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T.I. Not Returning for 'Ant-Man 3' 


T.I. will not be returning for Marvel Studios' upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The embattled rapper and actor is not a part of the cast, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, but it's unclear whether this is related to recent accusations of sexual abuse he is facing alongside his wife, musician Tiny.

T.I. Not Returning for 'Ant-Man 3'

Tags: Backlash, Cancellation, Celebrity, Controversy, Crime, Employment, Entertainment, Family, Fetish, Film, Hollywood, Marriage, Misrepresentation, Music, Opinion, Politics, Punishment, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Social Media, Supremacy, Termination



‘Married At First Sight’ Spoiler: Was Chris Williams Ex Never Pregnant? 


Married at First Sight spoilers come out for Chris Williams, his ex-Mercedes, and Paige. Spoiler alert. This article contains a lot of spoilers. Please stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens. Social media came alive with rumors and spoilers about Chris Williams. And you’re one of those fans who can’t stand him, then expect to feel totally vindicated.

Many Married at First Sight fans felt he was abusive. One of them said on Twitter, “Chris is abusive behaviour 101. The temper, victim playing, manipulation, bare minimum doing but expecting a standing ovation overall very ?? behaviour.” A lot of others agreed that he followed up insults with reassurances, and then more insults. Plus, they fear for Paige because he started isolating her from her support group in the cast.

‘Married At First Sight’ Spoiler: Was Chris Williams Ex Never Pregnant?

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Cruelty, Environment, Exploitation, Fraud, Hate, Hostility, Men In Charge, Quackery, Ridiculous, Self Interest, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Threat, Thug, Woman's Rights



Dominique Boutonnat, France’s Film Board President, Indicted for Attempted Rape, Sexual Assault 


Dominique Boutonnat, president of France’s powerful National Film Board (CNC), has been indicted for attempted rape and sexual assault on Thursday following a complaint filed by his 22-year-old godson on Oct. 7.

The news was confirmed by the court of Nanterre near Paris to the AFP. Boutonnat had been held in custody since Wednesday morning. The alleged sexual assault occurred in August during a holiday in Greece. Along with the indictment, Boutonnat is also being banned from contacting the alleged victim.

The lawyer of the alleged victim, Caroline Toby, told the AFP that Boutonnat was a paternal figure for her client even though they were not related by blood.

Dominique Boutonnat, France’s Film Board President, Indicted for Attempted Rape, Sexual Assault

Incest accusation in prominent family prompts French national reckoning with child abuse

Tags: Boys, Children, Crime, Family, Gay, Incest, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Privilege, Rape, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Termination, World



More Spanish girls report sexual abuse despite progress on gender 


The number of teenage girls saying they felt pressured into sexual activity has almost doubled in seven years in Spain to more than one in 10 of respondents, a study by the Equality Ministry showed on Friday.

Increased social media and internet usage has helped raise awareness of abuse but also brought new forms of exploitation and risky behaviour, it said, in its first study of gender-based violence and sexist attitudes among 14-20-year-olds since 2013.

“Teenagers’ perception of machismo is much keener now thanks to better access to information and global feminist movements,” State Secretary for Equality Noelia Vera told a news conference.

“But having clear opinions about gender violence doesn’t free you from suffering it.”

Almost half of teenage girls said they had been sent sexual photos online and more than two in five had been asked to send sexual photos of themselves, the study showed, while nearly one in four had been asked to engage in virtual sex.

Dangerous online behaviours, such as using a webcam with a stranger or telling them your name, home or school address, all jumped significantly in 2020 compared to 2013, with a quarter of teens admitting they gave a stranger their home address online.

More Spanish girls report sexual abuse despite progress on gender

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Feminism, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Surge, Violence, Woman's Rights



Allegations against TI and Tiny prompt call to support Black sexual assault survivors 


The scandal involving the rapper and former girl group member erupted over several weeks as women reportedly came forward to accuse the power couple of confiscating their cellphones and preventing from leaving as the Harrises sexual assaulted them, or other women, in forced drug binges.

It has prompted the activists to address the issue as showing how Black survivors are often sidelined and their stories ignored in the national MeToo reckoning in America over sexual assault.

“We know countless of you have come forward with credible accusations of horrific sexual abuse and violence at the hands of Black celebrities,” the activists and groups wrote in a public letter. “Like you, we are carrying the emotional weight of this news and know that we are reliving a collective trauma akin to the exposing of Cosby and R Kelly.”

Allegations against TI and Tiny prompt call to support Black sexual assault survivors

Tags: Celebrity, Complaint, Cultural, Fetish, LGBTQ, Marriage, Mental Health, Music, NSFW, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Success, Supremacy, Treatment, Violence



Outcry after Indian court rules groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault 


The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday stayed a controversial judgment by another court which held that groping of a minor without “skin-to-skin” contact and without removing clothes is not “sexual assault”.

Attorney general KK Venugopal called the judgment by the Bombay High Court “very disturbing” and sought to file a petition against the order.

The ruling in question was given on 19 January by Justice Pushpa V Ganediwala of the Bombay High Court, who acquitted a 39-year-old man previously found guilty of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl by groping her under Section 7 (sexual assault) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

“The act of pressing of breast of the child aged 12 years, in the absence of any specific detail as to whether the top was removed or whether he inserted his hand inside top and pressed her breast, would not fall in the definition of ‘sexual assault’,” Ms Ganediwala said.

Outcry after Indian court rules groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault

Tags: Backlash, Children, Etiquette, Judgment, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Self Interest, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Treatment, World



Douglas Wooten: Angela Deem Friend Who Appeared on 90 Day Fiance Arrested for MURDER 


Angela Deem is a reality star, a newly married woman, and a 55-year-old grandmother.

Over the years, she has made questionable choices both on and off camera.

Some of the people closest to her have made much, much worse choices.

One man in her orbit has now been arrested on a number of charges, including murder.

There, he was known as "DJ Doug," where he appeared on Angela Deem's storyline.

He was featured as an "events coordinator" at one of the potential venues that Angela investigated -- when, at the time, she had hoped to bring Michael over on a K-1 visa and marry him in Georgia.

Interestingly, it has been rumored that Dougie Doug and Angela were actually closer than any of the viewing audience was led to believe.

Douglas Wooten: Angela Deem Friend

Tags: Arrest, Celebrity, Children, Choices, Crime, Cultural, Entertainment, Fraud, Lifestyle, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Sexual Abuse, Violence, Youth



Kevin Spacey continues bizarre Christmas tradition of tone-deaf videos 


Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey shared a third annual Christmas Eve video Thursday that left many wondering whether he knew how to read the room.

The nearly 2½-minute YouTube video, which he also posted on his Twitter feed, featured Spacey, 61, addressing the camera directly while walking in an unidentified park.

Kevin Spacey continues bizarre Christmas tradition of tone-deaf videos

Mr. Spacey is not talking to us, he's talking to his people. Someone needs to and who better. A representative might calm those fuckers down. I fell for his attempt at honesty until he shook it off. The important thing is the message to the pedos got through. Did I do good daddy? 24-Dec-2020

Tags: Abuse, Accusation, Activism, Actor, All Rights, Bad Daddy, Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Funny, Gay, Hollywood, LGBTQ, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Pederasty, Portrait, Psychology, Release, Renewal, Safety, Sex, Sex Identity, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Shame, Struggles, Video Gay Swatch, Youth



Turns Out, Hillsong Megachurch Has Allegedly Been Full of 'Inappropriate Sexual Relationships' for Years! 


Last month, news broke that Carl Lentz, one-time “spiritual confidant” to celebrities including Justin Bieber and head pastor at Hillsong megachurch, was “released” from his job due to unspecified “moral failures.” Soon afterward, it was revealed that Lentz cheated on his wife, having had an affair with Brooklyn-based fashion designer Ranin Karim (and potentially, many others). As of last week, it appeared like his redemption arc was beginning to unfold, having reportedly entered treatment for anxiety, depression, and “pastoral burnout.” Except, of course, new information about a seedy, “sexual inappropriate” culture at Hillsong has begun to emerge, and I just don’t get how a “religious man” gets out of this one!

According to Page Six, back in 2018, whistleblowers within the Hillsong organization sent a letter to church leaders citing “verified, widely circulated stories of inappropriate sexual behavior amongst staff/interns,” allegedly labeling Hillsong “...dangerous and a breeding ground for unchecked abuse.”

Apparently, one high-ranking church leader was instructed to leave after the letter exposed he had “multiple inappropriate sexual relationships with several female leaders and volunteers and was verbally, emotionally, and according to one woman, physically abusive in his relationships with these women.” Another high-ranking male church leader was accused of “not respecting physical and sexual boundaries within dating relationships with female church volunteers.”

Turns Out, Hillsong Megachurch Has Allegedly Been Full of 'Inappropriate Sexual Relationships' for Years!

Tags: Cancellation, Celebrity, Church, Employment, Enforcement, Environment, Exclusivity, Hollywood, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Leaders, Men In Charge, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, NSFW, Politics, Power, Privilege, Religion, Self Interest, Sex, Sexual Abuse



‘Little People, Big World’ Star Jacob Roloff Claims He Was Molested by Third Party Producer 


Sharing his story. Jacob Roloff detailed the alleged abuse he experienced while working with his family on the TLC series Little People, Big World.

“It is often much easier to think about things than it is to talk about them, and so this disclosure has been delayed, but through that delay, I have found the fortitude and words. As a child, I after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for Little People, Big World,” Roloff, now 23, began on Tuesday, December 15, via Instagram.

After acknowledging that he does not “expect to provide details of this encounter,” Roloff wrote that he hopes this man is “never allowed around children again.”

‘Little People, Big World’ Star Jacob Roloff Claims He Was Molested by Third Party Producer

Tags: Awareness, Career, Celebrity, Children, Entertainment, Environment, Exploitation, Parental Burden, Sad, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Threat, Treatment



Brussels cops reportedly bust lockdown orgy attended by diplomats 


Police in Brussels have raided a lockdown orgy in the basement of a gay bar – collaring 25 people, including several diplomats and a member of the European Parliament, according to reports.

The sex party in the Belgian capital took place Friday in the bar on Rue des Pierres, the Brussels Times reported, citing local media.

The European Union official, who has not been identified, allegedly tried to flee but was caught and questioned by authorities, according to La Dernière Heure.

Brussels cops reportedly bust lockdown orgy attended by diplomats

If the Rest of Us Can Skip the Movies, You Can Skip the Orgies

'I was fighting him off of me': Security guard, 22, says she was sexually assaulted by prominent NYC priest, 75, who she 'filmed watching gay porn in church rectory'

Tags: Attack, Bar/Club, Clergy, Complaint, Crime, Gay, Leaders, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Misconduct, Police, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Social Distancing, World



Matthew McConaughey Reveals He Was Sexually Abused as a Teen in New Memoir 


Released on Tuesday, the memoir tells the story of 50-year-old McConaughey’s life through moments he identifies as green, yellow or red lights — events that caused him to advance, pause or stop. The Oscar-winning actor then details how each moment taught him a lesson and how he has moved forward.

In the beginning of the book, McConaughey shares several facts about himself to set the scene for the rest of the book, which include his personal experience with sexual abuse. He revealed that his first time having sex was not consensual, and that he was “blackmailed” into it.

Matthew McConaughey Reveals He Was Sexually Abused as a Teen in New Memoir

Tags: Book, Celebrity, History, Sexual Abuse



Jerry Harris Cheer Lawsuit Brings Claims That the Sport Is Rife for Sexual Abuse 


Fans were shocked when Jerry Harris, breakout star of the hit documentary series Cheer, was arrested on a federal child pornography charge — and accused of soliciting sex from minors — earlier this month.

But new information appears to show that Harris's alleged actions may be only a symptom of a much larger problem in the world of cheerleading. Allegations from a recently filed lawsuit against Harris as well as a new USA Today investigation suggest that the national governing bodies that organize cheer competitions and supervise member gyms aren’t doing nearly enough to protect the almost 4 million athletes involved in the sport.

USA Today's investigation found that nearly 180 coaches, choreographers, and other adults in the cheerleading world were charged with or convicted of sexual abuse of minors, but were not banned by the United States All Star Federation and USA Cheer, the sport’s governing bodies. According to the report, more than 140 of those were convicted of sexual misconduct involving minors.

Jerry Harris Cheer Lawsuit Brings Claims That the Sport Is Rife for Sexual Abuse

Tags: Celebrity, Gay, LGBTQ, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sports



National Sexual Assault Hotline sees record demand during pandemic. Many reaching out are children. 


Many of them call when they feel there is nowhere else to turn.

The girl whose brother was brought home by the pandemic and began to abuse her again. The victim separated from her favorite teacher after a coronavirus-related school closure. The child who urgently needed help calling 911.

As the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the country, more children are reaching out to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network's National Sexual Assault Hotline, which said this week it's experiencing its highest demand for services in its 26-year history. In May and June, half of visitors to RAINN's online hotline, which sees some of the most urgent cases, were minors.

"Their safety net collapsed during this period," said RAINN president Scott Berkowitz. "Normally the first people to spot signs of abuse are adults outside the immediate family. Teachers and guidance counselors and the parents of friends. Once kids were cut off from that support group, we've seen in a lot of states that reports to child abuse authorities have declined."

USA Today

Simple Plan Bassist Quits Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

St Andrews University is hit by wave of sexual assault claims: Fraternity 'suspends two members' after 'multiple' allegations

Mass. Gymnastics Coach Charged With Rape of Teen in Stow

Man Charged With Murdering 13-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted Her Corpse Before Burning Her Body, Police Say

Tags: Accusation, Awareness, Celebrity, Child Abuse, Children, College, Domestic Violence, Education, Employment, Environment, Family, Frats, Inhumanity, Injury, Minors, Murder, Neglect, Parental Crime, Rape, Relationships, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Sports, Statistics, Students, Surge, Teacher, Termination, Violence, Women, Youth