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California man 'kills fellow Covid patient with oxygen tank' 


Jesse Martinez became upset when the 82-year-old man sharing his hospital room started praying, according to Los Angeles police.

Mr Martinez then allegedly grabbed an oxygen tank and bludgeoned the elderly patient.

The victim died the following day.

The pair, who police say did not know each other, were receiving treatment for coronavirus in a two-person room in Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster in southern California.

California man 'kills fellow Covid patient with oxygen tank

Tags: Choices, Coronavirus, Cruelty, Free Speech, Lifestyle, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Misconduct, Religion, Violence



Turns Out, Hillsong Megachurch Has Allegedly Been Full of 'Inappropriate Sexual Relationships' for Years! 


Last month, news broke that Carl Lentz, one-time “spiritual confidant” to celebrities including Justin Bieber and head pastor at Hillsong megachurch, was “released” from his job due to unspecified “moral failures.” Soon afterward, it was revealed that Lentz cheated on his wife, having had an affair with Brooklyn-based fashion designer Ranin Karim (and potentially, many others). As of last week, it appeared like his redemption arc was beginning to unfold, having reportedly entered treatment for anxiety, depression, and “pastoral burnout.” Except, of course, new information about a seedy, “sexual inappropriate” culture at Hillsong has begun to emerge, and I just don’t get how a “religious man” gets out of this one!

According to Page Six, back in 2018, whistleblowers within the Hillsong organization sent a letter to church leaders citing “verified, widely circulated stories of inappropriate sexual behavior amongst staff/interns,” allegedly labeling Hillsong “...dangerous and a breeding ground for unchecked abuse.”

Apparently, one high-ranking church leader was instructed to leave after the letter exposed he had “multiple inappropriate sexual relationships with several female leaders and volunteers and was verbally, emotionally, and according to one woman, physically abusive in his relationships with these women.” Another high-ranking male church leader was accused of “not respecting physical and sexual boundaries within dating relationships with female church volunteers.”

Turns Out, Hillsong Megachurch Has Allegedly Been Full of 'Inappropriate Sexual Relationships' for Years!

Tags: Cancellation, Celebrity, Church, Employment, Enforcement, Environment, Exclusivity, Hollywood, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Leaders, Men In Charge, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, NSFW, Politics, Power, Privilege, Religion, Self Interest, Sex, Sexual Abuse



Below Deck Alum Bruno Duarte Alleges Captain Lee “Forced” Him To Ingest Alcohol, Claims Kate Chastain Was Drinking On Charter 


Bruno Duarte from season five of Below Deck is making some rather explosive allegations against Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain as he shares what went down that made his season “tricky and intense.”

“Captain Lee would make jokes about my accent,” he shares. “It was very, very uncomfortable sometimes to be with him.”

He goes on to allege that Lee “forced him” to ingest alcohol.

The season five star continues by admitting he doesn’t have much respect for Captain Lee and felt like he was being “spit on.”

Bruno also claims that the boat was filthy because Kate only cleaned what she knew would be visible on camera.

“Like Kate only cared on that boat [about] whatever was above her waist,” he asserts. “So whatever was below our waist because it wasn’t showing on camera, she didn’t care. The floor was disgusting. It would be dirty. They would not vacuum. They would not clean.”

Below Deck Alum Bruno Duarte Alleges

Tags: Celebrity, Complaint, Employment, Gay, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Misconduct, Reality, TV, TV Gay Swatch, World



David Cross Is Still Angry About The ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks’ Movies 


Comedian and actor David Cross is probably best known to comedy audience for his roles in Arrested Development and Mr. Show or perhaps even the three seasons of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, a show he created and starred in. Alas, however, to younger audiences, Cross is probably best known for playing Ian in three Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, which earned over $1.1 billion worldwide.

Cross’s disdain for those films, however, is not a secret to anyone. “All I wanted was to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible … and buy a summer home with the check,” he once told Conan O’Brien during an appearance on his late-night talk show. He also called working on the third movie, Chipwrecked, “literally, without question, the most unpleasant experience I’ve ever had in my professional life,” and has long held a producer on the film responsible for mistreating Cross on that final film, which essentially saw him “forced at legal gunpoint” to spend an entire week on a Carnival Cruise.

David Cross Is Still Angry About The ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks’ Movies

Tags: $, Celebrity, Choices, Environment, Film, Film Trivia, Hate, Hollywood, Mental Health, Misconduct, Neglect, Preference, Regret, Treatment



Lawmaker who said LGBTQ people “molest children” caught with half-naked man during Zoom meeting 


A conservative lawmaker with a history of extremely cruel anti-LGBTQ statements was caught with a half-naked, much younger man in his home during an official Zoom conference and now he’s scrambling to explain what the mysterious man was doing in his home.

Lithuanian member of parliament (MP) Petras Gražulis was in a Zoom meeting for the culture committee when a much younger man who is at least shirtless appeared beside him briefly peering at the screen. Now the clip is making the rounds on social media and Gražulis is coming up with increasingly bizarre explanations of what the young man was doing there.

In 2010, Gražulis introduced legislation to make it illegal to “promote” homosexuality in an attempt to ban Pride parades. The law would have imposed fines to “punish almost any public expression or portrayal of, or information about, homosexuality.” Amnesty International denounced the measure at the time.

Lawmaker who said LGBTQ people “molest children” caught with half-naked man during Zoom meeting

Tags: Business, Cultural, Etiquette, Gay, Hate, Hypocrisy, Leaders, LGBTQ, Men Not In Charge, Misconduct, Self Interest, Sex, Video, World



Anti-LGBTQ+ Politician Caught in All-Male Orgy Resigns Post 


An anti-LGBTQ+ Hungarian politician has resigned from the European Parliament after being caught in what’s being described as an orgy involving 25 men.

József Szájer, who has spoken proudly of writing a ban on same-sex marriage into Hungary’s constitution, acknowledged Tuesday that he had been at what he called a “house party” last Friday in Brussels, Belgium, The Guardian reports. Police had raided the event for violation of Belgium’s COVID-19 restrictions, banning gatherings of more than four people.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Politician Caught in All-Male Orgy Resigns Post

Orgy Organizer Says Politicians Across Europe Attend His Sex Parties

Tags: Employment, Exclusivity, Gay, Leaders, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Men In Charge, Misconduct, Modernization, Orgy, Parties, Politics, Resignation, Sex, Social Distancing, World



Brussels cops reportedly bust lockdown orgy attended by diplomats 


Police in Brussels have raided a lockdown orgy in the basement of a gay bar – collaring 25 people, including several diplomats and a member of the European Parliament, according to reports.

The sex party in the Belgian capital took place Friday in the bar on Rue des Pierres, the Brussels Times reported, citing local media.

The European Union official, who has not been identified, allegedly tried to flee but was caught and questioned by authorities, according to La Dernière Heure.

Brussels cops reportedly bust lockdown orgy attended by diplomats

If the Rest of Us Can Skip the Movies, You Can Skip the Orgies

'I was fighting him off of me': Security guard, 22, says she was sexually assaulted by prominent NYC priest, 75, who she 'filmed watching gay porn in church rectory'

Tags: Attack, Bar/Club, Clergy, Complaint, Crime, Gay, Leaders, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Misconduct, Police, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Social Distancing, World



Instagram model helps women catch cheating men by sliding into their DMs 


A model from California is helping women catch cheating cads on Instagram.

Paige Woolen, 28, who has over 200,000 followers on her main account, has a side account, @dudesinthedm, from which she slides into the DMs of men who are suspected of cheating to see if she can catch them in the act.

“I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends,” Woolen told the Star. “It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.”

She posts images of the direct message exchanges she has with the men on Instagram, thus exposing the would-be cheaters.

Instagram model helps women catch cheating men by sliding into their DMs

Tags: Cheating, Eek, Hate, Investigation, Marriage, Men Not In Charge, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Relationships, Revenge, Sex, Social Media



‘Drew Barrymore Show’ slammed after marrying teacher and his alleged former student 


“The Drew Barrymore Show” is facing backlash after airing a wedding between a teacher and his alleged former physics student.

Neither “The Drew Barrymore Show” nor the newlywed couple have responded to allegations that their relationship began while Selina was underage.

‘Drew Barrymore Show’ slammed after marrying teacher and his alleged former student

Tags: Celebration, Celebrity, Choices, Environment, Hypocrisy, Men In Charge, Minors, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Oops, TV, Wedding



Christian school science teacher, 25, is arrested for ‘blackmailing student by threatening to fail them unless they sent him three explicit videos of themself’ 


A Christian school science teacher in Florida was detained on Monday for demanding that his student send him sexual videos, or risk getting a poor grade.

Dion Bryant, 25, was booked at the Orange County Jail on charges of lewd conduct with a student by an authority figure, use of a child in sexual performance and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

Bryant was a science teacher at the Winners Primary school.

He was detained at the Orlando area school, WESH reports.

According to arrest affidavit from the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Bryant gave his phone number to a male student and later began soliciting explicit videos from the student.

Christian school science teacher, 25, is arrested

Tags: Abuse, Children, Education, Employment, Hate, Hypocrisy, Misconduct, Parental Burden, Sex, Teacher, Threat, Youth



Carl Lentz's Former Hillsong Church Branch Is Under Investigation 


Apparently, Hillsong Church's “recent revelation of moral failures,” doesn't begin and end with Carl Lentz, the disgraced celebrity pastor who was let go last week after his marital infidelity came to light.

The megachurch's co-founder and lead pastor, Brian Houston, revealed on Twitter on Thursday that they would be launching an investigation into Hillsong's NYC branch. “We are launching an independent investigation into the inner workings of Hillsong NYC/East Coast,” Houston tweeted. “We need a solid foundation for a fresh start and new beginning. The best is yet to come.”

Carl Lentz's Former Hillsong Church Branch Is Under Investigation

Tags: Celebrity, Controversy, Employment, Environment, Investigation, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Religion, Sex



Why Lucille Ball’s Daughter Tells Aspiring Actors To Find a Different Profession–’Make Sure You Get a Porno Tape Out There’ 


Show business has changed quite a but since I Love Lucy was on the air. Lucille Ball and her daughter, Lucie Arnaz, experienced two very different versions of Hollywood. And as Arnaz reflects on the industry today, she doesn’t like what she sees. That’s why she tells aspiring actors to “change your mind” when they ask her for advice on breaking into show business.

When Arnaz was interviewed by the Television Academy Foundation in 2016, she was asked what advice she had for aspiring actresses. First, she says she’d try to convince them to find a different career.

“I think this business has changed so dramatically. I would not recommend anybody going into it. There are half as many parts as there were when we were growing up,” she said.

Arnaz notes that the rise of reality TV has to do with there being fewer parts for actors.

“There’s all kinds of reality TV now because that’s cheaper for everybody to do. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between a reality star and a star star. So why work so hard? Make sure you get a p*rno tape out there right away. That’ll help,” she said sarcastically. “I mean, as you can see, I’m a little, just–I’m baffled by the business at present.”

Why Lucille Ball’s Daughter Tells Aspiring Actors To Find a Different Profession

Tags: Abuse, Actor, Addiction, Advice, Career, Celebrity, Change, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, History, Hollywood, Humiliation, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Politics, Safety, Security, Truth



Domino’s delivery worker caught on camera rubbing ice cream on crotch 


A Domino’s delivery man in England was caught on a doorbell camera rubbing a pint of ice on his crotch before giving the frozen treat to his customer, according to reports.

Domino’s delivery worker caught on camera rubbing ice cream on crotch

Tags: Choices, Crime, Etiquette, Health, Mental Health, Misconduct, Sex, Threat, Toxic, World, Wrong



Teen boy grew breasts from ‘experimental’ estrogen prescribed in jail, lawsuit says 


A California teen who says he developed enlarged breasts from taking prescribed estrogen while locked up in a juvenile facility is reportedly suing the doctor who gave him the pills.

The teen was given the hormones, which help develop the female reproductive system, after being diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, two days into his June 2019 stint at Eastlake Juvenile Hall, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Thirteen days after taking one pill a day as prescribed, the teen’s breasts began to enlarge and swell. He developed gynecomastia, a condition suffered by men with high estrogen levels, according to medical records.

NY Post

Tags: All Rights, Anatomy, Court, Detention, Drugs, Environment, Medical, Misconduct, Prison, Treatment, Youth



Burger King workers stage strike after trans co-worker dies while working with COVID-19 symptoms 


Staffers at the Santa Monica fast food restaurant retaliated after Angela Martinez Gómez died after being reportedly made to work a week even while displaying symptoms. Picketers, as well as the complaint, claimed that the company did not provide staff with protective gear.

One manager at the branch at 1919 Pico Boulevard allegedly blamed the death of Gómez, 42, of Oaxaca, Mexico, on hormone injections, KTLA5 reported.

Managers made Gómez carry on working for a week even while she spluttered, took frequent bathroom breaks and was visibly ill, the complaint said, before leaving her June 26 shift early.

Pink News

Workers demanding union rights plan to walk off the job in nationwide Strike for Black Lives

Coronavirus brings tension and prejudice to Italy's beaches

Employees become enforcers of mask requirements as tensions grow

Tags: Activism, Business, Contagion, Contamination, Coronavirus, Death, Employment, Enforcement, Environment, Equality, Etiquette, Illness, Justice, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Masks, Misconduct, Power, Protection, Racial Tension, Racism, Representation, Respect, Restaurant, Safety, Strike, Support, Threat, Trash, Travel, Union, Unity, Video, World, Youth