLM-inspired unrest and the $1bn cut from the NYPD - NOT school and business closures due to COVID as Mayor de Blasio claims

12-year-old Philadelphia boy fatally shot while answering front door

Tags: Attack, Children, Church, Crime, Environment, Evolving, Injury, Lifestyle, Murder, No Law, No more Heroes, No One Cares, No Protection, Racial Tension, Religion, Surge, Theft, Threat, Violence, Youth



Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet 


In Greensboro, N.C., the violence has gotten so extreme that a shootout erupted in front of the county courthouse the other day, across the street from the sheriff’s office, leaving a 20-year-old man dead. Greensboro set a city record with 45 homicides last year, and, as of Friday, already had 54 this year.

“We’ve always had a level of gang activity,” Greensboro Police Chief Brian James said in an interview, “but it’s more prolific now. I’m not sure what’s changed, but the offenders are more bold than they’ve ever been.”

Some police commanders say the twin impacts of the coronavirus and civil uprisings against police violence caused them to redirect their officers away from proactive anti-crime programs, whether due to virus-related budget cuts or strategic redeployment of forces to handle the unrest. Other officials point to job loss and other stresses of the pandemic as fueling tension and leading to violence. And with many schools shuttered, police say, many areas have seen a rise in violence involving juveniles.

“We haven’t seen numbers like this since the ’90s,” said PERF Executive Director Chuck Wexler. “We’ve had 20 years of steady declines in crime. Is this just an aberration, or does this portend something for the future? This has been under the radar because of the pandemic, but something’s happening across the country in the most serious crimes. The next administration, they’re going to have to pay serious attention to this.”

Just sitting idle, and like my grandmother used to say, ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.’ We’re seeing people dying of silliness, for no reason. A year ago, we weren’t seeing that.”

Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet

Children mimic street brutality in the playgrounds of Belarus

Tags: Chaos, Children, Choices, Crime, Cultural, Enforcement, Exploitation, Hate, Murder, Neglect, No Law, No more Heroes, No One Cares, Parental Crime, Police, Politics, Priorities, Racial Tension, Reckless, Revenge, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Statistics, Surge, Unruly Child, World, Worship, Youth



Family claim Louisiana boy, 15, found dead in a sugar cane field with his face mutilated was killed in hate crime after he was picked up by white mother and son - but police claim he drowned 


A Louisiana teenager has been found dead in a sugar cane field with a mutilated face three days after vanishing from his family home in what his parents say is a racial hate crime that the police are refusing to investigate properly.

Quawan's parents later found out that he had been picked up that day from his home by Janet Irvin and her 17-year-old son Gavin, who are white. Quawan's parents say they don't know the Irvins and do not know how he knew them. They never gave him permission to go with them.

Gavin told the family that Quawan left their trailer park home on his own on October 30 and didn't say where he was going. Janet has not spoken to his family.

Family claim Louisiana boy, 15, found dead in a sugar cane

Terrifying moment three gunmen charge at a homeowner in his New Orleans driveway, beat him up and hijack his pickup truck in broad daylight

Tags: Children, Crime, Family, Hate, Laws, Minors, Murder, Parental Burden, Racial Tension, Revenge, Terror, Theft, Threat, Thug, Violence, Youth



New York City Police To Stop Removing Religious People's Headwear 


The New York Police Department (NYPD) will no longer remove religious people's headwear—such as turbans, hijabs, kippahs or habits—when taking their mugshots, according to a new settlement announced on Monday.

The changed policy, which takes effect in 60 days, is the result of a class-action lawsuit filed on March 16, 2018 by Arwa Aziz and Jamilla Clark, two Muslim women. The women said the NYPD's policy of removing religious headwear violated their religious rights and left them in tears and shame following their separate encounters with police.

New York City Police To Stop Removing Religious People's Headwear

Tags: $, Complaint, Crime, Differences, Environment, Lifestyle, Policy, Politics, Racial Tension, Religion, Safety, Self-hatred



Andrew Christian Uses Model of Color to Advertise 'Slave' Harness 


The underwear company offers both a harness and an underwear brief emblazoned with the word "slave" and uses a POC to model them.

UPDATE: Jeff White, the cofounder of Andrew Christian, told The Advocate that the images of the model will "immediately" be replaced in response to the complaint. White's full statement:

As you accurately noted in your article our "Master" and "Slave" harnesses and underwear only reference the "Master" and "Slave" terminology of the BDSM culture and has nothing to do with anything else. We sincerely apologize if anyone finds the image of the model offensive and we will replace it immediately.

Andrew Christian Uses Model of Color to Advertise 'Slave' Harness

Tags: Advertising, Cultural, Employment, Fantasy, Fashion, Hypocrisy, Indictment, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Men Not In Charge, Overreaction, Politics, Racial Tension, Termination, Unemployment



'American Housewife' Actress Carly Hughes Exits Over "Toxic Environment"


"I was no longer able to work in the toxic environment that was created on American Housewife. I made the decision to leave to protect myself from that type of discrimination," Hughes said in a statement. "As a black woman in entertainment, I feel the responsibility to stand up for what I deserve, what we all deserve — to be treated equally. I wish the show well, and I am excited for a new chapter and to be able to pursue the opportunities ahead."

'American Housewife' Actress Carly Hughes Exits Over

Tags: Celebrity, Employment, Environment, Feud, Hollywood, Hostility, Misrepresentation, Neglect, Racial Tension, Safety, Termination, TV



The Trump vote is rising among Blacks and Hispanics, despite the conventional wisdom 


In 2016, Donald Trump got a lower share of the white vote than the previous Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, and white turnout was stagnant as compared to 2012. Trump was able to win nonetheless because he got a higher share of Black and Hispanic voters than his predecessor — up roughly 3 percentage points with African Americans and 2 percentage points with Hispanics — helping tilt pivotal races in states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania toward Trump.

That is, it was minorities, not whites, who proved more decisive for Trump’s victory.

Going into Election Day in 2020, Trump seems poised to do even better with minority voters. His gains in the polling have been highly consistent and broad-based among Blacks and Hispanics — with male voters and female voters, the young and the old, educated and uneducated. Overall, Trump is polling about 10 percentage points higher with African Americans than he did in 2016, and 14 percentage points higher with Hispanics.

It may be that many minority voters simply do not view some of his controversial comments and policies as racist. Too often, scholars try to test whether something is racist by looking exclusively at whether the rhetoric or proposals they disagree with resonate with whites. They frequently don’t even bother to test whether they might appeal to minorities, as well.

The Trump vote is rising among Blacks and Hispanics, despite the conventional wisdom

These gay voters are backing Trump. Here’s why.

Tags: Activism, Choices, Cultural, Environment, Leaders, LGBTQ, Racial Tension, Statistics, Voting



‘Just no’: JLo just dropped a song with Maluma. It didn’t go over well with everyone 

Apparently JLo’s new song with Maluma, “Lonely,” contains lyrics that some people find offensive.

Case in point: “Yo siempre seré tu negrita del Bronx,” translates to “I will always be your little black girl from The Bronx.”

The term “negrita” is used in many Latino cultures as a term of endearment, kind of like the word “gorda,” which doesn’t equate to “fat,” but “cutie.” Or “mama,” which can be even used on small children in place of “honey.”

“I don’t like JLo She’s just a wanna be black girl that can hit a two step. She’s an All Lives Matter supporter and now she’s calling herself a ‘black girl from the Bronx.’ idk why she still makes music my dog has better vocal agility than her. Just no.”

‘Just no’: JLo just dropped a song with Maluma. It didn’t go over well with everyone

My mother called me negrito all the time and it was the sweetest meltiest thing. I knew it was not full of malice because her heart thumped whenever she said it and if that's fake I'm outta here. Black people are so persistent that the word is an abomination that they only use it only to humiliate their own, sell some records or control all sexual situations. For latinos it means lots of celebrations with hugs, kisses, talent, sex and loud music. It's our culture and no one outside of us needs to question it. We have our own customs and our own rights. 21-Oct-2020

Tags: Awareness, Backlash, Celebrity, Cultural, Education, Etiquette, Hate, Hostility, Ignorance, Karma, Latin, Overreaction, Politics, Race War, Racial Tension, Respect



Man Allegedly Yelled ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ Before Breaking Black Teen’s Jaw With Bike Chain 


A Michigan man who allegedly yelled “Black lives don’t matter” before breaking a Black teen’s jaw with a bike chain has been charged with committing a hate crime.

Lee Mouat, 42, was walking with his family at a public beach in Monroe, Michigan on June 6 when he allegedly started complaining loudly about the music a group of Black teens was playing, according to a criminal complaint affidavit uploaded Tuesday by the U.S. Justice Department.

Mouat, who is white, allegedly commented on the teens’ “gang music” and referred to the three young men as “n-----s” and “monsters,” according to one witness.

“I wish somebody would say something to me so I can beat them,” the witness recalled Mouat saying, according to the affidavit.

Man Allegedly Yelled ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ Before Breaking Black Teen’s Jaw With Bike Chain

Tags: Activism, Backlash, Complaint, Cultural, Fear, Hate, Hostility, Injury, Mental Health, Minors, Misconduct, Racial Tension, Racism, Safety, Threat, Thug, Youth



10-Year-Old Black Boy's Arm Badly Broken in Alleged Racist Attack by Children 


A ten-year-old Black boy had his arm broken in two places during a racist attack by children, it has been claimed.

The child, who has not been named, is understood to have been out riding his bike with a friend in the eastern Ontario village of Russell, Canada, when they passed two white boys their age—one of who allegedly called the boy the N-word.

10-Year-Old Black Boy's Arm Badly Broken in Alleged Racist Attack by Children

'Disturbed predator' who plotted to rape, kill and eat teen girl learns fate

Florida man jailed with more than 80 counts of sex crimes against children: Cops

Child Pornography Investigation Leads To Discovery Of Boy, Girl Being Sexually Abused At Apple Valley Home

How brave sex victim who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather got the paedophile to confess in a recorded telephone call

Hundreds of stories of sexual assault at colleges around the world shared on anonymous Instagram accounts

Two women accuse Nikola founder Trevor Milton of sexual abuse

Registered sex offender and his parents charged with sexual abuse of children

Tags: Accusation, Attack, Business, Environment, Family, Injury, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Pederasty, Punishment, Racial Tension, Racism, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Violence, Youth



Donald Glover doesn’t want to label his sexuality 


Donald Glover says he felt “weird” for not wanting to label his sexuality.

“Instead of being like, “Man, I really don’t know…” Most of my college years were me being like, “I don’t know what I like.” I had friends who asked, “Are you gay?” And I’d be like, “I sort of feel like I am because I love this community.”

“You know? But maybe I’m not? And I always was trying to figure out, “Am I weird for not wanting to label it?” Yet, also, I never felt completely safe in just one place.”

When asked by Coel, “In what way did you not feel safe?” the Community star responded: “One time I was really close with this guy – a white guy. I was like, “Oh, man, this guy’s my friend.” And then one day we went to the mall and some black kids ragged on his shorts.

“He turned to me and said, “There are black people and then there are n*****s.” My brain, my heart… It was really intense, so I go home and I tell my dad.

Donald Glover doesn’t want to label his sexuality

Tags: Celebrity, LGBTQ, Portrait, Racial Tension, Relationships, Sensitivity, Sex, Sex Identity, Words, Youth



Why Ibram Kendi Is Facing a Backlash Over a Tweet About Amy Coney Barrett's Adopted Haitian Children 


Barrett, a white woman, is the mother to seven children—including two Black children she and her husband adopted from Haiti. Some commentators, such as right-wing pundit Candace Owens, had suggested that this signifies she cannot be accused of being racist. Kendi argued, however, that adopting Black children does not necessarily mean a person is not racist, although he also did not call Barrett racist.

"Some White colonizers 'adopted' Black children. They 'civilized' these 'savage' children in the 'superior' ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity," Kendi, a professor of humanities at Boston University, tweeted on Saturday.

Why Ibram Kendi Is Facing a Backlash Over a Tweet About Amy Coney Barrett's Adopted Haitian Children

Tags: Adoption, Backlash, Celebrity, Children, Cultural, Parental Burden, Parental Responsibility, Politics, Racial Tension, Science



Italians divided over whether Black man’s beating death was motivated by racism 


Willy Monteiro Duarte was born in Rome to parents from Cape Verde. He had just become an Italian citizen, and at 21 years old, was an aspiring chef at a hotel in a town near Rome.

All of that ended on Sept. 6 when he tried to break up a fight — and instead was beaten to death himself.

“Fascism in Italy has this history of the cult of the male body, of the strong body, of the strong myth of Rome that ruled the world and so on — a myth of domination,” said Marcello Maneri, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Milan Bicocca who studies race and power.

“These people [the two brothers] acted like they owned the community," he said. “They wanted to patrol their territory. In the end, I think when they saw this Black guy, they thought, ‘We are the people who must control this territory, not him.’”

Italians divided over whether Black man’s beating death was motivated by racism

Community Decides That Swastika, New York Will Not Change Its Name

University of Georgia Fraternity Suspended Over Racist Group Texts


Tags: Activism, Attack, Bullying, Business, Change, Coronavirus, Death, Education, Hate, Judgment, Murder, Name, Politics, Privilege, Racial Tension, Safety, Social Distancing, Social Media, Support, Town, World, Youth



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