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Sinead O’Connor Says Prince Assaulted Her During A Pillow Fight 


Per the Times, O’Connor writes in her memoir that she was called to Prince’s Hollywood mansion and was scolded for swearing in interviews. Then the story takes a strange turn — O’Connor writes that while at his home, Prince berated his butler to serve her soup, although she repeatedly said she didn’t want any, and then “sweetly” suggested the two have a pillow fight.

Sinead O’Connor Says Prince Assaulted Her During A Pillow Fight

Dustin Lance Black faces trial after assault charge

‘Top Chef’ Emmy-Winning Chef Loses Deals In Aftermath Of Arrest

Bhad Bhabie posts and deletes video of herself allegedly being abused

Adrian Wilson arrested on domestic violence charges

WESTON CAGE Allegedly Struck His Mother

Chris Brown Accused of “Brutally and Severely” Assaulting Concertgoers

Tags: Arrest, Book, Cancellation, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Chef, Court, Domestic Violence, Environment, Family, Gay, Guns, History, Hostility, Legend, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Misconduct, Music, Parental Burden, Portrait, Relationships, Sports, Treatment, Violence

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'They look like linebackers with boobs.' 

An ex-inmate of a California women's prison has spoken of the terror of being locked up with 'big, burly and aggressive' male-to-female transgender detainees thanks to a recent state law.

'They look like linebackers with boobs.'

Lesbian Dating App Uses Facial Recognition to Exclude Trans Women

Trans detainee 'lives in fear' of reprisals now he's back in an all-male lockup

Bachelorette Star Accused Of Faking Gender Transition For Attention

Hulking transgender athletes take gold, silver and bronze spots on female podium

Tags: ?, App, Ban, Burden, Confusion, Dating, Differences, Equality, Fear, Hostility, Humiliation, Interference, LGBTQ, Men, Opportunity, Preference, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Sports, Terror, Trans, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women

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Woman Posed as a Teenage Boy to Sexually Abuse Young Girls 


A British woman has been sentenced to eight years behind bars after pretending to be a 16-year-old boy in order to groom and sexually assault young girls.

Authorities suspect she groomed as many as 50 young women, The Guardian reported on Friday.

Police first became aware of Watts’ “shocking” dealings with young women in April 2018, when a 14-year-old girl reported that she had been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend Jake Waton — Watts’ alias.

In the investigation that followed, police found two other victims, both under the age of 18, and identified “Jake Waton” to be Watts. Watts used apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Yubo and Instagram to lure girls and “obtain their trust” before meeting them in person “and committing a number of serious sexual offences.”

Woman Posed as a Teenage Boy

High School coach arraigned on sexual assault charges

Man charged after allegedly sexually assaulting juvenile

Tags: Abuse, Judgment, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Minors, Prison, Privilege, Rape, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Teacher, Threat, Violence, World, Youth

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Homophobes are mad about Love Island USA stars... 


Although these are two straight men, the internet has taken their casual homophobia to another level under the guise of using memes and "jokes," with rumors swirling that they are more than friends and with multiple X and TikTok posts implying Aaron (who was previously known for winning the first season of The Traitors UK) would rather date and be in a relationship Rob.

Homophobes are mad about Love Island USA stars...

Tags: Backlash, Beauty, Bros, Denial, Entertainment, Environment, Funny, Game Show, Gay, Harassment, Instructional, LGBTQ, Men Not In Charge, Misrepresentation, Privacy, Reality, Sex, Stereotype, Survival, Treatment

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That time Richard Pryor admitted to hooking up with men... 


And that’s when he admitted it: “I have sucked a d*ck,” which was met with a roar of applause from the crowd.

What’s more, Pryor didn’t try to play it off as a mistake, or something he didn’t really want to do—he went on to describe the moment, calling it “beautiful,” and even going into detail about how this former intimate partner of his knew how to make him “c*m quick.”

That time Richard Pryor

Queer Director Thinks Gen Z Is Deprived of Gay Sex Scenes

Was Tupac Gay?

Tags: Bi, Celebrity, Comics, Film, Gay, History, Legend, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Politics, Portrait, Sex, Sex Identity, Video, Video Gay Swatch

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Lesbian allegedly burns down apartment building throwing flaming hand sanitizer at her girlfriend 


28-year-old Destiny Waite has been arrested after a domestic violence altercation with her girlfriend turned deadly. Waite threw a flaming bottle of hand sanitizer at her partner and caught the apartment building on fire.

Flames shot through the Hartford, Connecticut building in the early morning hours, leaving one man dead and dozens had to be rescued. Four other people were sent to the hospital with critical injuries.

A National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Study conducted in 2011 stated that LGBTQ communities of color are one of the demographic groups experiencing the highest incidents of domestic violence.

Lesbian allegedly burns down apartment

Mom accused of killing boy she called a demon

Stepmom starved four-year-old boy and recorded him sobbing and begging for bread

U.S. Figure Skating Coach Gets Lifetime Ban After Investigation

Couple charged in death of 3-year-old blamed perforated bowel on skateboard

Woman arrested, charged after shooting baby

Tags: Arrest, Arson, Attack, Ban, Child Abuse, Children, Death, Domestic Violence, Employment, Environment, Guns, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Misconduct, Mother, Murder, Parental Crime, Rampage, Relationships, Sports, Violence, Women In Charge

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I secretly had sex with a bunch of 'straight' guys 


I started hooking up with a guy on my brother's soccer team when I was 13 years old.

I secretly hooked up with a few other players and fell in love with one of them.

I secretly had sex

Grant Coulson Gets Cheated On Days After Coming Out As Gay

NFL's 1st Gay Cheer Captains

What hard truths do gay men need to hear?

Sketch addresses allegations of being gay

I tried hooking up with a guy to see if I’m gay, but now I regret it

Republican National Convention dubbed 'the Grindr Superbowl'

...if this is your fetish, can you still identify as straight?

Tags: Addiction, Choices, Education, Environment, Gay, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Men, Mental Health, Minors, NSFW, Opinion, Politics, Portrait, Relationships, Replacement, Sex, Sex Identity, Sex Worker, Sports, Study, Takeover, Vulnerable, Youth

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 I’m gay, not “queer” and Pride has gone too far 


I personally started to see the switch in 2016 when I was informed I didn’t deserve a seat at the Pride table for fighting back against the Toronto Pride parade’s efforts to deny the shooter in the Orlando nightclub mass killing was a self-loathing Muslim extremist. (Funny how things come full circle.)

But that was just the start.

Desperate to find a cause to replace the fight for gay rights, the radical activists turned to gender identity and trans rights.

Suddenly all those who fancied themselves woke started using preferred pronouns in their correspondence. It was absurd.

I’m gay, not “queer”

This meme is making people gay

Famous non-binary tells lesbian she should stay home if she doesn't want to see penises

New York county's transgender sports ban takes effect

Florida is quietly denying transgender residents updated birth certificates

Tags: Activism, Ban, Choices, Criticism, Denial, Laws, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion, Politics, Safety, Sex, Sports, Trans, Woman's Rights

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Here Are the Porn Terms Gays Searched For the Most in 2023 


While “no fats, no femmes, no Asians,” seems to be a common refrain amongst gay men in real life and on Grindr, when it comes to porn, gay men love to see Asians and femmes, almost as much as they love to see a straight guy having gay sex.

Here Are the Porn Terms

Max Lorde shares his, ahem, unusual ritual before bottoming

Gay guys describe the male physiques that really get them going

...most-viewed gay porn categories in each US state

Twinks rule the world...

Here’s who should pay on gay dates...

Tags: $, Choices, Dating, Gay, LGBTQ, List, Man Appeal, Men, NSFW, Porn, Preference, Sex, Video, What Men Want

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Teen Accused of Breaking Into Gay Man's Home & Beating Him With Wrench 


A 19-year-old Illinois man is being held on $1 million bail after he allegedly attacked a man for being gay.

Teen Accused of Breaking Into Gay Man's Home

Man, 20, is executed with a shot to the back of his head on a NY train

Man Arrested for Trying to 'Cut the Gay' Out of His Brother

Man who was vogueing at a gas station fatally stabbed

Man stabbed to death in Palm Springs

A Christian Gym Teacher Used Grindr to Rob Gay Men

Man gets 448 historic years in prison for human trafficking

Palm Springs Police Department warns of new ‘sextortion’ scam on LGBTQ+ dating apps

Police arrest gay man suspected of dismembering 14-year-old trans girl

Tags: App, Attack, Crime, Dating, Family, Fraud, Gay, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Minors, Murder, Portrait, Relationships, Seniors, Sex, Trans, Violence

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LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence on the Rise 


The same study also found over 50 percent of gay men and almost 75 percent of lesbians said they suffered from psychological abuse from an intimate partner. Another study found bisexual folks and bisexual women in particular were the most likely to suffer from all forms of intimate partner abuse, followed by lesbians, heterosexual women, gay men, and heterosexual men.

LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence on the Rise

Abused gay men don't see they are victims

Trans activist mental health amid legal fight with ex

Pregnant trans man killed by partner

Man accused of killing gay Philadelphia journalist pleads guilty to murder

Judge says gay Oakland murder case can move forward

Police looking for boyfriend in the death of gay dancer

Tags: Environment, Gay, Hate, Hostility, Humiliation, Injury, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Murder, Portrait, Pregnancy, Punishment, Relationships, Safety, Sex, Suicide, Trans, Violence

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Anthony Mackie Explained Why He Has A Problem With People Shipping Sam And Bucky In "Falcon And The Winter Soldier" 


Although viewers loved watching Sam and Bucky's relationship transform and friendship blossom throughout the film, Anthony says that's all there is to it.

He continued, "So many things are twisted and convoluted. There’s so many things that people latch on to with their own devices to make themselves relevant and rational."

"The idea of two guys being friends and loving each other in 2021 is a problem because of the exploitation of homosexuality. It used to be guys can be friends, we can hang out, and it was can’t do that anymore...

Anthony Mackie Explained Why He Has A Problem With People

The Internet’s Trying To Cancel Anthony Mackie For Bucky And Sam Comments

Michael B. Jordan Is Sadly On The Internet's Bad Side For Cultural Appropriation

Billie Eilish Apologizes For Use Of Racial Slur

Megan Rapinoe Faces Calls for Cancellation Over Unearthed Tweet

Joy Behar is slammed as 'homophobic'

Chris Brown accused of hitting woman

Michael B. Jordan Announces Plans to Rename His Rum Brand Amid Accusations of Appropriation

NFL legend's inappropriate gesture to Molly Qerim goes viral

Tags: Apology, Celebrity, Gay, Hair, Hate, LGBTQ, Men In Charge, Misconduct, Offensive, Opinion, Representation, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Stereotype, TV, Video, Violence, Women In Charge

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Dyslexic Gay Man Not Accepted By Tampa Bay Community 


Some people thought he was trying to be funny and got mad about it. Then we found out he’s dyslexic but it’s still weird.

Dyslexic Gay Man Not Accepted

Italy not signing LGBTQ+ rights bill

Pronouns, tribal affiliations now forbidden in SD public univ. employee emails

Minnesota bans Gay & Trans Panic Defense

Hundreds of gay men evicted from Dallas hotel after AKA Sorority members complained about their attire

Tags: Ban, Bullying, Cancellation, Club/Bar, Community, Court, Disruption, Employment, Etiquette, Gay, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Laws, LGBTQ, Neglect, Parties, Policy, Politics, Priorities, Protections, Punishment, Rejection, Respect, Sad, Society, Travel, World

Filed under: Gay+



Gay IDF soldiers slam LGBTQ protesters’ ‘fake understanding’ of human rights 


Shay Abergil, 34, a paratrooper reservist, says gay and lesbian Israelis now have a “complicated relationship” with the LGBTQ community outside Israel.

“We always hear New York Pride being such a great and fun event, but then you have these protests and activists that make the event less fun, it’s even dangerous to wear a Star of David or speak Hebrew out loud,” Abergil added.

Gay IDF soldiers

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Sentences Netflix Comedian to 13 Years

Why LGBTQ activism and Palestinian nationalism are incompatible causes

Tags: Animation, Environment, Fear, Gay, LGBTQ, Military, Opinion, Politics, Portrait, Prison, Punishment, Social Media, Violence, War, World

Filed under: Gay+



Kirk Franklin’s eldest son Kerrion allegedly called gospel singer his ‘molester’, reveals new audio leak 


YouTuber Armon Wiggins shared a video on Thursday, March 18, 2021, in which he revealed a "receipt" he got where someone, who said his name is "Kerrion," referred to Kirk as his "molester." The audio was recorded at a hostel in Los Angeles during 2020 Christmas Day, according to the information Armon received from his source.

In the leaked audio, during a conversation with his friends, Kerrion claimed that he's the son of a "famous person." Later, when Kirk's music was played, he said, "Thanks for playing my molester's music."

Kirk Franklin’s eldest son Kerrion

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' son accused of sex assault

Parents tried to ‘solicit males’ to engage in sex acts with 2-year-old

Tags: Accusation, Backlash, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Drugs, Family, Hate, LGBTQ, Men, Parental Crime, Rape, Religion, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Video

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